Gift ideas under $50

Is it too hard for you to select among a huge list of multiple attractive gift items? Or find the ones you select out of your range?

Well, cheer up as there are still many options that you can go for presenting your loved ones with. Wasting too much money can’t always help you buy a great gift.

In fact, an ordinary gift if smartly selected can worth more than the most precious ones.

Stop scrolling the bars up and down as we are presenting a complete range of gift items light on your pocket and heavy in impression they put.

So get amazed with all you can buy for multiple occasions with these cool under $50 gift ideas.

6 Port Multi-Device Charging Panel

Can you imagine your life without handheld devices like Smartphones, tablets, iPads, and all? Of course not.

Each of these devices requires different charging cables and it gets too tangly to carry their charging cables along.

But not anymore with this 6-port multiple device charging panel suitable for charging 6 different devices at a time.

Can be gifted to restaurants, schools, hotels, and business holders.

La Reveuse Personal Size Smoothie Blender

Thinking of a unique gift for some health freak who can’t stick to a diet plan due to extensive traveling?

Presenting this portable personal-size smoothie blender will never let them skip their favorite recipe even on the go.

Can also be a thoughtful gift for new moms to prepare all sort of vegetable and fruit blend for healthy baby food.

AERIES Knee Pillow for Side sleepers

Morning pains are a common complaint nowadays by people of all ages.

For a friend who has tried everything but can’t get rid of those sore joints, these memory foam pillow aids can work like magic.

Presenting this gift will let them sleep in perfect postures to wake up with the most relaxed body. Also helpful in recovering after surgery, pregnancy, and sciatica pain.

Crave Box Care Package Snacks Food Box

Can you think of anything better than a gift of food for your loved ones?

Lollies for kids, snacks for mummy and daddy, and soft baked bars for grandpa and granny make this basket a complete family gift for any celebration.

Presenting this basket will make the receiver overwhelmed too.

COSSINI Premium Business Portfolio

Make a checklist to remember all you have to carry for any business affair or meeting.

Or else buy this super meticulous leather portfolio to hold all your stationary, cards, documents and even calculator together.

Presenting this gift to struggling fellow will also help creating a better impression on the interviewer.

Indoor/Outdoor Plant Rack Shelf

Looking for a gift for the plant lover in your life? Consider this plant rack most suitable for indoor planting.

The 5-tier design can hold multiple small and large plant pots which makes it a unique blend of beauty and durability.

Its vertical design covers less area creates more space for plants and makes the arrangements displayable.

Play and Sip Hoop Mug

Are you always told not to play with your food? No matter how obedient you were, this hoop mug will not let you abide by the rule anymore.

Perfect to be gifted to sports-loving people to let them toss marshmallow and chocolate toppings into a mug of hot milk or cocoa.

The extra-large size also makes it favorable for cereals and ice-cream.

Sergreto Creative Plant Pot

Plant pots can never go out of fashion. Why not add a pinch of creativity to take this gift idea to next level.

These cute table pots having small figurines of frogs, bears, cats, hedgehogs, and certain carvings inside are too beautiful to decorate any place you want to.

Slow water seepage and spill-proof design make them even suitable for dining tables, bookshelves, and study tables.

Hot Neck Warming Pillow

Whether it’s migraine, headaches, neck or shoulder pain these herbal neck wraps can wipe them out with just a simple put.

These wraps are also made microwave safe to conduct warming therapy for quick pain relief. Filled with a blend of 12 herbs this pillow can be a very relaxing gift for aromatherapy as well.

Pizza Socks in Pizza Box

Are you looking for a gift for someone who loves pizza? Invented from scratch to satisfy the cravings of pizza lovers these pizza socks can be a tempting gift for them.

None of the pizza pies in the world are going to last as long as these Pizza Pepperoni socks are.

The packaging will not let the receiver guess what’s inside the box creating a throughout element of surprise.

Massa Multi-Accessories Desk Organiser

Running out of space on a side table or desk is not an issue with this multi-accessory organizer.

A drawer below the main shelf creates extra space for those who always complain about managing things or their working desk.

Makes the workstation clutter-free and organized like no other desk organizer can.

Graphic Designing Tablet and Pen

Sticking to the keyboard hampers your creativity? Give it a flare with these graphic designing Tablet and Pen.

Awesome gift idea for online teaching and learning, designers at the beginner level, sketching, and artworks.

Its compatibility with Windows, Mac, and even Android provides you the comfort to work the way you want.

CleverMade Collapsible Cooler Bag

Cant enjoy your favorite cold drink at an outdoor picnic party? Why suffer if you can get super chilled drinks just like the one you get out of your refrigerator with these CleverMade Cooler Bags.

The bag comes in a leakproof and collapsible design to occupy the least place when not in use.

DIY Art and Craft Kit for IQ Building

Don’t let your kids surrounded by technology rather help them shape their inside creativity with this cool DIY Art and Craft kit.

This kit will let them wander in the world of imagination which they can craft into reality. And it’s so tempting that even you cannot resist playing with it.

Wrap Organiser for Multipurpose Storage

Find it hard to keep all your papers, wraps, and folding in shape? Not anymore with these wrap organizers designed to keep paper sheets crisp and dent-free.

The use of cardboard makes the structure sturdy to hold all your documents, maps, and papers in shape while the polyester body makes it resist moisture and other weather conditions.

Laxetique Spa Gift Basket

Can’t afford a gift of the spa for your friend or lover at some famous saloon? Bring the same treatment to her doorstep with this Laxetique Spa Gift Basket.

Loaded with Bath Bombs, essence oils, vitamins, and skin-nourishing products this gift is a pampering that she deserves and you can afford.

Flexible Laptop Stand for Couch

Find setting up an office in your bed the most relaxing thing? Well, it’s not ergonomically safe for you.

Using a laptop or working endlessly on these adjustable stands will never put a strain on any of your body parts.

Can be customized as per body postures for ultimate support to your body. A thoughtful gift for everyone and anyone in a current pandemic.

Indoor Herbs Growing Kit

Have you ever experienced the joy of cooking food in your home-grown herbs? If not yet try this 34-piece kit that contains all you need to grow 9 different herbs indoors.

Can be an appreciated gift for all kitchen garden lover.

Smoke House Grilling Spice Set

How many spices do you use in seasoning your BBQs? Not much? The reason you can’t get professional touch into your steaks even after trying too hard.

This unique set of 20 different rubs will let you season your Steaks and BBQs in the most professional way. It’s a cool gift for professional as well as frequent party organizers.

Duoni Sleep Sound Machine

Some sounds are too calming that they can let you meditate or even fall asleep.

Duoni Sleep machine is a sleeping therapy with around 24 such relaxing sounds from nature that can help the most restless fellow relaxed enough to fall asleep.

Equally effective for both kids and adults.

3D Wooden Brain Teaser Puzzle

For all those who find no fun in boring games, this brain-building wood teaser puzzle can be a meaningful gift.

It might look easy but putting all these T-shaped wooden blocks together might engage you for hours and hours.

It’s a problem-solving fun activity for creative and questioning minds.

VIKTOR JURGEN Handheld Massager

Don’t rush while buying a massager as some affordable ones can be the most dodging ones too. Yet this VIKTOR JURGEN hand massager is a unique blend of affordability and comfort.

Featured with three different detachable heads this gadget is perfect to massage the back, neck, arms, legs, or any part of your body.

Scuddles Garden Tool Set

Outdoor gardening was never as easy as scuddles Garden toolset has made it. The package includes various gardening tools along with organizers to make this skill look more like artwork.

The beautiful tote bag along with the tools even if not used for gardening can ornament anyplace its kept. It’s a dream gift for all plant growers.

Cool Gadget Stocking Stuffer

Tired of the boring mugs and cute stuff and want to try something different? What about presenting your dad, brother, husband, or boyfriend with this super cool gadget?

It’s a complete toolbox that can fit in a pocket featured with a hammer, screwdriver, bottle opener, cutter, saw, and what not.

Mr and Mrs Apron for Happy Cooking

Whoever designed this package must be having the idea of “Couples that cook together stay together” in mind. Can be a beautiful gift for weddings, anniversaries, and valentines.

Don’t let your mind stary if you are looking for the most interesting gift for a newly married couple as it is exactly what you want.

Unisex 3-D Galaxy Printed Hoodie

Looking for a gift for someone who finds funky stuff much attractive? Presenting this unisex galaxy hoodie would be a unique addition to their collection.

Available in three sizes and multiple designs each showing a blend of various eye-catching colors.

Newton Cradle Desktop Accessories

Impress everyone with this Newton’s cradle magnetic Balls gift that is too mesmerizing to watch.

Comes with a wide range of application and can be used for decoration, playing and even as a tool to balance psychology.

It could also be an educational gift for Science students and teachers.

Novelty Folding Book Lamp

They say books light up your mind but these book lamps are designed to light up the surroundings also.

The book papers are made tear-proof and water-resistant to ensure the long life of the lamp.

This USB chargeable Book lamp is also featured with a unique Magnetic design to rotate the book in 360 degrees.

Flever Dollhouse Miniature House Kit

You cant buy a house for your loved ones but can convey your sentiments with these cute miniaturized House Kit.

The package includes all the miniature accessories required to decorate a living area. So this gift will let them assemble their home and decorate it the way they want to.

Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner

Do you have someone around you who loves their car more than anything? For all those car lovers this vacuum cleaner can be a gift for any reason or even without reason.

The kit comprises multiple nozzles, brushes, vacuum pump and small fitting that too at such a low price.

26-Pieces Grilling Tool Set

Making a perfect grill is an art and if you want to be an artist acquire the right tools to make things happen.

This grill set having 26-pieces will take your grilling experience to a whole new level.

These tools are also easy to clean so don’t bother much about after-grilling mess.

Heat Wraps for Instant Pain Relief

Backaches once were a matter of age but now due to extensive workloads, anxieties, and wrong sitting postures, they are as common as cold.

These heating wraps are designed to cover the whole back to heal every muscle and to provide uniform blood circulation.

The wraps come in wearable form having a temperature control attached for setting a timer and varying between three heating levels.

Hydra Marked Water Bottle

Drinking 8 glasses of water is a must to stay healthy but how many of us make it happen?

Thus this cute and stylish bottle is designed and marked with an intuitive timer to tell you when to take your next sip.

The leakproof zero condensing material makes this bottle even a more impressive gift.

Tea Forte Assorted Variety Tea Box

Tea lovers are found around the globe which is why it’s undergoing a never-ending evolution process.

This assorted tea box can be a very delightful gift for such tea lover who keeps on experimenting with different flavors.

This package contains 10 pyramid-shaped tea bag infusers having differently flavored teas.

Food Blankets and Bed Quilts

Is there a foodie in your surrounding who eats until he/she stays awake? Presenting them with these food Blankets, fleece and quilts will let them eat even in their dreams.

Any gift of food bought for them will not last as long as these food blankets will.

You can get these blankets customized with a large variety of food items including Donuts, Burritos, Pizzas and much more.

Snowflake Decorative Hanging

This strig art snowflake carved on a wood log looks simple but decorates every wall or tabletop you put it onto.

The snowflake artwork makes this keepsake a cool gift for any winter season and Christmas celebrations.

Vinetto Wine Lover Gift Set

Whether it’s opening a wine bottle, pouring it into your glass or preserving the taste till the last sip this Vinetto wine accessory set got a tool for everything to improve your experience.

The lasting organizer box also maintains the shape of these accessories to last longer.

Bamboo Cutting Board and Cooking Set

Being not a good cook doesn’t mean you haven’t ever stepped into your kitchen.

For all the new cooks who are still in the learning phase, this Bamboo cutting Board with a cooking set can be a motivational gift.

This professional set can also be presented at weddings, retirements, and even mother’s day.

A Photo Frame for Grandparents

Looking for a gift for a new grandparent? Let them celebrate the upgradation with these cute wall hanging frames customized with picture of a new entry to the family.

The addition of adorable handmade art string work makes this hanging even more beautiful.

Silk Pillowcase for Hair and Skin

Little things make big difference and these pillowcases are the little things with multiple hidden benefits.

The 6a grade silk produces minimal friction, helps induce sleep, and prevents your skin from drying.

Getting a one-time experience with these pillowcases will never let you go back to ordinary ones.

Personalized Wall Mounted Key Holder

These vintage personalized Keyholders can be the best gift for forgetful ones who search their whose house after every while looking for a key to some lock.

Engraved with a welcome message and family name these cute holds hanging near the entrance will not let you pass by without putting keys in place.

Personalized Coasters for Drinks

Whether it’s a house-warming party or wedding these personalized coasters can be a very meaningful gift.

No bulk production as each set is made one of its type customized on individual request.

These coasters can be personalized with the couple’s name and some special date to be celebrated for a lifetime.

ToyVelt Kids Camping Set

Not possible for you to hang out with your kids during the current pandemic? Make your home a fun outdoor activity site for kids with these affordable full gear camping set.

If your kids love to explore, this kit will gear their quest and prepare them for real-life camping experiences.

Marrado Smart Bedside lamp

Upgrade every dinner to a candlelight one with these smart cordless lights.

To further enhance the romance in the air these lamps are provided with a Bluetooth speaker, touch dimming, and color-changing LED mode light.

Besides features, you will be most amazed by the affordability that this romantic gift offers.

Inflatable Tanning Pool Tub

To enjoy being in the pool you don’t have to be a swimmer if you got this inflatable tanning pool tub.

This heavy-duty relaxing tub is also featured with a removable headrest for a pleasurable experience on a bright sunny day.

Also provided with a hand around grab rope to enter and exit the tub.

Barnetts Holiday Gift Basket

Dipped into your love and topped with your affection any celebration can be doubled with these hand-made cookies.

This beautiful cookie box contains 20 sandwich cookies carefully selected to be coated in the most popular dipping and toppings.

Men’s Grooming Beard Kit

Do you know what it takes to grow a perfect beard for a macho look? Well, there is no need to select each item individually.

This men’s grooming kit includes everything required to grow and maintain the perfect beard look for men. It’s a complete gift set for all beardy guys out there.

Handbag Set for Fashionable women

Carrying a bag makes ladies feel like a soldier who is equipped with all the weapons required to fight at borders.

For all such organized ladies out there, this set of three bags can be a very fashionable gift. You can also find the package available in a huge range of differently colored designs.

Esky RF Items Locator

Looking for a lost thing is too tiring and draining. What if everything starts telling where it is? This Esky RF locator can work like magic to find lost things for you.

You can attach its small receivers with your keys, remotes, accessories, valuables, and even pets.

Just a press of a button will make them beep loud enough to be heard through walls, cushions, and doors.

Woodies Polarised Glasses for Men and Women

These unisex anti-reflective glasses would look fashionable equally on both men and women. A look at it would not let you guess how affordable they are.

The use of walnut wood makes these sunglasses weigh half than the normal ones and last much longer.

KODAK Digital Printomatic Camera

Find more pleasure in watching old family albums than capturing a photo and sending it to your friend?

Make every photo that you clip a part of your album with this cool printable digital camera. This easy-to-operate gadget makes photography much more fun.

Teabloom Glass Teapot

Blooming tea is much in trend currently but loses its charm if not served in a proper pot. This teapot is designed uniquely to be both strong and lightweight at the same time.

Crafted with high-quality heat-resistant glass which makes it stovetop safe and microwaveable. This gift would be a masterpiece right from the stock of worldwide tea business suppliers.

Home Gym Resistance Trainer

Do you know someone who regularly wastes money on gym membership but fails to follow the fitness routine? This all-in-one resistance band kit can be a very helpful gift for such busy fellows.

It’s a portable gym with zero installation that you can carry anywhere. So no more excuses to stay fit.

Heavy Duty Organiser

Why your kitchen stays messy whether you cook or not? One big reason could be that you are missing the right type of organizers needed to put things in place.

This 5-tier smart and heavy-duty vertical pan organizer can be a thoughtful gift for all those who fail to manage their kitchen accessories badly.

Laugh and Learn Smart Toddler Chair

A look at this interactive toddler chair will let you think it’s out of your affordability. But don’t make guesses as it is one of the most affordable and worthy gifts you can buy for a toddler.

Featured with inbuilt music, push-button sounds, and certain educational tools this chair enhances the learning abilities of a kid.

Covered Makeup Accessory Holder

If you are not a frequent makeup user don’t let your accessories get wasted. Rather organize them into this cute and stylish accessory holder to last long.

This covered organizer also protects them from dust and wear and tear. The clear acrylic appearance will also provide easy access to accessories.

Coccyx Memory Foam Cushion

Sitting for a long time on some office chair makes you uncomfortable or even causes pain? Make your sitting comfortable with these Memory foam cushions.

They divide your weight throughout the chair putting the least pressure on lumber, spine, and tail bone. Can be a helpful gift for people with desk jobs.

Premium Road Kit for Emergency

Have a friend who loves road trips? What about presenting them with the emergency kit to deal with any unforeseen situation on the go.

This premium Kit might look expensive but it’s not rather you will find it a most affordable thing that can be gifted to your friend to ensure their safety.

Wooden Recipe Card Box

Share your secret family recipes with your loved ones or let them preserve their favorite ones with this cute recipe box.

It is provided with six wooded dividers to segregate all the soups, main course, and dessert recipes.

An Todder Weighted Blanket

Blankets are meant to help you stay warm is that all? Well, this one is designed to do something more than that.

The weighted blanket is perfect for kids and adults who fall asleep faster if hugged. The use of fiber blend and glass beads makes this blanket weighted yet breathable.

Luxury Bath-Tub Tray

Small things can add big luxuries to your lifestyle. One fair treat would be a “me time” perfect bath that got candles, flowers, and wine.

These bathtub trays would be an addition to this luxury to further enhance your experience.

Provided with adjustable arms to fit any bathtub size this caddy tray can hold all your bathing accessories, drinks, and even handheld devices.

Merry Chubby Blob Seal Pillow

Whether you like seals or not you cannot resist loving these Blob seal plush pillows. The soft and skin-friendly touch makes you feel like hugging a cotton candy fluff.

It will surely replace your nap/hugging pillow or favorite plush toy.

Portable Espresso Coffee Machine

Good News for all the coffee lovers!! Now you can sip your favorite coffee anywhere and anytime.

Adding boiling water and coffee to this machine you can get up to 50 ml standard espresso at home, in the office, or on the go.

Appreciated by all the users this portable coffee maker can be a useful gift for hiking, traveling, and outdoor activities.

Food Warmer Lunch Box

It might look like an ordinary lunch box but a simple attachment can make it self-heating food warmer.

So no more fast food to avoid health issues just connect the Lunch box to a USB charger at your workplace, in the car, or anywhere and enjoy homemade fresh food everywhere.

Kelvin Colour Changing Nursery Lights

Changing weather usually puzzles our mind and body and we cant differentiate between rise and fall of temperature. Which is the time you need Kelvin the most.

It’s a cool gadget to monitor room temperature and humidity and indicates any change in them by changing it’s color.

Can be a helpful gift for new parents and those whom weather changes affect badly.

Window Outside Birdhouse and Feeder

Whether you are trying to engage your lazy cat or finding ways to calm your child’s curiosity these outside birdhouses can be a thoughtful activity for them.

Enjoy keeping bird pets without letting them inside your house. These birdhouses are too easy to clean and can be installed outside your window with large suction pumps.

Luxury Aromatherapy Scented Candles

If you can’t afford a luxurious and expensive scent for some fragrance lover you don’t have to. Rather gift them these Aromatherapy scented candles having 50 hours burning time.

This eco-friendly candle made of natural Soy wax and housed in an elegant jar are perfect gifts for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries or any such celebrations.

On-Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphone

Say bye-bye to messy chords and stream music wirelessly with these Bluetooth-supported Headphones to dance on your favorite beats.

Having 16 hours battery life with two hours high speed charging it can be a thoughtful gift for all music lovers to enjoy music throughout the day.

Elbow Icepack and compression for Sports Lovers

Looking for a gift for sports lovers who get injured very often? Consider presenting this elbow icepack as a blessing in muscle injury.

No additional padding or filling needed just put the icepack in the freezer and wrap around injured or swollen muscles to get relief from pain.

It also provides 360-degree coverage around the joint for a faster recovery.

Sweet Li’l Dollhouse Figurine

Who said dolls are just for kids? These cute figurine dolls are designed with super durable material to sustain rough play and to have years of shelf life as a cool keepsake.

Available in different sizes these figurines perfectly symbolize a complete family having varying size grandpa, grandma parents, and kids.

4-Port Multipurpose Power Bank

Running out of charging while traveling is no more an issue having this multipurpose power-bank with you.

Its portable charger with powerful COB Flashlight making it a cool gadget for tourism, camping, outdoor activities, and in emergency situations.

Urinal Screen Deodorizer

Can’t breathe after entering your friend’s restroom due to a foul odor? Let’s present them with these urinals deodorizers.

Engineered to release twice the amount of active ingredient as others do making restroom smell fresh and stay fragrant.

The package includes 10 such deodorizers where each lasts for more than 5000 flushes.

Wanbasion Titanium Plated Knife Set

Whether it’s cutting a fruit, chopping vegetables or even meat do that effortlessly with these grinding technology knife set.

The blade is not painted black but it’s dark due to the use of Black titanium to make them rustproof, bend and scratch-free even after long use.

Rockland Fashion Upright Luggage Set

If you want to gift a frequent traveler this 2-piece traveling set can be a very stunning gift.

Whether the trip is a day-long, week or month these spacious and heavy-duty traveling set is spacious enough to fit all their luggage.

Available in various cool, funky, elegant, and fashionable designs to choose from that too at such a reasonable price.

Mockins 2-Pcs Inflatable Lounger

Find your lounger the most comfortable thing to sit and relax upon? Yet you cant carry them everywhere right? Wrong.

Just pack your traveling bag inflate these loungers and carry them everywhere. You also don’t need a pump to fill them just whisk through the air, roll the edge, buckle and enjoy.

Can be presented to a couple who loves traveling.


Selecting the right gift for someone is an art and once you master it you don’t need to buy much expensive ones to impress the receiver.

A smart selection along with a pinch of creativity can make any gift look amazing. These gift ideas will help you explore various other relatable products that are in your budget too.

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