Unique Gifts for Tea Lovers

You have a friend or a loved one who loves tea and their birthday or anniversary is coming so you are brainstorming gift ideas but nothing is good enough.

Well, we are here to help you with this problem and provide you with amazing solutions. We have prepared a list of gifts to give to tea lovers all around the globe.

So sit back and relax as you go through our list of gifts to find the perfect gift for a true tea lover and you will not be disappointed at all. Here is our list:

Boba tea hoodie

For someone who loves Boba tea this ringspun cotton is a perfect gift. These hoodies are not only stylish and funny but also very comfortable and light.

They are available in 4 sizes and in black color. The best part of this hoodie is that is a unisex hoodie and can be worn by everyone. This graphic hoodie can be washed by a machine easily.

Tea infuser

You can give your friend or loved one the ultimate experience of drinking tea by giving them this tea infuser. This tea infuse will make them enjoy their tea to its utmost flavor.

This set of 2 stainless steel infusers will help them make tea from loose-tea leaves and drink flavorful tea.

The set even has a chain that hangs with the wall of the cup with a hook which can be easily removed.

Cast iron teapot

This traditional Japanese teapot is definitely a wonderful gift for any tea lover. This teapot can be used to boil water or tea.

This teapot is a healthy lifestyle choice because it can actually increase the quality of water. The teapot can easily absorb chloride ions and release iron ions to make the water sweeter.

The teapot has very good quality and is crafted by professional craftsmen.

Porcelain Ceramic Tea Set

This European set comes with a metal stand. It consists of 6 cups and saucers, 1 sugar pot, 1 Small jug, and a Teapot. A metal holder that comes with this set holds all of these pieces.

This set has a pink camellia painting on it and any tea lover would be amazed to have this tea set as a gift. This set can also be given as house warming gift.

This set looks very decent and will be an elegant gift.

Tea Enamel Pin

You know that your friend or loved one does not shy away when it comes to declaring their love for tea well gift them something they can celebrate their love of tea with.

This pin is shaped like a teacup and has zinc enamel. The tea resembles space and will make any space lover overjoyed. This pin has 2 pin parts having clutches.

This pin has a matching card as well. The pin will also look fashionable whether it is attached to clothing or a bag.

Cup warmer

You want to give something to your friend or loved one who loves warm tea or drinks and always complains when their tea becomes cold.

Well, we have got you covered, give this cup warmer to your friend and watch them glow with happiness.

Their tea will never become cold and this warmer will keep it hot as long as the cup stays on it.

It even has a waterproof panel to save it from spilling and anti-overheating technology to save it from overheating.

The warmer turns off and on automatically and is very light so it can be used anywhere, anytime.

Ceramic coasters

These ceramic coasters are perfect for your tea-loving friend or any other close relative.

These coasters have an upper surface of ceramic to absorb stains and a bottom surface of cork to prevent the coaster from slipping.

These coasters are a set of 6 coasters having marble patterns on them which can go with everything and will look place anywhere.

The coasters are stacked in a metal holder to keep them organized.

Green Tea Purifying Clay Stick Mask

Someone who truly loves tea will love having anything with its fragrance or essence. To keep a tea lover happy gift them this clay mask which is made from green tea extracts.

This mask will not only help moisturize and nourish the skin of your friend or loved one but will also help them deeply clean their skin.

This mask will balance the skin’s oil and water ratio and will make them extremely happy with their healthy skin as a result of using it. This mask is easy to use and very light to carry.

It has a rotating head to help with ease of use. This mask is a dream come true for any tea lover.

Boba Tea Plushie

You want to remind your loved ones that you are always there for them even when you are not physically present with them.

Remind them of your presence in their life with something they love too. This Boba Tea plushie will definitely serve as a reminder of that.

It is filled with PP cotton to make it extremely soft and comfortable. This plushie can be used as a cushion and as a plush doll for the sofa as well.

It is an ideal gift for people belonging to every age. It is almost 20 inches in height and looks very cute.

Japanese tea canister

You worried because you want to gift something unique to a tea lover well your worrying ends here. Gift them this stainless steel air-tight tea canister having double lids.

This tea canister is a traditional Japanese tea canister that will stand out as a unique gift. Also, it stores up to 150 g of tea.

It can also be used as a decoration piece and will add to the beauty of the place where ever it is place. It can be used to show off in front of friends at a tea party.

Black Tea Age-Delay Eye Concentrate Cream

For someone who loves tea to an extent where they would enjoy its fragrance and taste in everything of use in daily life, this eye cream would be a delightful gift.

This eye cream does wonders for people who use it. It has anti-aging effects and enhances the skin around the eyes to make it look younger.

The cream helps to reduce puffiness, dark circles, and lines around the eyes. The cream helps to soothe and can be used by all genders which makes it a great gift for anyone.

Any tea lover will feel lucky to have this cream.

Bonavita Variable Temperature Control Kettle

If you are planning to gift something to a tea lover that really shows them you care about them well then this kettle is a perfect gift for them.

This kettle will be budget-friendly for you and will make an awesome gift. This kettle has quick heating and the temperature can be adjusted in increments of 1 degree.

It can hold up to 1.7 liters of water or any other beverage that needs to be heated. It can hold a temperature setting for an hour.

It is designed for precise control and even has a count-up timer to keep track of the brewing process.

Infinity Jars 

Someone who is a fan of tea will always want to keep their tea fresh so gift them this luxury by buying this set of jars.

These Jars are made from ultraviolet glass which blocks the light from damaging the tea leaves.  The jars will make sure that the tea leaves remain as go as new for at least 6 months.

These jars have amazing protection and are very powerful. They can be used to preserve tea, herbs, or spices organically.

Nonslip tray

You know that your loved one loves tea parties as much as they love tea and they prefer to be the host of these parties, well we suggest you buy them this tray so that can serve their guests with ease.

This tray is made of wood and has a finish of anti-slip material. The anti-slip coating prevents it from tripping any drink or even food and will keep them in their place.

The spill-proof surface of the tray will not let the drinks spill and will make cleaning the tray easy. The tray is very light and durable.

Mug with Infuser and Lid

Running out of unique ideas for a tea lover well worry no more, we are here to help you with that. This mug is an ideal gift for any tea lover. This mug even has a capacity of 20-24oz of liquid.

It has a porcelain lid and an infuser so that tea can easily be brewed in it. The lid of the mug can be used as a saucer for the infuser once the tea has been brewed.

The lid of the mug will help keep the drink warm for a long period of time. The handle of the mug is designed in such a way that it never gets got and is comfortable to hold.

Tea Mug

The most important thing for any tea lover is the cup or the mug in which they drink their tea. So here is a really cute mug that you can gift your loved one.

This mug has a capacity of 15oz and has the words “A cup of tea solves everything” printed on it. This mug will not only be a funny gift but also one that cheers up anyone who sees it.

These words are printed on both sides of the mug and it is made of ceramic.

Streamline Magical Unicorn Mug

You want to gift something to your tea-loving friend but you are out of ideas well not to worry.

You know the thing they like other than tea and if that thing is a unicorn, well then this mug is the perfect gift for them.

The ceramic mug is an excellent gift for all unicorn lovers who are also big fans of tea. This white ceramic mug is painted with details and can hold 16 ounces of any beverage.

Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Tea Towels

Any tea lover would be overjoyed on receiving these tea towels. This is a set of 2 tea towels, both having different designs on them.

These tea towels have a rustic look and are made of 100% cotton. These towels look amazing with any tea set and can be used in the kitchen as well.

These towels can be washed in the machine and can be used as a thank you gift.

15oz Elephant Tea Mug Green

You want to gift something to your tea buddy and you want it to stand out as a gift. We have got you covered; we have a mug that will definitely be a unique gift.

Although this is a mug it is shaped like an elephant and that makes it stand out. The mug looks unique not only because of its shape but also because of its color.

The mug will look good even as a part of décor. The head of the elephant is shaped in such a way that it can easily hold the teabag once it has been used.

The mug can hold 15 ounces of fluids and is heat resistant. The mug has a round body and can easily be washed in the machine.

Compagnie de Provence Luxury Hand Cream

You know your tea lover friend loves anything that even remotely has the scent of tea in it.

This hand cream will definitely come in handy for that matter as it has the scent of white in it and will even help moisturize their hands.

This cream is light and is quickly absorbed as it a very non-greasy formula. It is a natural lotion and contains Shea butter and olive oil.

It is a unisex product so it can be given to anyone as a token of appreciation.

Jumping Tea Pot

If you want to gift something to someone who loves to be a host of tea parties and loves serving tea to everyone then this pot is an excellent gift for them.

This pot is made of heat-resistant glass and even has gold-plated mesh to filter tea leaves. It has the capacity to hold 800 ml of tea and has the shape of a classic pot of tea.

The teapot is manufactured in Japan.

The Stagg EKG+ Electric Pour-Over Kettle

You can now gift your loved one an actual smart kettle. This kettle is not only designed in an efficient way but also has efficient technology.

This kettle has Bluetooth and can be easily be paired with apple and android devices.

This kettle has a dial to control the temperature of brewing the tea and is engineered in such a way that the spout pours a precise amount of tea.

The kettle can hold a certain level of temperature for 60 minutes. It is available in 5 different colors.

Hybrid Water Boiler And Warmer

This hybrid water boiler and warmer is a perfect gift for anyone who is scared of boiling the water for tea in the old conventional way on a stove or even hates boiling it in a teapot.

This warmer has 4 temperature settings to warm the water.

The temperature control system has is very efficient and the water is brought to the desired temperature using the mode called Quick temp.

Bee House Ceramic Round Teapot

You want to gift your tea lover friend something that is dishwasher safe and microwave safe as well then Teapot is an excellent choice.

This ceramic teapot has a removable lid of stainless steel and even has a removable infuser. It is available in 2 colors and is an adorable gift for a tea lover.

Chinese Style Handmade Teapot and Teacups

For someone who loves traditional and handmade gifts this set of portable tea set is a perfect gift.

This set contains a teapot, teacups, bamboo board, a towel, and a bag to easily carry it anywhere.

The teapot will keep the tea fresh for a longer period of time. The teapot has a bamboo pattern on it. This set has practical use but can also be used as a decoration piece.

This set will stand out in any gathering or tea party. The teapot will keep the tea fresh for a longer period of time.

Stainless Steel Mug

This stainless steel mug is suitable for anyone who wants to keep their tea hot for hours.

It has vacuum insulation and can hold 16oz of fluid. It is designed in such a way that it can easily accommodate ice cubes and takes minimal space.

It is available in 8 different colors. Anyone would be overjoyed to receive this mug as a gift.

Funny Tea Spoon

To show your best friend that you care about them gift them this spoon. This spoon is made of stainless steel and conveys a heartfelt message to the receiver.

It’s is a fun, yet sentimental gift, and it’s durable and has a long handle.

This spoon has an engraving “You’re my bestea” which will always remind your friend of you. The spoon comes in a really cute gift box.

Stelton Theo Tea Mug with Coaster

This mug is made from stone is black in color. The mug comes with a bamboo coaster and is an amazing gift for any tea lover.

The mug has a uniqueness due to its color and material. Gift this to your loved ones to show them that you care about them and their love for tea.

This mug can also be used as a piece of decoration.

Funny socks

To show someone you really care about them gift them this pair of funky socks. These socks have the words “If You Can Read This Bring Me Tea” printed on them.

It even has cute little images of teapot, spoon, kettle, tea leaves, and mugs on it. These socks are not only a funny gift but a sentimental gift.

This pair of socks is a comfy gift and will make anyone feel happy. This pair of socks can easily be washed in the machine and have a unisex design.

Silver Stainless Steel Tea Bag Squeezer

You have always heard your tea lover friend complain about their tea not being strong enough or the tea bags not being utilized properly.

Now you have the solution for that complaint, gift your friend this tea bag squeezer which can be to get more out of teabags. This stainless steel squeezer has tongs and can be held easily.

It is silver in color. Anyone who receives this as a gift will be forever thankful for this gift.

Chip Mug

For someone who loves fairy tales as much as they love tea this cute little mug is an amazing gift. This mug is based on a character from the movie “Beauty and the Beast”.

This mug is not dishwasher and microwave-safe. It is a ceramic mug and has white as a foundation color.

This mug can be used for people of all ages. This mug is an adorable gift and anyone would be pleased to have this gift.

Bamboo tumbler

The outer surface of this tumbler is made from bamboo whereas the internal surface is lined with stainless steel.

This tumbler even has a detachable tea strainer and infuser which makes it ideal for brewing loose leaf tea.

The bottles have insulated vacuum technology to keep the drinks at their optimal temperature for at least 12 hours.

Anyone who is a sincere tea lover will be overwhelmed upon receiving this gift.

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