Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mothers are selfless beings who prefer to sacrifice their own needs over their families. They would rather buy things for their loved ones than spend money on new things for themselves.

The most precious gift that you can give her is your time which she would value more than anything in the world.

Would you like to give your mom something special that she needs and would enjoy using? We have compiled a list of gift ideas that would aid her in everyday life.

PowerXL Air Fryer

Air fryers are the newest technology that can help mums make delicious and healthy food for their families.

This device uses up to 80% less oil than conventional cooking methods and the pack includes a cookbook that has some amazing recipes.

There should be no compromises when it comes to health so encourage your mom to make healthy food choices.

Pure Enrichment Mist Humidifier

Mums who like their homes to be fresh and welcoming would love to own a humidifier as it reduces dryness and makes the air humid.

Once the tank is filled, it can operate for up to 16 hours and turns off automatically when empty. It is especially recommended for people who have nasal issues due to dryness.

BLACK + Decker Handheld Vacuum

Mum will throw away her stash of dusting brushes and rags after receiving this cordless vacuum because this beauty can suck away even the finest dust particles.

Be it cereal on the floor, pet hair, or mere dirt, it can get rid of it all. She can even clean her car with it.

Trolley Dolley

Mum takes you grocery shopping just to carry around those big shopping bags? Get her a foldable trolley that will do the job for you.

It’s a win, win situation for both as she won’t have to rely on you for help. On second thought, it seems more like a gift for you.

Marble Coaster

Mammas who can’t stand cup/ glass marks on their coffee tables are always in need of coasters.

If your mom is the same then add a classy black marble coaster set to her collection that she will lay out always for special guests.

Lined with rubber pads on the bottom, they will not scratch her precious furniture.

Coffee Mug and wine glass for mums

Make your mom feel special by giving her a set of a mug and wine glass that has a message printed on it. She will enjoy her morning coffee in that mug every day and think of you.

And at the end of a long day, she can have a relaxing glass of wine in the glass.

Organic Bath Bombs Set

Bath bombs will give your tired mom a relaxing therapy after a hard day of work. Made with organic ingredients without harsh chemicals, they make the skin soft and nourish it.

The essential oils infused in the bombs will make calm your mother’s fatigued senses.

White Noise Machine

A white noise machine is a great aid for people with sleep issues. The soothing sounds that the gadget emits relax and help people have a sound slumber. It is a great accessory for children and adults alike. The user can choose to play the six sounds or set up a timer to suit their needs.

Glass Spice Jars

Does Mum have the habit of using old glass bottles as spice jars? Well, get rid of the old scratched beakers and replace them with a twenty-five-piece set that comes with labels of two kinds.

They will not only store all the ingredients, but the set will also make her cabinets look more refined and organized. The containers can also be used to store her arts and crafts supplies.

Bamboo Book/ Tablet Stand

Tired of seeing mom crouching over cookbooks/ tablets on the countertop while cooking? A stand will help hold the books/ tablets upright so she won’t have to bend over the countertop.

Thus she can easily make new delicious meals for you more easily. She can also use it while taking a bath to read or to watch a show on the tablet.

Dotted Hard Cover Journal

Is your mum always misplacing her notes? Is she always noting down important things here and there?

Introduce her to the world of bullet journaling which will help her plan out her tasks more easily.

The dotted journal has more than one hundred and fifty pages so maybe she can plan out a whole year’s worth of activities.

Pour Over Coffee Maker

Is your mom never satisfied with dad’s coffee-making abilities? Get her a coffee maker of her own and she can brew her cup of happiness.

The set has a built-in permanent filter that does not need to be replaced repeatedly.

Stackable Fridge Storage Bins

Help your mother organize her fridge contents with a set of boxes that can accommodate various kinds of food items.

They can store all kinds of edible articles ranging from fruits and vegetables to cans and ketchup packets. The containers also have lids so they are stackable.

Crock-Pot Digital Slow Cooker

For ladies who like to make extra special meals for their families, a slow cooker is an amazing gift. This cooker has programmable heat settings and the lockable lid makes it portable.

The stoneware cooking pot and the lid are dishwasher safe. It has a cook time ranging from three hours to thirty hours.

Tiered Shoe Rack

For mums who are always fretting over the organization of shoes of the whole family, a large shoe rack is a necessity. This rack can hold up to fifty pairs at one time.

She can store her precious heels on the rack without worrying about damage. Or maybe some books instead that are always lying around here and there.

Vacuum Travel Mug

This insulated mug is especially recommended for mums who always end up with a cold coffee drink after getting through all the chores.

It can keep any drink warm for up to seven hours and maintain the temperature of a cold drink for up to eighteen hours.

Maybe she can bring your favorite soup for you when she comes to visit next time.

Mikisa Atlantic Crystal Vase

Surprise your mum by decorating her room with flowers in a new crystal vase. The eleven-inch Vase has a beautiful design and is made out of high-grade crystal.

It gives out a sleek and opulent look. It will look great in the house entrance or the drawing-room as well.

Automatic Pot Stirrer

Working ladies often have various dishes cooking at the same time and it becomes a hassle to stir them all at one time.

So give your mum’s tired arms a break by giving her an automated stirrer that would do the job in her place. All she has to do is set up the speed and let it do the rest.

Oatmeal Vanilla Soap Making Kit

An excellent and creative way to spend time is by making soap at home. The kit has organic ingredients that are free of harmful chemicals and suitable for any skin type.

The user can make up to ten bars of soap at one time. Mum would love to use these aromatic soap suds in her washrooms.

GOURMEX Stainless Steel Pasta Maker

Does your mum like to cook every dish from scratch? Get her a pasta maker that will help her make her very own pasta.

The stainless steel machine has the ability to roll out the perfect pasta worthy of any high-end restaurant. Moreover, It is easy to disassemble, clean, and store.

Dumpling Maker

For mums who like to make dumplings, a dumpling maker will make the job easier and more fun.

The set has nine pieces which will help her cut the dough in perfect circles and assemble all the ingredients easily. Moreover, everything is dishwasher safe.

“What I Love About Mom” Journal

Express your affection to your mom in a unique way by listing out all the reasons why she is so special to you. She will cherish the book that represents the bond that you two share.

Let her know how grateful you are for everything that she has done for you. And don’t forget to ask her to write one for you.

Pan Organizer Shelf Rack

If your mum takes special care not to damage her pots and pans, then give her a rack that will keep all of her precious items organized.

The vertical organizer will keep her pans safe and make space for more things in her cabinets as well.

Gordon Ramsey Cookbook

For a busy bee mum juggling multiple activities throughout the day, a cookbook with quick recipes is priceless.

This will help her make delicious food for her family in a short time. The foolproof recipes from the cooking master himself leave no room for error.

DIY Candle Kit

Candle making can be a fun activity for mums who are fond of arts and crafts. The kit includes all the instruments and ingredients required to make scented candles right at home.

It has a guide included as well to escort the candlemaker step by step. The aromatic candles will be a great decorative addition to her home.

Slide-out Spice Rack

A slide-out small rack is perfect for a kitchen with little storage capacity. The user can store up a lot of items using them without worrying about space. Made with chrome and steel, the racks are strong and sturdy.

Black Picture Frame Set

We have yet to know a mom who doesn’t hang up her children’s photos all over the house. If your mum is the same then get a set that has different sizes frames in it.

The set even has hanging hardware in it to make putting up the frames easier.

Electric Eyebrow Hair Remover

Tweezers/ puckers are outdated accessories as they generate a lot of pain during eyebrow hair removal and take a lot of time.

Time to introduce your mum to an electric hair remover that will do the job in less time and give her eyebrows a sleek look. The gadget is compact, portable, and uses standard batteries.

Panasonic Cordless Shaver/ Epilator

Cordless shavers are better than conventional hair removal methods such as shaving because they take up less time to the job and the risk of injury is reduced.

The gadget has various other attachments such as an exfoliator, a trimmer, and a foot care buffer.

Wooden Jewelry Box

This jewelry box is perfect for your mum’s precious jewelry collection.

It is lined with high-quality velvet cloth to avoid scratching the ornaments and has a mirror under the lid to aid the user while putting the jewelry on.

Also, the wooden box will look great on the dresser.

Exercise/ Yoga Mat

Encourage mum to make time for herself and push her to become more physically active. A soft and cushiony yoga mat will aid her in carrying out various kinds of activities.

This extra-thick and lightweight mat are designed and produces extra tractions for Yoga.

Five Piece Garden Tool Set

Time to replace your mum’s old garden tools with a brand new one that comes with a foldable low lying seat and a tote bag for storage.

With this kit, she can spend time happily in her garden without the fear of backaches and leg cramps. The stainless steel tools are a treat to work with.

Heel Grips for shoes

Mum can’t stop wearing high-heeled shoes even though she has calluses and foot pain?

High-quality heel grips are the answer to such problems as provide cushion to the heels and help avoid foot soreness. With these in place, she can happily go around town in her stilettos.

Essie Gel Nail Polish

Anything in this world can go out of fashion except red nail polish, which has been a staple style statement for women all over the world for decades.

Trust us your mother needs this gel nail polish in her collection which has a gel finishing coat to give the nails an extra shine and makes the coats long-lasting.

Tiered and Expandable Spice Rack

For your mother’s kitchen, a new spice rack that can be adjusted according to storage needs will work wonders.

She can place it on the counter or in the cabinets, it would work anywhere. The rack can also be used as a makeup organizer.

Heat Massager for Neck and Back

At the end of a long tiring day, mothers need relaxing therapy for sure. Give your mum a massager that will relax the tired muscles of her neck and back and help her sleep better.

The heat treatment given by the massager will take all the aches and pains away.

Face Massager/ Roller

Make your mum’s skincare routine more robust and effective with the help of a vibrating massager that promotes skin collagen production and blood circulation.

It will help prevent aging symptoms such as fine lines and wrinkles.

Wine Stemware

Get a set of six red wine glasses for your mum’s cherished stemware collection. These crystal tumblers will surely delight her to no end.

She can proudly display them on her table at the next dinner party or on the cabinet alongside her existing glass collection.

Collagen Hydro Gel Gold Mask

Gold has been known for its benefits for face skin as it nourishes it, reduces the breakdown of collagen, revitalizes skin cells, and prevents fine lines.

Give your mother a skin hydrating treatment mask that will leave her with smooth, clearer, and younger-looking skin. Get one for pops too for his sun-weathered skin.

Stacking Coffee Table Set

A set of stacking tables is great for small homes as they take up less space than separate matching tables. These two wood and metal tables are great for small living rooms and offices where space is limited.

Crystal Wine Glass Holder

A crystal wine glass holder will give your mom’s mini-bar a sleek and sophisticated look. It has the capacity to hold up to eight glasses at a time.

The article is designed and manufactured to hold heavy glasses and be a decorative item at the same time.

Portable phone charger

Tired of not being able to reach mum’s phone because of a dead battery? A portable charger is an answer to this woe as she can charge her phone on the go.

This battery bank can charge multiple smart devices at the same time. Once plugged in, it recharges itself within eight to fourteen hours.

Outdoor Folding Lounge Chair

A lounge chair is a great gift for mothers who like to relax and soak up some sun after finishing their chores. Thing folding chair is lightweight, sturdy, and has a weather-resistant fabric. Trust us, Your dad will be jealous of her.

Bamboo Knitting Set

Encourage your mum to take up knitting as a hobby with the help of a knitting set that has bamboo knitting needles of various sizes.

The kit also includes other items such as needles, tape measures, and scissors. Don’t forget to ask for a new beanie while you are at it.

Moroccan Hydrating Argan Oil Mask

Argan oil is known the world over for its benefits for hair. To maintain the shine and luster of your mum’s hair, buy a hair mask for her that nourishes the strands deeply.

The masks strengthen the hair, reduces hair fall, and prevents breakage and split ends. It gives the hair a sleek and shiny look and less dependent on chemical products for taming hair.

Your mom’s friends will envy her luscious locks for sure.

Closet Organizer Set

For an OCD mum, a closet organizer set will bring great joy.

The seven-piece set has various baskets of different sizes and some have compartments to store underwear, socks, scarves, etc. she can even place these on nightstands to organize her belongings.

Remington Multi Styler

Improve your mum’s hairstyle game by giving her a hair styler with various attachments. She will want to style her hair every day in a different way.

The gadget has various attachments such as a curler, a flat iron, etc. mind you, she won’t let you borrow it.

Corner Display Rack

Is your mother fond of decorating every nook and cranny of the house with trinkets and little decoration pieces?

Get her a tiered corner rack that will fill up any corner easily can accommodate a large number of decorative items. From books to crystal pieces, she can decorate it as she wants.

Rustic Wine Rack

Give your mum a chance to make her very own mini bar at home. With the help of a wood and metal wine rack, she can store all of her wine bottles in a cool way.

The rack can hold up to six bottles of her favorite drinks on it.

Rotating Makeup Organizer

A rotating makeup organizer will not only give your mom’s dresser a new look but will also free up a lot of space.

With this organizer, she can easily access all of her makeup instead of going through various bags and drawers to find the required item.

Satin Pajama Set

Time to replace mom’s old cotton sleepwear set with a trendy and super soft satin pajama set that is both stylish and comfortable.

It is made out of high-grade satin silk and tailored to perfection. Your mother will love to own more in various colors once she tries this one on.

Memory Foam Bed Pillows

Memory foam pillows provide great support for the neck and back while sleeping and this keeps the body posture straight.

The cooling gel infused in the shredded foam keeps the user cool and relaxed all night long. Mom will look forward to sleeping on them every night.

Body Shop Shea Butter Moisturizing Set

Shea butter is known to provide the ultimate moisturizing effect to the skin.

Improve your mom’s skincare routine with the help of Shea butter hand cream, soap, body butter, and shower cream.

It will provide her skin with extra nourishment that will make it smooth and reduce the signs of aging.

Luxury Spa Basket

Does your mother often reminiscence about her trips to the spa as she can’t go there because of the pandemic?

Bring her a spa-like feeling right at home with the help of a spa basket that includes assorted items such as shower gel, bubble bath, body lotion, etc. she can pamper herself all she wants and trust us, you would want to get your hands on these items as well.

Smart Coffee Mug Warmer

A coffee warmer is specially designed for busy ladies who forget to drink their coffee/ tea while it’s still hot.

If your mom is one such lady, then get her two perhaps (one for home and one for the office) so she can always have her drink hot.

The smart warmer turns off on its own, once the mug is taken off it.

Multi-purpose Hand Blender

Mums who like their homemade gravies and sauces super smooth need a hand blender that will mash every small solid food piece to perfection.

The handheld blender is perfect for making jams, peanut butter, smoothies, whipped cream, etc. with this blender she can “puree away” to her heart’s content.

Mixing Bowls with Lids

Can there be enough mixing bowls in any kitchen ever? Well, get one more for mom’s kitchen with lids.

This set of 5 bowls is made with high-grade steel and has rubber lids to keeps the contents safe. They can be stacked into each other perfectly without lids to save space.

The best feature perhaps is their silicon base which keeps them from sliding out of hand or on the countertop.

Stackable Indoor Herb Garden

A stackable indoor herb garden will allow your mother to plant and nurture her favorite herbs right at home. She can plant more than ten herbs/ plants at one time.

The tiers of the garden are detachable so she can have as many plants as she desires. She can even grow strawberries in them.

Collapsible Grocery Shopping Bag

Every mum should own a large tote grocery bag that can be folded away when not in use.

This large capacity bag can hold quite a lot of objects at one time and even has small pockets to keep items such as wallets and keys safe.

Sony Mini Bluetooth Speaker

Mothers can use a portable speaker anywhere, inside or outside the house.

She can listen to her favorite audiobook during a bubble bath, or cook up a new recipe while listening to it in the kitchen or listen to her favorite tunes while gardening or reading.

It’s waterproof so she won’t have to worry about damaging it.

Fitbit Inspire 2 (Health and Fitness Tracker)

Mother’s usually don’t get time for their physical fitness. If you are worried about your mm’s health then buy a Fitbit Inspire for her that can keep track of her daily activity levels.

It can gauge how much a person walked/ worked out during the day. Furthermore, it can keep track of their blood pressure and sleep cycles as well.

Sterling Silver Diamond Ring

Jewelry made out of silver is elegant and beautiful. To signify the beautiful bond you and your mom share, gift her a beautiful band studded with Crystals.

This beautiful ring is made out of pure silver and the crystals won’t fade over time. Mum will love to wear it on special occasions and flaunt it proudly in front of her friends.

Timberland Leather Wallet

When it comes to leather wallets, it is important to choose a brand that is known for its quality products.

Timberland leather wallet is made out of a hundred percent leather and has built-in RFID Blockers.

Its spacious interior and various pockets allow the user to place a large number of cards and money in it. Tailored to perfection, it can also be used as a clutch.

Wall Mounted Keychain/ Mail Holder

A two in one rack that can hold both mail and key chains is much better than conventional holders as it can accommodate various items at one time.

Besides mail and keys, mum can also place her sunglasses and hand sanitizer on them.

Mount it at the entrance of the house or in the lounge, it will give a rustic feel to the place. Dad will want one to put his hats on it, mind you.

Gold Mirror Tray

Who says trays can only be used for kitchen purposes? Give mom a chance to bring out her creative streak by decorating a mirror tray that has a gold chrome frame.

She can place a beautiful flower arrangement on it for placing it on her coffee table or she can artfully place her perfumes on it for her dresser.

Silk Red Scarf

Scarves are a perfect way to rejuvenate a dull outfit. They provide a splash of color and a fresh look to an attire. Mommies can style silk scarves in their outfits in innumerable ways.

A hundred percent silk scarf is an heirloom piece that she will cherish for a long time. The red color looks great with any other color, especially monochrome outfits.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Blue light can be harmful for the eyes and sleep cycles for people who have to spend long hours in front of computer screens.

Blue light-blocking glasses have the capability to block light so the eyes don’t get harmed. It will help mum avoid digital strain, which can be harmful to eyesight in the long run.

You might want to buy one for yourself as well.

Redmi Airdots

Is mom still using her damaged old pair of earphones that don’t give out high-quality sound? Replace them with a snazzy pair of Redmi Airdots that give out the ultimate quality sound.

These dots are connected with the phone via Bluetooth can be charged within their cover.

She can use the touch zone to receive or cancel calls and play or pause the music. She won’t miss her worn old pair of headphones for sure.

Car Mount Phone Holder

Using phones can be dangerous while driving. But phones have to be used often for navigation.

A phone holder in the car minimizes the risk and allows the user to look at the screen without having to hold it and driving it with one hand.

It sticks to the dashboard easily with the help of an attached suction cup.

Diamond Pattern Stone Ware Planter

Give your mum a chance to upgrade the look of her garden with a mid-century style stone pot for plants.

The blue and white planter is highly recommended for plants such as succulents and other houseplants. It will look great inside or outside the house.

Coloring Books For Adults

Who says coloring is for kids only? It is one of the most satisfying, relaxing, and creative activities.

She can spend her free time coloring the beautiful pictures and mandalas in the three-book set. She will relive the times she used to color little drawings with her children.

Extra Large Bamboo Cutting Board

Cutting boards are a staple in any kitchen. From meat to vegetables and fruits, they see all the chopping action.

A wooden chopping board is better than a standard plastic one because it is durable and harmful plastic particles don’t get mixed in with the food.

With this extra-large cutting board, mum can chop up large batches of food at one time.

TOPVISION Mini Projector

Who doesn’t miss going to the cinemas during the pandemic? Mum missing movies nights? Make your home a mini cinema for her with a mini projector.

She can play her favorite videos straight from her phone, USB, DVD player, etc. the projector has built-in powerful speakers as well.

Heated Electric Blanket

An electric blanket during the harsh winter months can be a blessing. With four temperature settings, the blanket will keep mum warm and cozy.

The blanket is machine washable and turns off automatically after two hours. It is lightweight and portable so she can even use it outdoors to keep warm.

Silverware Set (8 Servings)

Every woman wants quality silverware for their kitchen because they are durable. Your mom would like this fifty-four-piece set which includes steak knives, butter knife, and cake spatula.

Made with high-quality material, the cutlery pieces won’t lose their shine and shape. Don’t forget to demand a dinner party!

Silicone Kitchen Utensil Set

Silicon utensils are highly recommended for kitchens where non-stick pans are used quite often because they don’t scratch the non-stick coating.

Other than that, they are great for cooking in normal pots as well because food does not stick on to them.

Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings suit women of every age and they look great with formal and casual attire alike. These Textured hoops earrings would become your mom’s instant favorite because of their beautiful design.

Olay Facial Cleanser

A facial cleanser can keep an outdoorsy mum’s skin clean and healthy. The pack of three olay cleansers will keep her skin supple and fresh all the time.

Perky Pet Copper Bird Feeder

Not only will a bird feeder look great in your mother’s garden, but it will also attract a large number of birds. The copper feeder has four feeding stations and a large capacity.

JOURNOW Travel Umbrella

Travel umbrellas are necessary for people living in areas with a lot of rainfall. This umbrella is lightweight and folds into a compact cover.

Women can easily attach it to their bags or place it inside. The frame is quite sturdy and can withstand strong winds.

Bealuz Foot Peel Mask

Treat your mom to a salon-style pedicure with a foot peel mask. The mask will peel off all the dead skin from her feet and leave the skin soft and moisturized.

The exfoliating agent treats the cracked heels and makes them smooth.

POMPEIAN Extra Virgin Olive Oil

From salad dressings to steaks and vegetables, your mom will cook up a storm with this bottle of olive oil. It is extra rich and delicious. Imagine how much pasta she will make for you! Happy eating!

Kitchen Thermometer and Timer Set

A digital timer that can time four recipes at once is just what mommies need to prepare gourmet meals. The set has a digital probe thermometer and a digital waterproof thermometer.

The timer also has a little whiteboard on which mum can jot down the names of the dishes.

First Time & Co. Wall Clock

A statement wall clock is a must-have for every house. It will look great on an empty wall that is in dire need of some decorative items.

The colors of the plaques and the golden needles provide a beautiful combination.

Multi-Speed Stand Mixer

A multi-purpose stand mixer is a gadget that will take over various kitchen tasks ranging from kneading dough, mixing in the cake batter, and making icing.

The large stainless steel has a big capacity and allows the user to make large batches in one go.

Napkin Ring Holders

Stylish napkin holders can never be enough. The twelve-piece metal ring set is great for parties on special occasions such as Christmas/ thanksgiving dinners.

Made with stainless steel, they will not get damaged due to rust easily.


Mothers tend to form emotional bonds with any item that is related to their children so carefully choose a gift for her that is durable and attractive.

Regardless of their ages (old and young), the above-mentioned items are suitable for all and All of these articles are bound to be useful for them in their daily lives.