Unusual Gift Ideas for Couples

Choosing gifts for couples can be a bit of a tricky business as the present needs to be useful for both the people involved. Extra attention should be given to the personality and choices of the receiver so they can both enjoy the gift equally.

Stated below is rather a compelling list of gift ideas that are suitable for couples of all ages and we believe you would also become interested in for you and your partner.

Charcuterie Board Set

Make a couple’s evening serene and beautiful with a thoughtful gift that they can use on romantic nights/ evenings. Moreover, they can use it while hosting small gatherings of friends and families. Moreover, the set has four ceramic bowls and four knives for carving meat and cheese

Bedding Set for Couples

All couples are forever fighting amongst themselves for their favorite side of the bed. If you know a pair like that then solve their issue by getting them bedding set to permanently resolve this issue. The “His side and her side” set has a duvet cover and two pillowcases made out of high-quality microfiber.

Kodak Printomatic Instant Print Camera

This camera can be termed a perfect cross between analog cameras and modern digital cameras. The instant camera can print pictures on the spot that can be preserved as a token of the beautiful memories a couple makes.

Bournis Cocktail Shaker Set

A cocktail shaker set is highly recommended for couples who love to enjoy their drinks together. The set has stainless steel components and bamboo stand for the organization. To be honest, who wouldn’t want a mini bar right at home?

JBL Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

This Bluetooth speaker is perfect for a couple who love to hang out in the great outdoors as it is waterproof, has an excellent sound quality, and a great battery life that lasts for hours on end. Furthermore, it is compatible with smart devices and can be connected to other JBL speakers (more than a hundred) for an amplified sound experience.

HEPA Air purifier

Air purifiers have become a necessity these days as they help in eliminating harmful particles from the air in any room such as pet hair, pollen, etc. the purifier works with almost no noise and can eliminate up to 99.97% of the particles from the air. It is a highly recommended gift for any couple who are always obsessing over cleanliness.

Extra Large Portable Hammock

Hammocks are one cool way to enjoy the outdoors as they are easy to lie in and swing at the same time. A portable is perfect for couples who love to enjoy their company in their backyard or while camping.

Sunbeam Heated Blanket

Heated blankets are the perfect accessory for couples who love to cozy up to each other in long winter evenings and enjoy their favorite movies/ books. The blanket has various heating levels and a ten-hour auto-shutoff mode.

Kissing Mugs Set

What can be cuter than “his and her” mugs for morning coffee? These mugs have been shaped to portray two people kissing. The mugs will remind the receiving couple of the love and respect they mutually share for each other.


This wine rack is a highly recommended gift for a couple who take their drinking seriously. The rack has been stylishly shaped like a table to provide space for small glasses and plates and can hold up to 24 bottles of liquor at a time.

AstroAI Mini Fridge

We know, we know, every house has a fridge, but not every house has a mini-fridge. Get a mini-fridge for a couple of lovebirds who can’t live without a cold beer. They can place it in their lounge and thus get rid of trips to the kitchen during their favorite movie.

Gallery Wall Kit

A set of white frames is just what a loving duo needs to showcase the beautiful memories they have made since their relationship started. The set has twelve white photo frames which can cover up a whole wall easily.

Sorbus Dresser with Drawers

Can a home ever have enough organizers? For an OCD couple buy a dresser with drawers and watch them thank their lucky stars that they have you in their life. The dresser has a steel frame and five drawers of various dimensions for storage.

Herb Garden Starter Kit

Indoor herb gardens are a relaxing and rewarding activity. Gardening is a highly recommended activity for a couple as it helps in increasing communication because the couple strives for a mutual goal. The kit includes seeds, soil, planting pots, and a manual for instructions.

Bamboo Bathtub Caddy with Bath bomb Set

Bathtub caddies are necessary for a relaxing bath. This bamboo caddy has ample space to hold a large number of items such as a book or a tablet, a wine glass, and a phone. Moreover, the company provides a free set of luxurious bath bombs as well.

Wine Bottle and Cup Holder

Make picnics more fun and stylish for a couple by giving them this set of stylish stake wine holders that can keep the wine bottles and glasses upright while out on a picnic. They can hold all kinds of glasses and bottles.

Love Language Card Game

Communication is necessary for a relationship as it provides a chance for the couple to sort out their differences. This game is the perfect way to keep the communication going and can help couples get to know each other better.

Loveseat Camping Chair

For an outdoorsy couple, buy a comfortable camping loveseat on which they can enjoy their activities while staying as close as possible. It can be folded easily, has a padded seat and a built-in bottle cap opener. The steel frame of the chair is sturdy to make it last for ages.

Candle making Kit

Candle making is a fun activity that can be enjoyed by couples. This candle-making set includes the best quality ingredients and utensils required to make beautifully scented candles right at home.

AEEZO Digital Photo Frame

Get this funky digital photo frame for a couple who has their favorite moments displayed all over their place. With this frame, they can play their favorite photographs straight from their phone. But wait! There is one more advantage, as they can play videos in it as well!

Wine Gift Set

Make a wine-drinking experience for a couple with a wine gift set that includes a wine aerator, a vacuum pump, a foil cutter, and a storage bag. With its help, it becomes easy to open/ pour wine and vacuum seal it for further use.

Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker

Ever heard of anyone not fond of coffee? Get your favorite couple a new state of the art coffee maker that will make their morning brew perfectly. The coffee maker can be used to make a single serving or up to twelve cups at one time.

Dustbuster Handheld Vacuum

Cleaning is a chore very few people enjoy. For your favorite duo, why not get a powerful handheld cleaner that will do the cleanup job in no time so they can spend quality time together more often. The vacuum can be used for car cleaning as well as inside the house.

Mr. and Mrs. Coffee Mugs

Matching coffee mugs are not only cute, but they also provide a sense of belonging towards each other and improve the bond that a couple shares. The mugs come with their spoons. The mugs of men are blue in color while the mugs for women are pink in color.

Engraved Cutting Board

Cutting boards are an integral part of any kitchen as they one item that is used daily. For your favorite duo buy a personalized board with their names and anniversary date etched upon the wood. Besides being used as a chopping accessory, it serves as an attractive kitchen décor item.

Whiskey Decanter Set

Whiskey demands style and this is precisely what this decanter set provides. It includes a glass decanter with a stopper and four decanters. The glasses and the decanter are made out of crystal glass with a beautiful design that reflects the light beautifully. It is a perfect addition to a home bar.

Insulated Stainless Steel Beer Glasses

Do you know a couple who is fond of having a beer while watching games and movies regularly? Well, without any hesitation buy a pair of insulated beer mugs for them because these tumblers can keep the temperature of their contents constant for a long time.

Handmade Chess Set

Know of a couple who are also rivals in chess? Well, why not help them take up their game to another level with a handmade chess set? The set has hand carved pieces that are a testament to the maker’s art and finesse. The board also acts as a storage and has compartments to store the pieces securely.

His and hers Robes

Beautifully designed and engraved bathrobes are perfect for new couples who want to share each and every aspect of their lives. The bathrobes are made out of high-quality material and are super absorbent.

Wooden Blocks Game

It may seem like a kids’ game but trust us, many people have been unable to tame the game. The giant pieces have to be taken out without breaking the tower and provides a couple with a perfect way to enjoy each other’s company.

Personalized Aprons for Couples

Buy this pair of aprons for a couple who love to cook together. Made with high-quality fabric, the aprons not only act as a shield against cooking items but also look cute. The names of the duo can also be engraved on the aprons.

Hamilton Beach Blender

For a health conscious couple, nothing can be better than a small blender that can be used to whip up their favorite smoothies. The personal blender is compact and can be taken around easily. From yummy smoothies to scrumptious cakes and even baby food, it can help make many kinds of edible items.

BrewDemon Craft Beer Kit

it might seem like a strange gift item, but for couples who love a good glass of beer, it can quite an intriguing activity to whip up their drink. We guarantee that they will be buying refills for the brewing kit regularly.

Cocoa Butter Soap Making Kit

Homemade soap is much more beneficial for the skin and body as compared to chemical laden soaps available in the market. This kit has a wide range of components that can help in making beautifully scented bars of soaps. Trust us, it is a great interactive activity for couples.

Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

A wooden jigsaw puzzle is a unique enigma that can keep a couple busy for quite some time. It is the perfect way for two lovebirds to enjoy some quality time together working away peacefully over this wooden riddle. Shaped like a lion, this puzzle has almost two hundred pieces.

“King and Queen” Matching Couple Hoodie Set

Matching clothes are a testament to how much a couple is in love and how deep their bond is. This matching pair of hoodies are made with premium quality cotton and polyester and has a trendy design and fitting. It is super comfortable and is bound to keep the user warm and cozy.

MEGAWISE Mini Projector

We have yet to know of a couple who doesn’t love to watch movies/ shows together. This mini projector is perfect for such a pair of lovebirds as they can convert their bedroom/ living room into their private cinema. It has built-in speakers and is compatible with a wide range of smart devices, laptops, and TV boxes.


A thoughtful gift has the tendency of becoming a favorite everyday use item that will remind the receiver of your importance in their lives. Choose an item from the list mentioned above and watch them enjoy it together.

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