Inexpensive gift ideas for coworkers

Coworkers are one of the most significant part of our monotonous day-to-day life. They have a special place in our hearts as we spend more time with them than we do with our family.

Strengthen your bond with your coworkers by showing them affection.

And the best way of doing this is by getting exclusive presents for them to show them that you care for them.

We have rounded up a list of unique and budget-friendly options that will make breathtaking gifts for your colleagues.

Motivational Quote Keychains

We all have one coworker who has an eccentric taste for keychains. If you have one then this set of keychains will add to his collection.

The flexible silicon rubber material of the keychains is durable and comes with a large metal keyring. On top of that, it is multi-colored and will fit his personality flawlessly.

Neckties set

A classic necktie set is an exemplary gift for a coworker, who never wears a dress shirt without a matching tie.

Present him with a collection of novelty pattern ties that will make him look outclass on all formal occasions. This set of soft and elegant neckties will groom his professional appearance.

Succulent Pots

Have a colleague with a thing for gardening and plantation? Turn his fortune with this superb idea.

A mini, bright, and colorful pot will be a wonderful addition to your colleague’s work desk.

This pot is designed specifically for holding succulent plants and these plants don’t even need too much maintenance. So, that’s a double win.

Basketball Game Toy

Is your coworker one of those persons who can’t get their head out of games? This basketball game toy will keep him entertained.

This game is super satisfying and relieves your all-day stress in less than a minute.

I am sure your colleague won’t be able to get the most out of it. This portable and stylish toy will be a great addition to his boring office desk.

Cardholder for back of the phone

For your coworker who has a hectic routine of moving in and out of meetings all the time, this cardholder is the best choice.

It is compatible with all cell phones and allows its user to carry all essentials, even house keys in it. Its non-slip design makes it safe for storing even credit cards.

With this cardholder, there is no need for your friend to carry his bulky wallet everywhere with him.

29 Emoji Faces

This unique gift will surely bring a smile to your coworker’s face. These 29 face icon cards are the key to relive one from office tension and stress.

If you are in a mode to tease your coworkers, place these cards made of cardboard on their office desks.

These cards will change the sturdy atmosphere of your office altogether to a refreshing one.

Short-Sleeve Polo Shirt

Perhaps one of the finest gifts for your sporty colleague is a nifty short sleeve polo shirt. The fabric of this modern fit shirt will surely complement your pal’s personality.

This shirt comes in all sizes and it will fit seamlessly on your coworker giving him a professional yet stylish look.

The specialty of this product is that it comes in an array of shades for an affordable price and its material is washable.

Mouse pad

You spend half of your day in front of a desktop along with your colleague, right? So, why don’t you make his day by gifting him a super soft and adorable mouse pad?

This mouse pad comes in lively colors and inimitable patterns. Have a coworker who got some moves in your office? He will be head over heels with this eccentric mouse pad.

Stainless Steel Tumbler

Looking for a gift for your best work bud, who loves coffee? Why not make her feel special with this stainless-steel tumbler?

This gradient tumbler comes with a straw and spill-proof lid so your colleague can drink coffee on the way to the office without any worries.

With this classy and personalized gift, you don’t even have to wait for a happy hour to present it.

Crystal Pen

Do you have a coworker in your office who loves to play with the pen even in meetings? Add this glossy gold crystal pen to his dull pen holder.

This pen will give a charismatic look to his dull office desk. It is explicitly designed for the fashion-forward crowd.

Let your colleague pen down his daily schedule elegantly with this smooth, light pressure and non-smudging pen.

Premium Leather Journal Set

Gift this journal to your colleague who has inspirational quotes written all over his sticky notes.

Its premium quality paper will record his valuable thoughts and quotes along with giving him room to explore his imagination.

This soft and authentic leather journal with fine and real leather scent will spur his life with happiness.

Checklist Memo Pad

Are you looking for a productive gift for your lazy-ass coworker? Tired of watching him forgetting what still needs to be done by him?

Perhaps this office citation pad will get him back on track. This is the most productive gift ever. This Knock Knock fun memo pad comes with 50 pages that can easily rip off.

Hanes Men’s shirt

Add another gem into your colleague’s wardrobe in the shape of Hanes long sleeve shirt. This imported shirt with a three-button closure is an excellent display of American classic products.

If you are planning on getting your colleague a cotton t-shirt, then Hanes soft cotton crewneck shirt is your best bet. It comes with a range of vibrant colors and a comfortable tag-free label.

Infusion Water Bottle

Your favorite colleague will love this infusion water bottle. This bottle is an ideal gift option in summer.

Provide a healthy and inexpensive bottle to your coworkers if you want them to stay hydrated. This bottle is made of top-quality material and is leek-proof.

These infusion bottles made of titanium plastic are built to last forever.

It’s the best pick for female colleagues who are always conscious of their radiant skin and smart figure.

Bifold wallet

A leather wallet is a necessity for all men, and it can never go out of fashion no matter what. This handmade grain pebbled leather wallet is a miraculous display of fine craftsmanship.

Above all, this slim wallet is ideal for holding your colleague’s essential cards.

The minimalist design of this top-quality leather wallet along with tight-stitching makes it high durability.

Pen Holder with Clock

Is your coworker over conscious of time and keeping his things organized? Then this all-in-one multipurpose stylish holder is the best option for him.

Created out of stainless steel, this exquisite and keen finished holder will give his office desk a deco feel. It displays time, date, temperature with a large LCD display.

Its pop-out drawers have enough storage to keep his desk tidy. Above all, it is created thoughtfully with rubber pads at its bottom to hold it still in one place.

Blah Button

Looking for a way to annoy your most annoying colleague? Look no further than this Blah Button.

This funny and hilarious gift will give your coworker hard time and annoy the hell out of him. Gift it to your colleague who takes everything seriously.

With this toy’s 12 different humorous accents, he will surely take a chill pill.

No Touch Door Opener Tool

It is a must for everyone to have at least one colleague who is conscious of his hygiene to prevent dust.

This multi-functional non-slip metal door opener will relieve him of all his stress.

It comes with a keyring, so your friend can take it anywhere with ease.

By using this portable touchless tool one can open the car door, press the elevator button, ATM button. Above all, it has a built-in bottle opener.

Funny coffee mug

Finding a funny but sophisticated gift for your crazy coworker is really a big deal. Unbelievably, this ceramic coffee mug puts an end to all your worries.

If your friend is a coffee lover with a habit of making silly jokes, this printed cup will suit his personality.

This novelty drinkware will be an excellent addition to his office table featuring a sarcastic saying; “In my defense, I was left unsupervised.”

The large C-shaped handle fits seamlessly with this elegant mug.

Everything is Fine Paper Pad

A note pad with a positive statement written on its top will surely motivate and encourage your coworker, even in tough times.

This note pad will urge him to work hard to achieve his goals and soothe him at the same time. This notepad has 50 sheets of paper with a chipboard backing it.

Pen holder for desk

Add a spur of class to your coworker’s office desk by gifting him a handcrafted owl design pen holder.

Make his office time fun and relaxed with a spectacular pen holder which symbolizes a long and happy life. It is a dual holder which will work as a stationary organizer and a glasses holder too.

Handmade Card

Now with this affordable handmade card capture your coworkers’ heart by showing him that he matters to you.

You can even present him or her this special bamboo card on Valentine’s day or any other occasion.

This vibrant card has a blank space so you can even add a personal message for your coworker.

Every time your coworkers will walk by this beautifully crafted you gave them; they are sure to be reminded of you.

Wine glass

Everyone needs a splash of lively color in his life. So, why don’t you start with your colleague who loves wine?

Unlike other wine glasses, this energetic color wine glass with a lid will make your coworker go crazy.

With this stylish stainless steel glass, drink wine with style. Above all, this is both heat and cold-resistant, which makes it the first choice of wine lovers.

Jar of smiles

The office is a super boring place for everyone who works from 9 to 5.

Make this boring place joyful for your favorite colleague by placing a Jar of smiles on his work desk.

This jar comprises 31 cards with a range of humorous yet motivational quotations. This thoughtful gift will surely brighten your colleague’s mood.

Scented Candles

For someone who loves flower scents, this will make a lovely gift. This little gift box consists of a set of advanced scented soy candles.

This aromatherapy candle gift box is the ideal pick for female coworkers. These lightweight and multi-colored candles usually last for 30 hours.

Dove Promises

Make a chocolaty promise to your coworker of a long-lasting relation by getting him a box of dark and caramel chocolates.

The best feature of Dove chocolates is that all chocolate pieces are foil-wrapped, and each wrap has an inspiring message.

Pocket Makeup Mirror

For a female colleague, you can’t find a better farewell gift than a pocket mirror. Women cannot survive a day without a mirror so, get your partner one.

Engraved with affectionate letters, this mirror captures utmost attention. Being around 2-1/2 inches in diameter, it easily fits in handbags and even pockets.

Inspirational Bracelets

An inspirational bracelet is what your work bud needs to stay motivated at all times. The set of this 12-inspirational wristband is an ideal giveaway item for your colleagues.

The rubber material of these bracelets makes them robust. And every single bracelet carries a positive message with it.

Space heater

Extend some warmth to your coworker who eventually turns off the air-conditioning of the entire office just because he is feeling cold.

This affordable personal space heater will warm up your buddy. This ceramic heater draws only 2-amp electricity and turns on with a flip switch.

It is easy to use and takes up minimal space. No doubt it is an excellent gift to show warmth to your work, pal.

Pop-up Note Dispenser

Notes are an important part of all workplaces. You should give your colleague this unique and adorable cat dispenser note holder to light up his day.

Made of ABS material, this is a squared-shaped pop-up dispenser. This stylish note holder will blend in ideally with your work environment.

Cup Holder

Do you have a clumsy work pal who cannot keep himself from spilling tea, coffee, and all other drinks on his desk and cry afterward? Do him a favor by gifting him a cup holder.

This versatile cup holder will clip to the desk remarkably. It is highly reliable, and its ABS material doesn’t crack or break easily.

It can withstand any temperature and will ultimately keep your coworker from spilling drinks all over his notes.

Wall phone charger

Does your coworker often forget to charge her phone at home? Does he annoy you daily by borrowing your charger at work?

This wall phone charger is a solution to all your problems. Get him a personalized one to let him keep a track of his work timely.

Supported by a mini design, this charger is compatible with all USB ports and all android devices.

Stress Balls

Stress balls are the most wonderful gifts for colleagues to show them that you care about them.

This thoughtful gift will relieve your buddy from the office stress and tense environment.

Brighten up your colleague’s day with these cute, light-hearted balls. Above all, funny handpicked quotes are printed on the balls.

Armitron Sport Men’s watch

This classic watch is the best birthday gift ever for your colleague as the Armitron digital smartwatch nurtures the personality of the person who wears it.

It comes in black color with a metallic case, LCD display, and silicone strap with a buckle enclosure.

Furthermore, it is water-resistant which means it can withstand heavy downpour or excessive sweating in summer spells.

Mini Sandbox

Is your favorite work pal longing for a beach vacation? If he can’t go to the beach, bring the beach to him.

Get him this mini sandbox and make him cherish the peace and serenity that comes with it.

The sandbox includes a plastic tray, white sand, seashells, and many more mini-items that will give him a beach like sensation while sitting in the office.

Women’s Cozy Tartan Blanket Scarf

This exclusive tartan pashmina scarf will surely enhance the grace of your coworker’s outfit. It fits gracefully with all dresses which makes it an ideal companion for a winter wardrobe.

This oversized stall can be a scarf in the office and a wrap on the outside.

This stylish and fashionable wrap is lightweight and easy to carry around. Any fashionista will appreciate this charming acrylic scarf.

Pop-open cards

Make your coworker feel special and remind them how amazing they are. Present him with this thoughtful gift and uplift his spirits to brighten his day.

This colorful collection of gift cards is elegantly designed and is durable.

Quartz Gold Watch

Make your colleague’s birthday special by gifting her a stylish rose gold-tone watch.

This watch is designed with a sophisticated case and special plating and combined both features offer a classy look.

Your friend will fall in love with this trendy watch. Its stainless-steel straps with a fold-over clasp will wrap perfectly around her wrist.

Candle Holder

Wanna make your friend feel special? Present him this beautifully crafted candle holder. This holder is perfect for remembering your friends.

Its warm coloration will give a cozy look to your coworker’s house decor.

This comfort candle holder comes from a line of alluring, versatile, and attractive holders engraved with inspirational sayings.

Hand-Painted Keepsake Box

This keepsake box is the best farewell gift for your coworker with an enclosure card.

Put your emotions into a tangible form and communicate beyond words with this willow tree box.

This small painted box is well-known to enhance the beauty of houses with its exquisite and delicate design.

Paper mouse pad

Present your coworker with this amazing mouse pad to jot down important points with convenience.

Its plentiful paper version will help him keep track of his information-rich life.

This notepad mouse pad perks up the workday with brilliance. Make your colleague’s weekly grind fun with this cool office supply.

Silicone Rings Men

If your colleague is fond of accessories think about getting him this exclusive lightweight silicone ring.

Replace your pal’s old and weary ring with this trendy stylish ring. Surprise him with this ring on a very special occasion.

Its glossy look will fit well with your colleague’s lovely smile. Moreover, it will not even stretch with time.

Fidget cube

Does your colleague tap their feet all day long? Do you catch them playing with a pen at every meeting? This fun toy can help calm nerves.

This super satisfying fidget cube will thrill your colleague with its cool features.

He can carry it along with him in meetings by enabling silent mode to keep anxiety away without bothering others.

The extraordinary protective case of this cube makes it portable and durable.

Casio Women’s watch

For a coworker who is conscious about dressing formally for the office, a watch is an exemplary gift. Present her with a classic round dial Cassio watch.

Its plastic wrist band makes this versatile piece splash resistant. This stylish timepiece looks lovely because of its black resin band.

The water resistance feature of this watch makes it long-lasting, durable, and sturdy.

Women’s Wallet

Amaze your coworker with this multi-card case wallet. This wallet screams craftsmanship. It’s an elegant and functional wallet that comes with 18 card slots along with a snap buckle.

That means it allows its user to carry all personal essentials with ease.

Other than that, it is made of premium dustproof leather material and has an RFID blocking feature that can even keep personal information safe.

LED Clock Fan

A USB LED clock fan with a real-time display is what your coworker needs to get a refreshing breeze in summer.

Its PVC fan has soft blades and this tool is super compact and convenient to use.

It works by simply plugging it into any USB port and adjust its flexible neck to position cool breeze wherever you want. It can work efficiently for 4-5 continuous hours.

Makeup Bag Toiletry Pouch

If your colleague is fond of makeup, then this makeup pouch will be a classic gift for her.

Along with being portable and easy to carry, this polyester bag is waterproof and thus easy to wash.

It has a zip on the top so cosmetics won’t fall out of it. The pretty design and eye-catchy pattern make this toiletry pouch striking and attractive.

Body Shop Coconut Lip

By receiving this thoughtful gift your coworker will feel pampered with this kit including lip butter, hand cream, and nail finer.

Offices can get super dry sometimes that’s where this pretty gift box comes in. The cream and lip balm smell deliciously fruity.

The hand cream is also made of shea butter, which is the best moisturizing element of all.

DBlosp Kinetic Desk Toy

This aluminum toy is built specifically to keep people focused on their work.

This ball is known to tap into a person’s imagination, which helps to brainstorm innovative ideas during working hours.

A perfect gift for someone who faces mental block while working. The smooth surface and charismatic color of this globe will make a valuable addition to your colleague’s desk.

Stud Earrings

Zirconia stud earrings are classy wearable that blends in with all casual and formal attires. Made of sterling silver they have a lustrous and sparkling look that is long-lasting.

It comes with a decent box you won’t even have to wrap it in something else.

Wireless Earbud Headphones

Help your crazy colleague who is in love with music and can’t even work without listening to music with these wireless headphones.

When fully charged, your colleague can play music for up to 8 consequent hours.

It is universally compatible with all devices and comes with built-in buttons for controlling volume and changing songs.

Laptop Sleeve

Nowadays there is an immense demand for laptop sleeves in the market to protect laptop bodies against sudden bumps, dust, and scratches.

Get your colleague this multi-layer laptop sleeve which will protect his laptop in all cases.

This shockproof laptop bag is slim, lightweight, and easy to carry around. Besides this, the neoprene material of this zipped bag makes it water-resistant.

Solar Wind Chimes

A DIY coworker will love to get hands-on such a versatile gift. It is one of the niftiest and decorative gifts ever.

If hanging on a windowpane, this solar wind chime charges directly from the sun and lights up automatically at night.

No need for any wire installation or something like that. This decorative chime creates stunning scenery when it lightens up, with whom your coworker will fall in love.

Keyboard Protective Skin Cover

Is your coworker way too clumsy to spill drinks on his office desk?

Well, give him a waterproof keyboard protector which will act as insurance for an in-middle-of-making-presentation tea spill.

It is compatible with Mac book 13 and it is absolutely transparent, thin, and dustproof too.

Its flexible material ensures a quality typing experience and is washable and reusable.

White Piggy Desktop Vacuum

This desktop cleaner is a solid choice for your coworker who usually leaves residuals on his desk after lunch.

This may look like a desktop decoration, but it’s not. This portable desktop cleaner easily cleans dust, paper scraps, and crumbs from the office table and even the keyboard.

It requires an AA battery to function.

Backscratcher for Itching Relief

Help out your coworker in a fun way so he can avoid an awkward shimmy when he has got to get to that one irritable spot.

This stainless-steel backscratcher is adjustable because of its retractable arms. Above all, it is small enough to carry around easily and can even fit in a laptop bag.

Its rounded prongs scratch back leaving no scratch marks.

Multicolor Paper Clips

Don’t you think you should reward your coworker for the finest desk organization?

Gift him these cute animal-shaped paper clips which will resemble his well-organized desk.

These durable metal paper clips, which come in a set, will make your work bud smile whenever he will use these clips.

These animal clips come with a plastic box to store them.

GOLD Playing Cards

Well, if you and your coworkers cannot spare some time to play poker, then this deck of gold cards will let you feel that sensation during your lunchtime in the office.

Joke about playing poker with Benjamins till you can do that for real at your next poker night. All these cards have a 100-dollar bill on the back.

Metal Binder Clips

What’s the most important thing to keep a track of office notes?

Exactly, binder clips that can hold down paper notes tightly so you don’t have to worry about losing them.

Buy this pack of cute paper holding clips and distribute them to all your colleagues. These adorable and lovely binder clips are highly elastic and durable.

TEA Tea Infuser

This amazing gift idea is doable for you if your work buddy cannot survive a day in the office without drinking tea.

This mini tea strainer with an owl appearance is heat resistant and easy to clean. Your coworker will simply love this delicate gift.


Choosing a perfect yet inexpensive gift for your colleague can be a tough challenge. You don’t want to get him something offensive to your workplace or something too personal.

But it doesn’t mean you should stick with the typical and boring gift cards.

This extensive list of inexpensive yet cool gifts will surely help you out in picking out the ideal gift for your coworker.