Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

Valentine’s Day is observed all over the world to celebrate the beauty of the “emotion of love” as it transcends Race, Creed, Gender, and Age.

It encompasses all walks of life and is undoubtedly one of the deepest and most powerful emotions felt by mankind.

This Valentine’s Day chose something trendy yet useful for him that he would love to use regularly instead of putting it aside as a mere keepsake. We have compiled a list of some amazing articles that would delight any man.

ANAZOS Sterling Silver Couple’s Rings

Rings are symbolic of the love and affection a couple shares. So, this Valentine why not get a matching pair of rings that both of you can wear to signify the deep bond that the two of you share.

Both the rings have “I Love You” inscribed on the inside. These rings will become a symbol of connectivity between you guys!

The Body Shop Men’s Beard Care Kit

For some men, their beard is their pride and thus they need a special set for the upkeep and grooming of the facial hair.

The kit includes everything from scissors and a comb to beard oil that will improve the overall condition of the hair, promote growth and make them the envy of the town. You won’t be able to keep your hands off the thick luscious locks!

JBL Flip 4 Portable Speaker

A portable speaker is a must-have for every man who loves to rock to their favorite tunes everywhere and anywhere.

Along with being portable (it is connected to devices via Bluetooth) it is also portable, so it makes for a perfect outdoor and party companion. Moreover, other speakers can also be connected to it to make a surround sound system.

Nixplay Smart Digital Photo Frame

A smart photo frame can display digital photos constantly. So, for Valentine’s Day, put up favorite photos of the two of you in a smart photo frame and surprise him with it.

He would be delighted to see a new picture of the two of you every fifteen to twenty seconds. Compatible with iOS and Apple, photos can be displayed via the frame application.

Love Language – Card Game

Explore the bond between the love of your life and you with a card game that will let you explore the dimensions of your relationship.

The game involves asking each other questions about topics such as family, intimacy, and future goals. It will help improve communication between the two of you and help realize the depth of feelings you have for each other.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

A state-of-the-art watch that doubles as a fitness/ health tracker is just what every man needs to make their lives more technological advanced.

The watch has the capability to gauge bodily functions such as heart rate, stress levels, and activity levels. A user can also operate their phone via Bluetooth through the watch. Take our advice and buy one for yourself as well!

Sonic Bomb Extra Loud Alarm Clock

Tired of waking him up every day for work? Tired of multiple alarm devices ringing all over the room? Get him an alarm clock with an extra loud that can penetrate even the deepest of slumbers.

It also has a vibrator and lights which also help wake a sleeper up. Multiple alarm timings can be set on the clock for various durations. Trust us, he won’t need to set numerous alarms anymore!

SkyGenius Binoculars

For someone obsessed with outdoor activities such as trekking and camping, binoculars are a must. The binoculars are highly recommended for sightseeing, games, and bird watching.

Be it a sunny day or a rainy one, they work great. Maybe you and your special someone can plan a trip to the great outdoors and enjoy the scenery with these binoculars.

KUGUAN Cigarette Case with Lighter

This two in one case is an excellent present for people who are always misplacing their lighters. It can hold up to eight normal-sized (twenty slim) cigarettes at one time and has a built-in battery-powered lighter (charged via USB). The lighter is perfect for windy days!

Xiaomi Mi Band 5

This valentine’s day inspire your love to take an active interest in their physical health and wellbeing. Mi Band 5 is the perfect way to keep a track of daily activity levels as it can record the distance a user walks each day.

It also has various exercise modes to better gauge the various workouts performed. It is highly recommended for athletes. We recommend you buy a pair of the Mi Band 5 and make physical fitness a mutual goal.

King C. Gillette Men’s Beard Care Set

If your special someone is obsessed with their facial hair, then get him a beard growth and grooming kit.

Trust us, he will thank his lucky stars as he will notice a substantial change in his beard just after a few uses as the set includes a beard/ face wash, beard oil, and a shaving gel.  They are all made with the best quality ingredients.

Leatherman Multi-tool

Buy your man a multi-tool that he can carry around in his pocket all the time. This little gadget has twenty-one tools in it that can perform a wide range of tasks inside or in the great outdoors.

From a bottle opener to a mini saw and a ruler, it has all the necessary tools that are required in day-to-day life. He will gladly say bye to his large toolkit!

Men’s Tie Set

Want to upgrade your man’s formal attire? Buy a tie set for them that has matching pocket squares and cufflinks as well.

They are bound to make any suit look trendy and sleek. Along with them, the set also includes tie clips. The set of three is perfect to make any outfit look classy!

Abercombie & Fitch Cologne

Can someone ever go wrong with cologne as a gift? This classy fragrance will surely light up your man’s style game. Made with a blend of various ingredients, it has a captivating and long-lasting smell. Come to think about it, you will love the scent on him as well!

Magnetic Extending LED Light

For any fixer-upper, buy a magnetic light that can be extended to light-up hard to see areas and also can be bent to give light at the right angle.

Made with an aluminum alloy and a magnet attached at the base, it can be placed on any tool to light up the area. You won’t be required to hold the torch up during home repairs anymore!

Genuine Leather Wallet

Replace your man’s worn old wallet with an RFID-blocking Leather Wallet. This wallet has a slim design that can accommodate a wide range of objects such as cards, money, and photos in its various pockets. Along with providing security against unwanted scanning, it is also waterproof.

HOST Beer Chilling Glass

For game nights, get your man an insulated glass with its walls filled with a cooling gel. All they will have to do is place the glass in the freezer for about two hours and it is ready to keep the drink cold for quite some time!

With a silicone covering (to enable easy handling), it is perfect for fishing trips or game nights. Don’t forget to get one for yourself as well!

Dove Men Care Set

For sporty men, a body grooming care kit that eliminates body odor and nourishes the skin is vital. This includes a shampoo, a body wash, a conditioner, and an antiperspirant. They can use it after working out/ after a game or use it on a regular basis to appear fresh and groomed.

“Our Bucket List” – Journal

All couples make plans to carry out various activities of mutual interest. So get him a bucket list journal with which he can plan out in detail all the wonderful activities the two of you can do together. This will increase communication between the two of you and help you plan out the future.

Whiskey Glasses Set

Enjoy a romantic evening with your cherished person in a pair of classy whiskey glasses that come in a wooden box and include metal ice cubes.

Men who like their whiskey neat know how important metallic ice cubes are, as they minimize the addition of water due to the melting of cubes made out of water. Moreover, tongs and coasters are included in the box to complete the set.

Universal Socket Tool

A socket tool eliminates the need for screwdrivers of various kinds. It is ideal for men who like to put things together or have manual labor jobs. Being a drill makes working with screws, nuts, etc., easier and much less time-consuming.

Sunbeam Heated Blanket

Are you Tired of complaints about cold feet and hands in winter despite wearing multiple layers? Get him a heated blanket and get this problem once and for all.

This portable electric blanket will keep him warm and cozy throughout winter. You can also join in on the fun as it is big enough to accommodate two people. It has three temperature settings as well.

Magnetic Wristband

A magnetic wrist band is perfect for a man who is always found holding screws in their mouth while working. The wristband has a built-in magnet to which the screws can be attached.

It also can be used to keep other small parts such as nuts and washers. It is a nifty little organizer which can make any repairing job easy and hassle-free.

TriggerPoint Grid Foam Roller

A foam roller is an effective way to relax the muscles of the body as it provides targeted massage to the stressed-out/ strained parts after a heavy workout session.

The surface of the roller has been designed in a way to simulate the feeling of fingers and the palm on the body which makes the massage more soothing and comforting.

Timberland Leather Trifold Weather

Time to upgrade his worn old wallet with a trendy trifold wallet from Timberland. With this classy piece in his pocket, he won’t miss the old one at all.

It is made out of genuine leather, has two cash pockets, and space for up to six cards. The trifold style makes it easy to carry around in any pocket (large or medium size).

Personalized Monroe Gold Plated Pens

For a fashionable gentleman who prefers to keep a classy pan handy for his signatures, a personalized gold-plated pen is ideal as it exudes class and dignity. Any message or name can be inscribed on a pair of pens of up to twenty-five characters. He will never part with these beauties!

Whiskey Decanter Set

For his “man cave” or the drawing-room, buy a classy glass decanter set that includes six tumblers and a large decanter with a glass stopper. The Italian-crafted set beautifully reflects light through the tumbler and makes it look mesmerizing.

The decanter set is an heirloom piece that will last a lifetime. You two can enjoy many evenings together sipping away your drinks in peace.

“King and Queen” Matching Tracksuits

Matching attire is cute and trendy as it gives out a great look. These tracksuits have ‘King’ and ‘Queen’ inscribed on the hoodies and ‘K’ and ‘Q’ on the pants.

You guys can wear them while working out together or while going on shopping trips or even traveling. The superior quality of the suits will make you order more pairs in all colors.

Iron Gym Upper Body Workout Bar

This is the best possible workout equipment for someone who is missing going to the gym regularly during the pandemic as with this bar, anyone can tone their body right at home.

It can be placed on any doorframe and perform various upper body workouts such as chin-ups, pull-ups, dips, etc.

Reebok Men’s Outerwear Jacket

Reebok’s products, combined with high-quality, durability, and style, are highly recommended for people who prefer style as well as comfort.

This jacket has a zipper and various pockets to provide ease to the user. It can be worn under the clothes as well to provide the extra bit of insulation on very cold days.

3D Wooden Puzzle (Owl Clock)

This is no ordinary puzzle as it is 3 dimensional, made out of wood, and becomes a working clock once completed.

All the pieces of the puzzle have to be put together delicately to form a beautiful decorative ornament that can be placed on a shelf. Moreover, the clock is powered by a battery and will look great in any room of the house.

Laptop Bed Tray

Working from home can be stressful so why not get your love a bed table so he can work straight from bed?

This nifty little table can accommodate various kinds of smart devices such as laptops, tablets, and phones. Moreover, it can also be used as a table to eat food. The adjustable and extendable legs allow the user to use them while sitting in a chair as well.

“What I Love About You” – Journal

Trust us, men absolutely love to be showered with love and yours will be delighted to read a journal listing all the reasons that made you fall for him.

Keep it emotional or give it a humorous touch, he would cherish the written testament of your love and adoration for him! Who knows, you might get one as well!

RAVPower Portable Charger

Is his phone battery always dead and you can’t reach him? Get him a portable charger and this problem will be solved completely. This gadget can charge multiple devices in one go and is compatible with Apple and Android. Be it a phone or a tablet, it can recharge them all.

Mug Warmer

This smart pressure-activated mug warmer has been made for people who always forget to drink their coffee/ tea while hot. Once a full mug is placed on the warmer.

It switches into action and can maintain the temperature of the liquid for up to eight hours. It switches off automatically sixty seconds after the mug is taken off. The temperature of the warmer can be adjusted according to requirements.

Pike Trail Pocket Blanket

Packet blankets are a great accessory for men who like to head out for camping, trekking, and hiking at every opportunity available. This polyester blanket is waterproof and lightweight and that makes it ideal for outdoor adventures.

The user can place it on the ground to sit on it or cover themselves with it during rain. It is perfect for the beach as well as it is sand proof.

Nature’s Blossom Bonsai Tree Kit

Why not inspire your valentine to take up a new hobby? With a Bonsai tree kit, it is possible to grow four kinds of miniature trees from seeds (Juniper, Picea Punguns, Pinus Nigra, and Picea Mariana).

The set includes soil packs, growing pots, and a detailed instructional menu to get the user started. It is a perfect little treat for people who want to take up indoor gardening.

Scented Candles for Men

Who says only women love candles? Scented candles designed specifically for men are ideal for a “man cave” for relaxation and enjoyment.

This set of three candles has three ‘manly’ scents e.g. Balsam Fir, Leather, and Straight Razor, that any man would love while hanging out in their favorite room.

Compact First Aid Kit

Get your sporty love interest a pocket first aid kit that they can carry around whenever they go out for a wilderness adventure.

The set has sixty-six medical supplies that can come in handy during hiking and trekking. The kit can be kept in a backpack for day-to-day use as well. Why not buy one for yourself as well?

Magnetic Levitating Globe LED Lamp

Wondering what to give to someone who likes funky gadgets? Well, we know! You should buy an LED lamp that features a levitating globe in the middle.

It can act as a night light or a lamp because of various brightness levels.

Furthermore, it can give out light in various colors. It is perfect for decorating a man cave or a home office desk. He would love to flaunt this flashy lamp in front of his friends.

“My Hometown” Personalized Puzzle

What can be better than a jigsaw puzzle depicting your hometown or your neighborhood? Surprise your love interest with such a puzzle and watch them gleefully put it together. Better yet why not get a puzzle depicting their childhood residential area? The possibilities are endless!

Gibson “Mr. Coffee” Mug

An insulated tumbler with a lid can maintain the temperature of a liquid (hot/ cold) for a long time. This mug is made out of stainless steel and has double-layer walls. The bottom of the mug is covered with rubber for friction. Warm coffee on the go, who wouldn’t want that?

The Book of Extraordinary Facts

For the bookworm love of your life, get a Facts book that has information on subjects spanning every walk of life. Be it nature, art, history or religion, food, and crime, it has information on a wide array of topics.

It makes a great coffee table read and will also be a great addition to his bookshelf/ book collection. Mind you, it is a 704-page big book that will keep him busy for quite some time!

ROKU Express

Get this for someone who loves to binge-watch shows at every opportunity available. The ROKU Express guarantees high-quality streaming from various platforms such as Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, and Apple TV.

It comes with its own remote and HDMI Cable to make the experience even more serene. You guys would love to hang out together and watch your favorite shows every day.

SONY Wireless Earbuds

Wireless Earbuds are more convenient to use compared to wired headphones as they don’t require the phone to be attached to them.

They are connected to the phone via Bluetooth and provide the extra bass in the music. He would love to work out with this snazzy pair as they have a long Bluetooth range and are ideal to use during physical exertion.

Yinyang Necklace

What could be more romantic than a necklace that both partners share? Shaped like “Yinyang” the necklace has two chains so that each person gets half of the pendant.

The symbol of Yinyang depicts dualism and dependency of two entities upon each other and that is exactly what being in a relationship signifies. Made with stainless steel, the necklace will last a lifetime!

KODAK Printomatic Digital Instant Print Camera

This is a miniature digital camera with a little trick to delight any user as it can instantly print any photograph taken. Both of you can click and print your everyday life with this camera. It is perfect for parties and outdoor activities. He would love to take your portraits with the camera.

Bluetooth Beanie

This hat is a treat for men who like funky gadgets as it has little speakers inside it so the user can listen to their favorite audio files. It eliminates the need for earphones/ earbuds.

Tile Essentials

For forgetful people always misplacing their belonging, a Tile set would be no less than a blessing.

The four-pack Bluetooth trackers can be placed/ attached with items such as phones, wallets, and key chains and activated via phone whenever the object is unable to be found.

They can also be paired with Alexa for even more ease of finding lost/ misplaced possessions.

Poweroni USB Charging Station/ Dock

Buy this for him if he has multiple smart devices charging all over the house! The dock can accommodate six smart devices (apple and android) in one place.

Moreover, the charging station comes with various charging cables, and the LED light on each charging port changes color once the device is recharged.

He will gladly say goodbye to multiple chargers and be thankful for having all the devices in one place.

Chefman Personal Fridge

A mini-fridge is ideal for men who always want a cold drink at hand. This little chiller can keep six can cool in it at one time and has removable shelves to accommodate items of varying dimensions.

Temperature Control Mug

A temperature control mug is necessary for a busy bee who prefers their drink hot but always forgets to drink it on time.

The mug can keep a drink hot for up to eighty minutes on a single charge and the temperature of the mug can be set with the phone app. Moreover, it switches on automatically once filled and powers off once empty.

Heated Electric Socks

This gift suggestion is for a man with perpetually “cold feet” as they can keep them warm and cozy all the time. Charged with batteries, they are ideal for outdoor activities during the harsh winters.

“The Story of US” – Photo Frame

Even in this age of digital photographs, a photo frame with printed pictures is much more preferable as it is tangible proof of a cherished memory.

Surprise your valentine with a series of photographs starting from the very first one you two took together to the latest one. He would love to look at the frame time and again and relive all the beautiful moments you guys spent together.

SITHON Valet Tray

Make his nightstand look classy with a new valet tray that can keep items such as phones, glasses, keys, etc. made out of leather, it will look great on a nightstand, on the dresser, or an office desk.

“A Man, A Pan, A Plan” – Cookbook

Designed and formulated for men who can’t cook to save their lives, this book can make chefs out of anyone. It has a hundred scrumptious recipes that require minimum preparation and can be cooked in one pot.

It has some amazing tips and tricks and insights for novice cooks to hone their cooking skills. So, sit back and look forward to some mouthwatering meals and also some messy kitchen episodes!

Selfie Stick/ Tripod

This is no ordinary selfie stick as it comes with a remote and LED light to make photographs brighter. It can hold all kinds of phones easily and become a tripod for them and GoPro as well. You man would love to click selfies with it!

Ironclad Gloves

For men who work rough jobs, good quality work gloves are a necessity. Ironclad gloves are perfect for them as they provide utmost protection to the hands. They are ideal for indoor and outdoor manual work.

Lego Empire State Building

This one is for the kid inside your man! It may seem like an odd suggestion but believe us when we say that this Lego set will blow his mind away (figuratively of course).

He would be absolutely delighted to piece together the replica of the Empire State building and show it off to his friends in style. Why don’t you join in on the fun as well and spend some quality time together?

Vivere Cotton Hammock with Steel Stand

All men love Hammocks period and this is a special one that he will enjoy to no end! It has a double cotton layer to make it more long-lasting and has polyester end strings, which do not break easily.

Furthermore, it comes with a steel stand so there is no more need of having trees or poles to tie the Hammock to. Both of you can enjoy a quiet and peaceful time on it, side by side.

Remington Pro Body Groomer for Men

Designed for men who are conscious of their body hair, it comes with a curved, extendable handle to remove hair from hard-to-reach areas of the body. It is waterproof so it can be used in the shower as well.

Meross Smart Table Lamp

Smart lamps are much more user-friendly and stylish as compared to conventional table lamps because they can perform many more functions.

Compatible with Google Home Assistant and Alexa, phone apps, and voice controls, it can be scheduled to turn on and off at various times, it has scores of brightness levels and millions of colors of light to illuminate any room gorgeously. We would suggest you buy a pair of these lamps for each of you!

Desktop Cellphone Stand

Give a break to your man’s tired neck muscles by giving him a phone stand as a gift so he won’t have to bend over the phone at all. It is compatible with all phones and mini tablets.

Bottle Opener with Cap Catcher

This is no ordinary bottle opener as it has a wooden frame and a bucket at the bottom to catch the opened bottle caps in. mounted on the wall or simply placed on a table, it will give a rustic look to the man cave. It can be personalized with the name of the owner or any symbol.

Victorinox Swiss Army Knife

This is possibly one of the best gifts that he will receive in his life as it’s something that he will be using daily for a long time to come.

The knife is laced with multiple tools such as a can and bottle opener, a corkscrew, large and small blades, screwdriver, scissors, saw, toothpick, tweezers, and a key ring. He can carry it in his pocket or his bag all the time. Mind you, you will using it a lot as well!

Bartender Kit

Is he overly fond of margaritas and cocktails? Well, get him his bartending kit and look forward to glasses upon glasses of scrumptious drinks because he wouldn’t want to stop whipping them up!

The kit is comprised of stainless-steel tools that are durable and long-lasting. Furthermore, they can all be arranged upon a bamboo stand. You will want to try your hand at bartending as well!

Duffel Bag

For athletic men, Adidas Defender III small duffel bag is highly recommended for holding his gym equipment and workout gear. Made with premium quality materials it various pockets of different sizes for phones, wallets, and keys as well.

“Big Spoon, Little Spoon” – Pillow Covers

Bedroom décor is something men are clueless about but still appreciate the feminine touch. So this Valentine’s day, get a pair of pillow cover that say “Big Spoon” and “Little Spoon” and watch him get delighted.

He will be reminded of your love of devotion whenever he enters the room. However, you can decide between the two of you, about who the “Big Spoon” is!

BONAOK Bluetooth Wireless Microphone

Someone says ‘microphone’, we hear ‘Karaoke’! He would think like this as well because this wireless microphone is perfect for parties. He would love to make announcements and sing songs with this little gadget and it can also be used as a speaker.

Homebrewing Kit for Beer

Beer-making at home is a fun way to spend quality time together. You guys can make your own batches of the delicious drink and enjoy it with friends and family. It has all the tools, pots, and ingredients required to come up with a great drink.

Video Projector

Surprise him with a Bluetooth mini projector with which he can have a miniature personal cinema right at home. It is compatible with phones, tablets, TV Box and Laptops, so he can play his preferred videos anywhere.

Mobile Photo Printer

Is he an amateur phone photographer? Well, gift him a mini phone printer so he can instantly print all of his photographs. This little color printer is perfect to print and distribute photos at a party or any event for the matter because it takes less than sixty seconds to print a photograph.

Screen Magnifier with Bluetooth Speakers

This is no ordinary screen magnifier as it has built-in speakers, enabling the user to have a more profound experience. The screen can magnify the phone screen more than three times! Both of you can enjoy watching movies together this way.

Gallaway Leather Desk Pad

Transform the look of his office desk with a leather pad which will make it look classy and trendy. It is big enough to accommodate several items and provides a smooth surface for using a computer mouse.

Cuisinart Portable Charcoal Grill

For someone fond of BBq, a mini grill is ideal. It can be taken easily to any location and set up for a scrumptious meal.

The grill’s lid has three locks on it to keep the contents from spilling over and has an ash collecting pocket to eradicate the possibility of scattering ash everywhere.


Getting him gifts on Valentine’s Day is about symbolizing the affection you have for each other and also depicting how much you care about his preferences and tastes. So choose wisely keeping in mind his personality and outlook towards life.

The gift items listed above are trendy and also usable in day-to-day life. Select something for him that he will use repeatedly and will be reminded of you every time.

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