Unique Gift Ideas for Son

Are you looking for valuable yet thoughtful gift ideas for your son? Every parent has a special place for their son, and every child has a specific taste, personality, and traits.

You see them growing up so fast and want to present something unique yet memorable.

With so much variety to choose from online, we often get confused about what to buy, right? No worries as we have the best gifts for sons of all ages.

Here is our go-to list of 40 presents for your loved ones. From kids to adults, our list of novel gifts will delight your dear ones and make some remarkable moments.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dive into this gift list and make others feel special!

Fitbit Ace Kids Activity Tracker

Want to motivate your boys to meet their daily goals for exercise and everything else that’s important? So, parents do a little nudge, Go and buy them Fitbit ace’s activity tracker.

Keep your kiddos away from that screen and let them enjoy the outside world. Make fitness fun again with this multitasking pedometer!

HOMCOM store’s Trike

Do you want to introduce your son to balance and coordination one step at a time? Well, bestow them with a HOMCOM store’s Trike.

Through this, your son will master new learning stages and will love the adventure of piloting their new vehicle.

Artie 3000 Coding Robot

Does your son find coding exciting? Then get a robot named Artie for your little artist! This a learning toy that is not only code-able, but he draws as well.

This programming miniature is a good starting point to spark curiosity in your kids of all learning levels.

HyperX’s Cloud II 7.1 Gaming Headset

Is your teen a night gamer? Give your son a surprise by gifting him HyperX’s Cloud II 7.1 Gaming Headset. It is super comfy with a hot red frame and embossed logo.

It’s set of velour ear cushions are incredibly soft after marathoning the new call of duty.

Klearlook Laptop Stand Holder

Help adjust your son’s posture with this magic stick, literally! This laptop stand takes ergonomics and blends it with elegance and portability.

So, refrain from your neck from twisting and gift students a sleek, stylish, and easy to carry around laptop stand.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

Perfect gift for music lovers, right? This bean-shaped Wireless Earbud is a game changer for those who want to soothe their lives by canceling the noise surrounding them.

Let’s gift your grown-ups with Samsung Galaxy Buds Live as they are the real deal!

Disney subscription

If your little Disney fan hasn’t subscribed to Disney+ yet, then help them to tune into Disney’s content they are waiting for.

The good thing is that Disney now offers a gift subscription of one year, so get Disney’s subscription for your little champs this holiday season.


How about comforting presents for the ones you love the most! Give your golden-ager comfort by gifting them a pair of LongBay’s slippers with furry memory foam.

They are incredibly effective for those who have sensitive, diabetic, arthritis edema, neuropathy, and plantar fasciitis feet.

Carex Toilet Safety Frame

Gift your oldster the Carex Health Brands Toilet safety rails. It allows adjustable widths for the elderly, adults, and handicaps. It, too, provides assistance in changing places from a chair to the toilet.

Folding Lap Desk by Mavo Craft

This portable and practical lap desk is perfect for your nerdy kids on the go. It is a multi-purpose desk ideal for accompanying your needs while traveling, eating, studying, and even gaming. It is a gift for all age groups, Right?

MOKOQI Magnetic Levitating Globe with LED Light

Are you confused about what to buy (a seamless present) for sons who have everything? So, here is the idea! Gift him the whole world by presenting them an absolute masterpiece of MOKOQI’s Magnetic Levitating Globe.

This mid-air floater has three LED beads colors, i.e., purple, pink, and cyan. So, fascinate everyone with this gift of yours.

Lined Refillable Vintage Writing Journal

A very precious gift for those who love journaling. It allows your loved ones to store their private memories with lots of tip-ins and kept them hidden beneath the layers.

Simply perfect for those who like classy and vintage gifts. So, do things grace and love, and watch yourself shine.

Asvine store’s Matte Black Fountain Pen

A stylish fountain pen for those who write small as most pens will bleed through the paper and are just not adequate.

This brand name Hongdian comes with this series of matte black forest pen with a converter in it. So, deliver your nerdy son an exceptional writing experience with this fountain pen.

TheraFlow Dual Foot Massager Roller

With too much stress in our lives, primarily due to the pandemic, getting a TheraFlow Dual Foot Massager Roller sounds like a much-needed comfort.

So, arrange this support in your home for your son by releasing tension through pressure points.

It will then help your beloved relax, unwind from their daily routine, and enable the circulation of their blood.

Able Life Auto Assist Grab Bar

Assist your adult sons with Able life auto cane! With this product, you can make your son independently happy. Moreover, it is not just for adults but also for those who suffer back pain or are aching due to serious injury.

So, give your maximum support by this Auto Assist Grab Bar to raise their confidence and lower their pain.

MagniPros Magnifying Glass

Assist your oldster in vision so that they can magnify their readability! This handy tool and a rectangular lens with long-lasting SMD LEDs.

So, don’t strain with this sleek magnifying glass! What they focus on magnifies.

BassPal store’s Bluetooth Speakers

Every pro-music lover lives by this new wireless Bluetooth speaker. They won’t be afraid to get wet as it is no big deal with BassPal’s Bluetooth speaker.

This pair has mesmerizing features due to its Multifunctional LED display, Beat-driven light show, waterproof nature, 3D Stereo Sound, and last but not least, Ultra-portable speaker.

iOttie Mount Phone Holder

Some premium gifts for precious sons! Give their journey a safe touch by this iOttie Easy One Touch 4 Dashboard & Windshield Mount.

It allows them to find their journey’s exact destination. Plus, it helps capture their cherished moments with this iOttie Mount Phone Holder.

Philips 3200 Series Fully Automatic Espresso Machine

Those who are a coffee snob gift them this perfect Fully Automatic Espresso Machine by Philips. Deliver the goods for snobby sipping for your loved ones.

Enjoy little breaks from the rigid routine of scales and ratios, and this can be pretty liberating, as well as serving as a reminder that espresso should be an exploration.

So, grind the beans, tamp the grounds, heat the water, and extract the espresso under high pressure.

HoMedics UV Phone Sanitizer

Did you know your phone is one of the murkiest tools you come in contact with? And mostly, in this pandemic, if your hands aren’t clean, your phone won’t be either.

Thus, help sterilize your son’s phone by UV-C technology and minimize contact with bacteria & viruses to keep you and your family healthy.

So, zap the germs away in just a minute to provide their phone a fresh start.

The Kissing Mugs

Rejoice your son while being a part of a pair of kiss cat coffee mugs. These ceramic mugs fit entirely together as they fit with their favorite person.

Each mug in the set of two cats kissing each other. When the mugs touch, a uniquely romantic love happens.

So, use them the next time when you’re relishing a hot drink with your special someone. PS, go ahead and give your sweetheart a smooch when they ask to refill it.

RESTCLOUD Store’s Neck and Shoulder Relaxer

Want to diminish the pain of your son’s strained neck or shoulder in 10 minutes? Then, gift them this relaxer so that they can pamper themselves in this hectic routine. It allows curation of their cervical curvature if used consistently.

Metal Letter Wine Cork Keepsake Saver

A real wine lover will surely want to preserve every special cork and reminiscence uniquely. That is why this gorgeous cork holder is a housewarming gift and wine accessory for the 35+ age group.

A lovely aspect of this gift is that we can personalize it with a letter-shaped monogram.

Sonos Beam’s Smart TV Sound Bar

Tune in everything that matters to you with Sonos Beam’s Smart TV Sound Bar. This high-tech smart TV is perfect for grown-ups.

They can control this Smart Device by their voice (as Alexa is built in it), Sonos application, and remote.

Last but not least, they can connect their Sonos speakers to enjoy dazzling sound in every corner of their house.

Water Filter Bottle

This is an ideal tool for high school students who spend almost half of their day outside the house. Gift them Brita’s Premium 36-ounce water bottle as it has a unique filter inside it.

Throw this baby into your son’s bags, so they are always prepared to say no to single bottles. Don’t strain ‘Students’; just filter the filth away.

Sleep Aid Device by Dodow

Throw those sleeping pills away and gift Dodow to those oldsters who are suffering from insomnia. This metronome has a light mechanism that helps them to fall asleep ASAP.

It projects a halo of blue light on their ceiling. This smart device helps adults get rid of disturbing thoughts, anxiety, restiveness, and chronic insomnia.


Portable Campfire by Radiate store

Buy this portable campfire for the 35+ age group, who love to spend their precious time in a circle of friends.

To avoid that stinky smoke, finicky flames, and almost impossible-to-extinguish cinders, gift a 100% real portable campfire. Buy this gift so that they can enjoy their moments together.

Freeze Beer by Host shore

Take a chill pill as this frosty mug keeps beers glacial. This amazing present is especially for adults. It’s insulated plastic walls prevent brews from getting warm due to proprietary cooling gel.

GET A MOVE ON; buy this pint set gift for adults.

Mini Projector by QKK store

Do you know a grown-up who is a big-screen lover? If yes, then buy them QKK’s mini projector. Through this, they are able to entertain themselves inside their own home.

COME ON, buy this gift for your grown-up son and rejoice the occasional impromptu movie night with some popcorn packs.

George Foreman 12+ Servings Up to 15 Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill

Gift this Electric Grill to a 35+ aged friend who loves to cook! Through this, they can grill food with minimalistic oil or butter, wherever they want.

And guess what, they will surely love to know that its non-stick coating allows them to remove the need to grease their food. SO, THUMBS UP for this gift’s worth!

Bookmarks for Kids

Make reading fun by gifting funny animal bookmarks to your sons and daughters. Encourage kiddos reading routine and make this year great by endowing them 30 PCS of animated animals.

One A Day’s store Multivitamin

Let’s gift all the 35+ year-old hubs these scientifically proven multivitamins that will fill their body with nutrient gaps and support their foundational health. Do you know?

It’s proven in a survey that men, more than women, have put their wellness routines to the wayside. SO, SHOUT OUT these ‘One A Day Multivitamins’ and gift them this wellness dose.

Hanging Leather Toiletry Bag for Men – Our Leather Dopp Kit

Fulfill the needs of your grown-up son who loves to travel (either for pleasure or for business). By gifting this Vitelli Hanging Leather Toiletry Bag, they can easily carry out their essentials.

So, if you know that your son adores a travel suitcase which is practical and professional, then what are you waiting for? Gift this bag as it is MUST HAVE!

Electric Roller Skates Hovershoes

Hovershoes are always a popular holiday gift for kiddos, right? Its premium technology gives them a self-balance to move effortlessly wherever they want. And you know what?

Its rubber tires allow more stability, and its slip resistance pads provide a fun ride for your kids.

Adventure Kids – Outdoor Exploration Kit by Ozlife

Perfect kit for your little adventurer! Enable your kids to explore the world and nature around them.

Its binoculars, flashlight, magnifying glass, and compass will speed up his creativity and learning ability. So put your skates on and buy this lovely present for your little one!

7 Pcs Spa Gift Set

Want to buy a gift for 35+ age spa lovers and all the bathing beauties? Then, Body Earth gave you a handy helper for the holiday season.

It is the perfect gift for those who need mental vacations, ‘me time’, and a minute to behold them. Gift your green beauties a Zen-summoning, skin-replenishing, and skin rejuvenating.

Amazon.com Gift Card in a Holiday Gift Box

Confused about buying gifts for your adult son? Then, just rely on amazon’s gift card. Its amount ranges from $25 to $2000.

This beautiful gift box has a gift card on which you can customize a message. So, DON’T STRAIN YOURSELF AND BUY AMAZON’S GIFT CARD FOR YOUR SON!

Willow Tree Friendship, Sculpted Hand-Painted Keepsake Box

Want to personalize a gift for your son? Then, gift your son with this small box. It is the sweetest place to behold the memories. When he opens the bas-relief lid, it reveals the secret sentiment to him, i.e., Forever real, forever friends.

This hand-carved gift box by Artist Susan Lordi discovers the real meaning of friendship. So, what are you waiting for? Buy this seamless present for your son and let him treasure those memories.

Tivo Tea Infuser

The infuser is the one that translates the delicacy of tea moment. So, CHOP-CHOP and buy this amazing gift for 35+ age group friends.

This tea infuser is a perfect gift for those who believe in the uniqueness of nature. THUS, GIFT YOUR FRIENDS THIS STARTLING TEA INFUSER.

Massagers for Neck and Back with Heat

Bestow some nifty tech to your oldster and make their life a little easy. RESEARCH Neck and Back heat massager is an excellent stress buster and helps them feel relaxed and recharged.



So, break the monotony of clichéd gifts for the sons you love and buy something glamorous, thoughtful, yet unprecedented gifts in this holiday season.

Our above-assembled list delves you into every age group and represents some perfect gift ideas. This list includes presents for kids, students, grown-ups, adults, and 35+ year-old men.