The Best Gift Ideas for Nerds and Geeks

Be it for a computer geek or a nerd, gifting can pose a serious problem. Finding the accurate gift for a passionate fan, studious someone or a computer whiz is not a problem anymore.

From Nintendo merchandise to Star Wars collectibles and bookends to computer accessories, puzzles to socks, library kits to mints; we have assembled the most sought-after items for geeks and nerds.

This is a one-stop list where we have gathered all sorts of thoughtful and gag gifting options.

If choosing a gift poses a dilemma for you, then look nowhere else as there is bound to be something here for you to give to a nerd.

Einstein Inspirational Quote Pen

Pens are a thoughtful present for someone who takes interest in writing or is a collector. This is a beautiful black pen with an inspirational Einstein quote and signatures.

The engraving makes it unique and the easy refillable nature makes it a prized possession. To celebrate success or for motivation and inspiration, this pen is a brilliant choice.

Geek Magnetic Poetry Kit

Want some old-fashioned fun? Here’s a game that does just about that. Magnetic poetry for geeks is a brilliant way to pass time without ever getting bored.

The kit lets your inner geek come out and lets you enjoy the word fun.

Ideal for parties, leaving everyday messages on the refrigerator, and to end the mental block, this magnetic poetry for geeks is a plausible gift.

“Do Not Distrust” Socks

For the not-so-social ones who avoid parties and get together and are always busy in coding and decoding, here is a perfect gift for them.

These “do not disturb, I am coding” socks are ideal for a cozy environment designed to convey the message perfectly without having to communicate at all.

These snuggly, super comfortable socks can be gifted separately or with other geeks-worthy apparel options to make the birthday or gathering super geeky.

Nerdy Hedgehog Mug

The hedgehog with glasses and books is a classic gift for those who are appreciative of good books.

The hedgehog with glasses mug with 11 0z capacity can be gifted with a couple of good books to avid book readers.

This is a good gifting option for teachers, librarians, book readers, and collectors.

Geek Battle: The Battle of Extreme Geekdom

An easy way to decide the king amongst a group of geeks, this game is designed to compete for the ultimate geekdom crown.

The card game with multiple categories including video games, sci-fi, fantasy, and everyday geeky questions is a battle of wits, designed to entertain everyone who is a contestant.

This is a fine choice for deciding once and for all who is the biggest geek of us all.

Wooden Puzzle Clock Kit

With those interested in puzzles, this 140-piece pendulum clock kit will be a hit. Made and pre-cut from the finest wood, these parts require assembling with all the tools provided.

The working of the clock does not require any batteries. It requires a minimum time of 4 hours for complete assembly. It is then a great decoration item once assembled.

For anyone who likes to spend time on puzzles, this wooden puzzle kit will surely be a head-scratcher.

Geeky Multitool

A simple substitute for all the heavy tools, this key-shaped multi-tool is a combination of screwdrivers, wrenches, filer, ruler, protractor, can opener, wire stripper, bit driver, and a lot of other features too.

It has a keyhole that makes it a perfect key chain accessory, readily available wherever required.

For the love of hardware and building or improving things, this multitool is a considerate gifting option.

Infinity Cube

A good stress-relieving option, a décor possibility, and a play toy, the infinity cube is a magnificent gifting option.

With its sleek and ergonomic design, it looks great and also provides the opportunity to focus, play and relieve stress all at the same time.

A product besides the regular fidget spinner, the infinity cube can be played with a single hand gives great trick options and allows you to get over the stress, and allows more focus.

I Ate Some Pie Mug

A design for a true math fanatic, the “I ate some pie mug” is one-of-a-kind gifts for such people. Printed on both sides, the mug is a keepsake!

Can be kept on a work desk, or at home and used as drinkware, the 9 oz coffee mug is a tribute to the love of mathematics.

Magnetic Levitating Globe with LED Light

A cool conversation piece, the magnetic levitating globes is suspended with the help of a powerful magnetic frame.

The frame bears LEDs with three shades to give it an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

The makes a unique decorative item, with levitating and spinning globe. This makes a really cool and extraordinary gift for nerds.

Science Experiment Hoodie

For a scientist, who is always engrossed in his or her experiments, this unisex hoodie “I am going to try science” is a magnificent option.

Comfortable and snuggly apparel as a gift is always successful. The kangaroo pouch at the front makes it even more comfortable loungewear.

This can be paired with warm fuzzy socks or matching trousers set for a great gifting choice.

Albert Einstein Socks

A tribute to the greatest brain on earth, the mathematical equation socks are made specifically for science geeks.

These socks are made up of polyester, cotton, and spandex for enhanced comfort.

Made for both men and women, these socks are ideal for those who love and appreciate science and can be a gag gift for serious ones.

Whiteboard Refrigerator Magnets

Set of 6 magnets are designed to give the look of an old arcade game. For nerdy friends, this is an ode to the times gone by!

These writable refrigerator magnets are easily erasable with screen-sized dimensions suitable for all-sized refrigerators. Perfect for reminders and notices, this makes a promising gifting option.

Organic Chemistry Whiskey Glass

For those who appreciate chemistry, what better option is there than tableware that explains the molecular function of the beverage about to be consumed!

The set of 2 whiskey glasses are sand etched with molecules found in whiskey with short explanations.

The organic chemistry whiskey glasses set is an acknowledgment to the nerd who takes a keen interest in chemistry and science.

Crystal Ball Solar System

For an astronomer, a space enthusiast, a science teacher, or simply for the one who appreciates a fine decoration item, this is an exquisite choice.

Made of crystal with 8 suspended planets, this gift is a glorious addition in any room as a beautiful centerpiece or workspace as a tabletop accessory.

It is also suitable for any science teacher for a practical demonstration to the kids.

Cinephile: A Card Game

A test for self-declared movie nerds, this game is a test of character.

Designed to entertain casual moviegoers to those who are true movie geeks, this game is ideal for all game nights, parties, celebrations, and gatherings.

A 150 card game is sorted with 3 difficulty levels to test the most basic of cinema knowledge to extreme fandom. For movie nerds it is a must-play game.

Da Vinci Code Mini Cryptex

For the love of puzzles, this is the best way to declare feelings and give out secrets. The cryptex is designed to carry small messages and notes, protected with a password that can be set.

The message is reached when the set password is matched. For those who love a head-scratching puzzle or game, this is definitely the one gift to surprise them.

Periodic Table Beaker Wine Glass

Say goodbye to ordinary drinkware, this beaker-shaped wine glass is designed for science teachers, those studying medical sciences, or those who have an interest in chemistry experiments.

The 200ml wine glass is thoughtful praise for their profession and interest.

Laboratory Beaker Glasses Set

Shaped like a beaker with a heavy glass base, the glasses have been manufactured to perfection to entertain chemistry lovers.

Perfect for a date with a fellow science nerd, this pleasing and pretty drinkware is a perfect gifting option.

3D Illusion Pattern Nightlight

The Star Wars inspired night light is powered by a general USB cable owing for ease of charging. It can be set in 7 different colors.

Designed as the death star, this night light with its sleek base is a modern-day perfect addition in a star war-themed room or for the general purpose of decoration.

The ideal dimensions make this worth a while gifting choice.

Computer Programmer Tumbler

An adorable gift for a computer programmer, the tumbler is laser etched with double vacuum insulation for longer temperature maintenance of the liquid, coupled with a powder-coated finish to reduce sweat beads.

This matte finish tumbler is suitable for drinking indoors and outdoors and makes it a classic present for someone who loves programming and their drinks.

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Tie

There is bound to be something that a Star Wars fan does not own. For that one Star Wars fan who owns almost all the merchandise goods, this tie can be a pleasant surprise.

With its fine fabric and stitching and elegant look, the Star Wars geek will thank you for this thoughtful and considerate gift.

Intelligent Person’s Mug

We all know someone who is too clever for his own good. For that one geek, we have come up with a gem. The “I want to be nice but everyone is so stupid” mug!

Perhaps a clever way to remind them to be gentle with other mere mortals not blessed with a high IQ!

Academy Da Vinci Clock

Based on Da Vinci’s escapement sketch, this can be a fine addition in a geek’s den. The clock with its intricate design uses the weight of the pendulum as a power source.

No additional batteries are required for working. The clock can be used as a hanging accessory or a desktop artifact.

A good pastime, this clock is a purposeful gift for people interested in building things up from scratch.

Casio Men’s Vintage Calculator Wrist Watch

A vintage, collection-worthy wristwatch, the Casio’s calculator wristwatch was way ahead of its time. The mathematics buffs’ most loved item, this wristwatch is still the apple of the eye.

Auto programmed till the year 2079, this vintage present will surely be a gift to be remembered for the geek who is appreciative of timeless pieces.

Binary Matrix Blue LED Digital Watch

A modern option in wristwatches, this binary matrix blue LED digital watch is crafted to perfection with its attractive binary display and high-quality finishing.

A super choice for a nerd who likes to make work even out of telling time.

Computer Geek Rustic Metallic Sculpture

Recycled metal combined together with the finest craftsmanship; this exclusive décor item is made for a computer wizard who can never be separated from his machine.

This 5.5-inch-tall sculpture is a keepsake present for a computer geek. It can be set on a desktop or on a center table as a unique and beautiful decoration item.

Professional Bookworm Tote Bag

A declaration of love for the books, this tote bag is a match made in heaven for a bookworm.

The beige-colored tote bag with neat lettering is the ideal companion for a visit to the library, nearby store, and even the beach; perfect for carrying books, groceries, and everyday items.

It is a simple yet unbeatable gift for a friend who loves books and cannot live without them.

Bestiary Notebook Set

A collector’s item of the Dungeons and Dragons franchise, this 8 piece set of notebooks features a unique monster on each notebook, with a brief history of the best.

This set is worth presenting to a D&D geek. Ideal for taking notes while revisiting the famous game, this has made our list for the top gifts list for geeks.

Math Wall Clock

Why have simple wall clocks when you can run a short calculation each time you want to know the time? Well, if you know someone of the sort, here is a must-have item for them.

The mathematical wall clock, crafted with grace, with a black background and no ticking mechanism, is ideal for a mathematical geek who cannot spend a minute without solving equations and finding solutions.

Beach Towel for Traveller’s

Inspired by the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy, the beach towel in large size is meant to restore dryness to 99% when used single-handedly.

The towel is an excellent present for someone who is a fan of Douglas Adams‘s hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy.

Gothic Knights Bookends

A protector of books heaven, these gothic knights’ bookends are the oh-so-perfect find for a book nerd.

Made of stone, these winged sculpted dragons offer beautiful support to the books in a library, office, or home and can be used to hold cookbooks, menus, magazines, etc.

The pair of 2 dragon knights are your way of appreciating a nerd’s obsession with the books.

Periodic Table Shot Glasses Set

For a geeky couple in your acquaintances or for a party freak, the periodic table shot glasses set is a good option as a gift.

Consisting of two beakers and 2 flasks, these shot glasses offer consumption of ethyl alcohol in style.

Made up of borosilicate glass, the shot glasses set is one of a kind gift for chemistry enthusiasts who also appreciate occasional drinks and celebrations.

Kinetic Perpetual Motion Desk Toy

For science geeks, the perpetual motion desk toy is a beautiful decoration piece or a desktop accessory.

The toy aids in stress-relieving after a long exhausting task and also offers an interesting insight into the workings of the space for inspiration.

The kinetic motion desk toy with its relacing motion is a suitable toy for any age group.

How To: Absurd Scientific Advise Book

The book of great wisdom provides great scientist advice for everyday common problems.

The most unconventional solutions which only the Most daring people can undertake, the book is an unorthodox guide to your most common everyday solutions.

Complete with fun and intriguing illustrations and infographics, the how-to book is a comic relief yet a mind-stimulating read, sure to impress a book nerd.

Geek Wisdom Book

One of the few pieces in the literature about the very school of geekism, this book provides an insight into the thoughts of geeks, the working mechanism of the geeky brain.

The book is a collection of essays written by geeks whereby they have explained the existing wisdom as per their own understanding.

An interesting collection of thoughts about movies, video games, comics, sitcoms, and sayings, the book will be a fine addition to a geek’s bibliography.

Blue Computer Chip Wall Clock

The wall clock with the motherboard print in a glass finish with contrasting hour hands is a charming addition to a computer professional’s workspace.

The clock with its quartz working is a truly royal gift choice for a geek who appreciates circuits and electronics.

Binary Wrist Watch

Any fan of binary language will love this wristwatch with its sleek and intricate design.

The wristwatch has a dial depicting a circuit where the top row of LEDs is the hour hand and the bottom row is the minute hand.

The LEDs glow and while adding the bits the time can be read.

The binary wristwatch has an adjustable leather strap making it a model gift for men and women, science geeks, and computer nerds.

Daily Video Gamer Planner

A video gamer planner is specific for someone whose thoughts are always about video games!

The planner with a dedicated video gamer’s mind on the cover is ideal to jot down important gaming information, appointments, gaming schedules, and any personal notes.

The 120-page journal with its impressive glossy finish is a good addition to a geek’s collection.

Nostalgia Nerds Retro Tech: Computer Consoles and Games

A complete crash course in arcade games, the nostalgia nerds retro-tech e-book is a comprehensive guide to the advent of the gaming era.

How the games were created and introduced, the companies’ fate as they competed with each other, and the evolution of gaming is all thoroughly documented in this nostalgic read.

The trip down the memory lane to the golden gaming era is all worth it with this e-book.

Gamers Dotted Bullet Journal

The dotted bullet journal is designed for hard-core gamers with a dedicated front cover. The 120 dotted pages are ideal to jot down all the necessary information with a personalized touch.

The A5-sized notebook can be easily carried along and necessary information can be accessed anytime. For the gaming nerd who needs a good notepad or a pocketbook, this is a perfect gift choice.

Insulated Lunch Bag

Accentuate that geeky look with this insulated lunch bag. From long travels to long office working hours to long-duration gaming periods, carry your lunch in style.

The insulated lunch box is spaciously designed to carry maximum edibles at a time. Furthermore, the buckle handle aids in easily carrying the lunch bag.

Say goodbye to randomly packed, cold lunches with this bad boy!

Ultimate Mind Games

The 400-puzzle book is suited for a geek who loves to put his or her brain to test.

Consisting of sudoku, puzzles, crosswords, and word search, the book offers mind-tickling situations, tests problem-solving skills, and serves as a means of improving math and vocabulary.

It is a good birthday gift for a puzzle lover.

Brain Specimen Coasters

The 10 coasters set is a suitable gift for people with high-functioning brain. The 10 coasters, when stacked together form the shape of a complete human brain.

The coasters are labeled to not have a disturbed stacking order and for the peace of mind where there is a chance of OCD!

The coasters can be gifted with a good whiskey set or maybe a beaker shot glasses set for a complete look.

Movies Trivia Game

The movie buffs can prove their love for cinema via this game. The 1200 questions game concerns comedy, horror, sci-fi, fantasy, drama, action hence all the genres.

The game is ideal for any movie night fun, traveling, game night, and celebrations of all sorts. The biggest movie geek in the group is the one who aces the game.

Totally Awesome Book of Useless Information

For the ones who have a fun fact for every situation, here is a keepsake. A totally awesome book of useless information.

The book adds to the knowledge in the most useless way, covering all aspects of life. The book is guaranteed to give the most bizarre and funny facts about everything.

One can flaunt this useless information with people at the most unusual places for the general surprise of the audience.

Intellectual Badass Travel Mug

Ideal for an intellectual who is a badass, the travel mug offers a longer time for the ideal temperature of the drink because of the double insulation.

The easy-to-carry-along mug has a tapered base for better adjustment with cup holders and the easy handle with thumb rest makes it an extra special travel companion.

The lettering is designed to last long to decide ownership and so that people are aware of the nerd amongst them.

Data Scientist Coloring Book

The stress of data sciences can be busted with this adult coloring book comprising of situations and high-quality illustrations related to the field.

It comes with hilarious situations and settings of data sciences-related happenings for a quick getaway from the stress of working in the field.

For a quiet, leisure moment this is a unique gift for nerds.

3D Printing Moon Light

For the night owl here is a keeper! The 3D printing moonlight is rechargeable and dimmable, with two light modes. The 3D moon is a real NASA topographic image of the moon.

Designed to enhance the ambiance of a room, the light is a unique and exclusive gift for scientists, readers, and space enthusiasts.

Floppy Disk Coasters

The floppy disk coaster set can transport any computer viz back to the 80s. The four coasters set is a throwback for anyone who remembers the great era of floppy disks.

The coasters are made up of neoprene, ideal for absorbance, and can be easily cleaned after use. The purchase of these floppy disks would not be regretted.

Tetris Themed Color Changing Coffee Mug

Who does not remember Tetris? We all do but some of us are die heart Tetris fans. The color-changing Tetris mug is a smashing present.

The Tetris geek will be over the moon with this present and has the added advantage of never having to consume cold coffee in breakfast. A win-win situation, indeed!

Funny T-Rex Memo Pad

Gag gift for a dinosaur nerd, the funny T-rex memo pads are a cracking gift for the not-so-happy, always complaining nerds.

These memo pads can be gifted to bring out a little smile to the unhappy lot. It is a great means of letting out the frustration by writing and getting it all out of the system.

A great gag gift, it can be a source of letting go of the greys.

Clever Girl Bookmark

In search of something for a clever, intelligent lady or perhaps a Jurassic Park fan? We have you covered with this 1/8inch wooden bookmark.

Laser-cut to perfection; this is an easy on the pocket and a fine choice for a book worm or a Jurassic Park merchandise collector.

Nerd Alert Note Pad

Afraid someone is heading to the dark dork side? Well, here is a warning for them. The nerd alert notepad is a test to see if one has crossed the dreaded nerd-ism line or still can be saved.

It’s a unique gag gift for friends who have the required genes to cross over to the nerd side.

“Would You Like To Save Your Progress” Bookmark

A gift for a true computer viz, this bookmark is designed after the windows expression of saving the progress. This classic bookmark is laser engraved and cut with the finest word.

The bookmark is a cute stocking stuffer or can be gifted with one or two books for a good look.

Mathematical Infinity Scarf

The classic gift for a mathematician, engineer, or science geek, the infinity scarf has a blue base with a mathematical equation print.

The one-size infinity scarf is a charming accessory for a perfect outfit.

The scarf can be worn for a better look with a contrasting coat. The scarf can be gifted to students, teachers, co-workers, and a nerdy wife or a girlfriend

Alohomora Key Rack

We all know some die-hard Harry Potter fans who never have enough of the famous merchandise. For such enthusiasts, the Alhomora key rack is a thing of beauty.

The wooden rail with five metallic hooks will light up the wall offering ease of opening doors with never having to find the keys again.

The attractive key rack is a magical addition to a Harry Potter’s true fan’s home.

Classic Horn-Rimmed Spectacles

The nerd alert, stylish horn-rimmed glasses have a metal rim, designed to cater the latest fashion trends.

For a bespectacled friend, who has old-fashioned glasses and is in dire need of a makeover, these spectacles are a guaranteed update to the latest trends in the glasses industry ready to go with all outfit choices.

Bibliophile Ceramic Vase

The charming red ceramic vase is a glorious addition to a workspace. The vase is a classic gift for a writer, a book reader, or a librarian who is truly dedicated to the magic of words.

The writer’s companion vase is an efficient stationery holder that adds value as well as ambiance in any given space.

I Like Big Books Pillow Covers

The stylish “I like big books and I cannot lie” is a classic song-inspired pillow cover, modified to pay homage to a certified book reader.

The easy-to-use pillow cover has black appealing lettering that makes it an ideal present for a bookworm.

This pillow cover can be gifted with a set of PJs or a pair of warm socks for an extra comfort-filled atmosphere.

Momento Stubs Wooden Storage Box

For a geek who collects movie stubs, tickets, coupons, etc, the wooden shadow box with a glass front is a good investment.

With 4 swivel tabs, it’s easy to drop the tickets inside, this box can be hung or displayed on a table. The contrasting colors and the colorful tickets make the wooden box very attractive.

Human Brain Canvas Wall Art

The canvas depicts a human brain and its relative functions, whereby the geekiness and other social activities hang in a fine balance.

The 4 pieces canvas wall art is a simple depiction of a geek’s mind. This can serve as a reminder to the person that there is a life full of colors to be enjoyed in addition to the work being done.

The colorful portion makes the painting look alive signifying the need to have fun in life without which life would be meaningless.

Nerd Power Wooden Ornament

A hanging wooden ornament declares the magical power a nerd possesses. The ornament is a simple, unique, and charming stocking stuffer for a certified nerd.

This can be used as a Christmas decoration or as a jewelry item.

Nintendo Controller Throw Blanket

The gaming geek obsessed with Nintendo and super Nintendo has something to look forward to.

The Nintendo controller throw blanket is a thoughtful gift for someone who has an interest in Nintendo games.

The throw blanket has a Nintendo controller made on it, with a Nintendo entertainment system written on it. For anyone who grew up playing these games, this blank is a treat.

Brass Sundial Compass

For a geek who appreciates collectables, this brass sundial compass is a keepsake. The compass come in a wooden gift box, giving it a more complete look.

There is an option of personalized messages to be engraved on the wooden case making it an even more prized possession.

The compass along with the sundial is a unique and intriguing gift for people who love vintage products.

Drink Like A Geek: Cocktails, Brews and Spirits for The Nerds In All Of Us

This recipe book is the bible of drinks. The recipes included are based on TV shows, books, movies, science, and books.

The 224 pages recipe book can have you whipping up unique and worthy droughts in no time.

A way to pay homage to characters who drink and believe in magic in tv shows and books, the book is a perfect gift for geeks who like to drink.

Reading Log and Review Notebook

For geeks who love to read and record, this is a classy gift where there is a dedicated space for jotting down the summary, memorable quotes, character sketches, publishing information and all that is to be written down.

The addition of dotted pages allows customization as per the reviewer’s choice.

The notebook and bullet journal combination is ideal for anyone who likes to record what has been read and what needs to be read.

The Bigger Books of App (Your Nerdy BFF’s Guide To (Almost) Every App in The Universe

A guide to all the wonderful, fun, and helpful apps on the internet, this book can be a lifesaver.

The apps have been filtered and picked from thousands and thousands of apps available to allow for easy access to useful information.

For problems at home, school, college or office, this book offers the perfect app for a perfect solution.

The nerdy app guide book, compiled by a nerd is meant for the nerds who do not have ample time to waste, rather than getting to the solution.

Personal Library Kit

For a dedicated reader, who occasionally lends books to people, this gift is heaven’s sent.

A personal library kit, complete with a date recording stamp, stamp pad, 20 library cards, 20 self-adhesive card pockets and a genuine pencil is ideal for detail logging regarding books.

For a small library set up this personal kit is an appreciative gesture ensuring book rotation and retention all at the same time.

Circuit Board Enamel Pins

The circuit board enamel pin is designed for computer geeks, IT professionals, computer sciences professionals and engineers who take great interest in circuit boards.

These pins can be worn on a coat or can be an accessory for bags etc. This is a small but beautiful gift for anyone having an interest in electronics.

Talk Nerd to Me Mints

Love listening to the nerd in your life? Well, here’s how you can make him go on and on. The talk nerdy to me mints are sure to bring out the talker in him.

The mints are a delicious chocolate flavor that make bad breath go away and leaves a refreshing feeling.

These are a great choice for stocking stuffers or maybe an addition in a basket or a mug filled with other goodies.

Trafalgar Square Lego Kit

The iconic Trafalgar Square, with its 1197 pieces, this Lego kit is a tremendous gift for an architect or a nerd interested in buildings, locations and architecture.

This kit accurately combines architecture with culture and encapsulated the true environment of the iconic destination.

With its fine details and scaled design, the Lego kit is a present of a lifetime for anyone fond of traveling, history, culture and architecture.


The nerds and geeks can be hard to impress. These passionate people always offer a narrow frame of options for gifting.

For such lot, the above-appended gift choices are bound to offer something for a special someone.

By considering the personality and passions of the person a great gift can be chosen that echoes well with the receiver.

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