Gift ideas for your crush’s birthday

Your crush is a unique, charming, attractive, and elegant person whom you hold dear to your heart. You come to know from someone that his/her birthday is coming very soon. Now, you might start inducing anxiety that whether you should give a birthday present? Is it right to do so? If so, what should be the special token of love?

If you are out of ideas and are panicking, calm down as we bring you a perfectly curated assortment of amazing gift ideas for your crush’s birthday that will strengthen your relationship with her and enable his/her cheeks to go up. Keep on scrolling and you will find the perfect present that will make sure you have your first date with them!

BTYSUN bracelets for women

A one-of-a-kind birthday gift for your beautiful, secret crush; this extremely elegant bracelet is adjustable and will easily fit on her alluring wrist. She will never reject the gift or panic while receiving it as it will give inspiration and motivation to do wonderful things in her life.

Hatch Restore alarm clock

If you are brave enough, give this clock to your crush with a pickup note “Seeing me in dreams?” Or you can play safe with a cute note “Good night, have beautiful dreams”. This is not just a simple and ordinary alarm clock. It is a complete gadget that has guided meditations and the option of listening to your favorite music.

Slide in the DMs game

A game that will let you be more frank with your crush. Not for the nervous ones as things can get a little spicy in this gift. Don’t be shy to say all the catchy things through this game that you always wanted to say. You have to impress the judge to win the game. The game has various exciting and funny play cards.

Ferrero Rocher chocolate box

Give your crush this chocolate box as it is a safe gift and will ensure he doesn’t freak out. He will surely feel special while receiving this gift. The chocolate box consists of 24 coconut candies and Ferrero Rocher chocolates that are finger-licking delicious. You can play safe with this gift as it is perfect for his special occasion.

Knock Knock What I Love Journal

Who needs a love letter to express their feelings when you have the Knock Knock journal? This fill-in-the-blank book is specially made for those who know each other for quite some time. Share what you like about each other and pack it with lovely things that you admire about your crush. Once filled, you will love to read the book habitually so go on and grab one.

Crush T-Shirt

Get your crush the T-shirt that has his/her “name” on it. The shirt is made up of pure cotton and polyester and is very comfy to wear. Your crush will love to combine it with nice blue jeans or black tights. Be careful, this one is for the ones who have no fear in revealing their crush.

Five Minute Journal

Reading this journal will allow your crush to feel more grateful that you are a part of their life. Plus, being grateful is an awesome thing as it improves your mental health and overall mood. Imagine reading the Five Minute Journal and having breakfast on a bright sunny day-The perfect start to their day.

Heart Shaped Umbrella

You can now enjoy dancing on rainy days with your crush under a heart-shaped, enchanting red umbrella. It is strong yet lightweight, having a 16-spoke frame, and can withstand the strongest winds. Its material is of high strength, so you can use it as your shield in summers and your travel partner on rainy or stormy days.

Bracelet Jewelry

Your crush still has no idea what kind of feelings you have for them. So, why don’t you just tell them in the form of a code? That is what this bracelet is for. These elegant handmade bracelets have morse code present on them for different sentences. So, you can say “I love you” in a coded form by giving this bracelet. Give them some time, they will definitely decode it.

Mint Crushed Candies

Instead of giving them these candies as a whole, crush them and then give the candies to them as you have been crushing on them hard for a long time. These yummilicious candies are a fine substitute for their ordinary snacks in the evening or whenever they feel hungry. This pre-crushed candy pack saves you the time of crushing the candies and putting them in a packet.

Fanny Pack

An awesome fanny pack to keep your crush smart, healthy, active, and fit. They can carry all of their essentials with themselves while jogging, walking, running, hiking or trekking. The fanny pack is lightweight, easy to carry, waterproof, and has great strength. It can flawlessly fit in anyone’s waist, so you don’t have to worry about the size.

Isaac Jacobs Neon Love Light

When you can’t speak about it, objects will. This gift is for people who want to go all-in; just tell them what they mean for you with this wall decor gift. It is a catchy and exquisite gift that will completely change the look of their walls. This piece of decor will give a new life to their dull and boring walls.

Lemon Lip Balm

Give this present to your crush with a note that says “I love lemon juice, and would like to taste some on your lips”. She will either accept your gift or reject it, but the chances of rejection are very low. If she accepts, great, and if she refuses to take it, well, you can use it for your own lips; A win-win situation.

42 in 1 Nail Paint Kit

A professional nail kit for enabling your crush to take care of her nails. It includes everything she needs to shape her nails better and improve their health and look. She can also practice nail art using this kit as it has vibrant nail colors and other nail art accessories. You will be stunned by her nail art and painting skills.

Heart Coffee Mug

You love your crush or at least feel something special about them, right? So why don’t you give your heart to your crush by giving a heart mug to them? Handmade from high-quality clay, this mug has a bright white color and mesmerizing patterns that will make your crush fall in love with this mug (and you too). Next time whenever they have their coffee, they will remember you.

Dog Mobile Stand

Say goodbye to loneliness as your crush’s new best friend is here. The dog on the mobile stand looks so realistic that they will begin gossiping with it whenever they feel bored. Its charming design and decent looks make it a brilliant gift idea for your crush.

Spa Bath Bomb Gift

Looking to really surprise her? Give her this Spa Bath Bomb and see the amazing reaction on her face. No need to go to a professional spa as she can have a soothing and calm spa in the comfort of her own home thanks to this thoughtful gift. After taking her bath, she will be refreshed, energetic, and ready to rock in another day.

ProCase Jewelry Box

For the one who cannot keep her stuff at a place, this jewelry box is made to help your crush in staying organized by keeping her essentials stored in a chic jewelry storage box. No more time-wasting in search of your favorite earring at the rush hour in the morning, she can easily find it in her new jewelry box.

Inspirational Bracelet

Inspire your crush to do marvelous things in her life with this amazing gift. This inspirational bracelet will look so beautiful on her wrist. It is made using top-quality material, is lightweight, and comfortably adjustable. She can wear it with any of her favorite outfits.

Vintage Journal

A thoughtful present idea for a thoughtful person, the journal will prove to be useful for organizing her random thoughts which if not written, could have just vanished. It is a brilliant leather journal in which she can write what she thinks, how her day was, what she dreamt of, and more. Its appealing cover and the pretty little charm joined with the impressive tie straps give a good-looking finishing touch to this writing journal.

3D Funny Eye Mask

Unique, comfortable, and funny, this humorous gift is for the crushes out there who have a touch of funniness in their personalities. The 3D eye mask is very soft on the eyes and efficiently blocks light and hence, allows the user to sleep for some more time. You can carry it, on a trip to Europe, in your backpack

Queen Crown

Your crush is your queen and deserves the best. Give her this queen crown, crown her royalty, and show the world who your queen is. The crown is made up of a premium quality material that will last long. Bring out the hidden royalty of your crush and make her feel like the queen of this world.

Deadpool Mug

Hello there, I’m Deadpool-This super awesome gift is best to amaze your crush. While drinking tea or any other beverage in this mug, he will imagine saving the world from bad people. The mug is highly detailed, made up of pure ceramic, and is lightweight. Honestly, you cannot find any gift better than this one for your male crush.

Thug Life Glasses

Is your crush a meme lover? If that is the case, they must have seen viral thug life memes on Facebook or Youtube. Now, they can have their own thug life glasses and add it to their attitude. Go to a party or a gathering wearing these glasses with confidence and see how everyone turns their necks towards you.

King Crown

Let your crush live his dream and become a real-life king. He will rule the roost with this stunning king crown. It is made with shiny rhinestone crystals in gold-plated settings to give it a royal look. Facilitate your crush on his special day with this crown and bring a big smile to his face.

Panda Stuffed Toy

Does your crush love pandas? Have you imagined how happy they will be while having a panda stuffed toy? Gift this cute panda toy and brighten their room making it more lively and adorable. The toy is super soft, cute, and made up of cuddly plush materials. This toy will not only be your crush’s new partner in crime but also give their room a totally new look.

Elder Wand

This immensely exciting gift is for the Potterhead in your life who is a huge fan of Harry Potter-themed products. This wand gift has an elder wand that will let them practice casting some spells in real life. The gift set also has Harry Potter characters and details of the wands they use in the movie.

Tyrion Lannister Action Figure

A realistic action figure of Tyrion Lannister from your crush’s favorite season, Game of Thrones. It has so many details that it will make them feel that Tyrion Lannister lives with them in their home. It will work for your crush as he works for the queen in GOT.

Wine Glasses

These premium red wine glasses will make your first date a very special one if you are able to score it. These diamond-shaped wine glasses are the showstoppers of every other ordinary wine glass out there. The wider bottom of the glasses makes them appear fancy and stylish. Plus, they are made with source material that are relatively more chic and durable.

Personalized Birthday Necklace

This personalized birthday necklace with two name charms and two birthstones (one yours and one of your crush) would make an ideal personalized gift for your crush on their birthday. You can select your and their favorite birthstones from the 12 options available for each month. The necklace is made from copper or 925 sterling silver.

Ultra Soft Lounger

Here is an option that she chose as her Hallmark and chill dress. The intensely soft and extremely charming lounger is a cross between a hooded sweatshirt, bathrobe, and blanket. The outfit is the best choice for her lazy Sundays or any other day off from work.

Cat Shaped Measuring Spoons

For your baking and cat lover crush, give this novelty, ceramic gift as a thoughtful gesture. These cute measuring spoons will help cook some delicious dishes having the right taste. The spoon set comes with an adorable ribbon for decorative hanging and effortless handling. Such decorations are the perfect addition to a cozy home space.

Ring Toss Game

Your crush can hang this gift in the lawn or backyard and play with his friends or family during the whole summer season. And when the winter season approaches, he can move this outdoor game inside the home to continue having enjoyment with the others. You can join him for a game or two as well.

Ship in a Bottle Legos

This building gift set is for someone’s crush having lofty aspirations of becoming top-notch model-building hobbyists or seafaring captains of cruise ships. But no one has so much free time for that. Hence the old school legos. The lego has 962 pieces and is an enjoyable game for everyone.

Temperature Controlled Mug

This temperature-regulating coffee mug will make every single cup of your crush’s morning coffee stay steaming hot for more than one hour and a half. Because only a sadist would like to drink cold coffee sludge. Available in black and white color, this mug has a sleek design and is a great addition to their kitchen arsenal. The mug is also great if your crush often gets so indulged in their tasks and forget about drinking their hot coffee.


Crushing is tough and gifting for your crush is even tougher. If you are willing to get a little bit creative or show some bravery and words escape you, you can go through our carefully selected substitutes to profess yourself with text messages or talk to that special person who infatuates you all the time.

We have offered you an awesome collection of gift ideas that will simply say “You are the love of my life.” So, see all the available options, pick one and give a lovely present to that lovely person in your life and share how you really feel for him/her. Good luck with your confession!

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