Gift Ideas for Women in Their 30s

Women, by nature, are pickier about their possessions as compared to men because they chose every item for themselves after extensive deliberation.

Thus when looking for a gift, for a woman over thirty, it is essential to choose an article that is classy, high quality, and stylish.

But most important of all, it should be of great use in her everyday life.

We have compiled a list of potential presents, which are bound to be successful.

Insulated Pour-over Coffee Maker

Who wouldn’t want a warm and fresh cup of coffee at home right after work? An insulated coffee maker is highly recommended as it can keep coffee hot for up to twelve hours.

The double Vacuum stainless steel coffee maker is portable and lightweight and it is perfect for outdoor activities such as camping.

Handmade Chunky Knit Blanket

A beautiful throw blanket can never go out of style as it gives a comfy and warm look to the room.

Place it in the lounge on a love seat, or the sofa in front of the fire, or in the bedroom atop the quilt. It will look great anywhere.

Just curl up in it with your favorite hot drink and read your favorite book.

Cast Iron Covered Dutch oven

A high-quality multipurpose pot is the requirement of every kitchen.

This cast iron-covered cooking utensil will take place of many pots as various cooking functions can be performed in it ranging from baking and roasting to boiling and braising.

In short, it can become any cook’s most favorite pot.

Stackable Coffee Mugs

No kitchen can have enough mugs, especially medium-sized coffee mugs. This set of six mugs with colorful handles are easy to store in any cabinet and made with high-grade glass.

Furthermore, they are also microwaveable. Besides coffee drinks like green tea can also be served in them.

Botanical Soap Making Kit

Soap making is a fun activity that is extremely rewarding. A DIY soap-making kit is perfect for women who want soaps without any harsh chemicals in them.

This kit allows the user to mix in various fragrances and come up with a new one.

Napkin Rings

Napkin rings make a dining table look organized and classy. For ladies who take extra care in the presentation of their dining tables, ornamental napkin rings are a great present.

The set of six golden rings are adorned with champagne-colored beads that would look great on napkins of any color.

Victorinox Swiss Army Knife

It may sound out of the ordinary but every woman should own a pocket knife. Swiss army knives are known for their quality.

Not only are they a great tool in the time of danger, but they can also help in everyday chores such as opening lids or cutting tapes.

This knife has a pair of scissors and a nail file as well.

Fitbit Inspire 2 – Fitness Tracker

For someone looking to improve their health and physique, a top-of-the-range fitness tracker can be of great aid.

It tracks the daily activity level of a user by measuring the number of steps taken. It has a sleep tracker that lets you analyze your sleep quality and a heart rate monitor as well.

Furthermore, the user can get notifications about calls and messages from their phone as well.

Touch Sensor Bedside Lamp

Time to replace boring old bedside lamp with a LED lamp that has multi-light settings.

The LED lamp gives out light in various colors and has three light modes that are soft, moderate, and Bright. Thus it can be used as a night light and a reading lamp both.

George Foreman Panini Press

Panini Sandwiches are the ultimate comfort food that no one can say no to. They are easy to make and extremely delicious.

This Panini press in black can easily make four sandwiches in one go. The grill plate is removable so it is easy to clean (dishwasher safe) and use again.

Besides sandwiches, it can also be used to grill other food items such as chicken.

Wooden Kitchen Utensils Set

As compared to steel or non-stick cooking utensils, wooden utensils are way better. They are durable, don’t damage the pots, and are eco-friendly.

This eleven-piece set is made from teak wood and designed to suit the needs of every cook. All the components are polished and classy to look at. The set comes with a holder as well.

Midtown Luggage Set

Help your lady friend travel in style and ease with a four-piece luggage set that is stylish and durable. It includes a large suitcase, a carry-on suitcase, a tote bag, and a toiletry bag.

This pink-colored set is enough to accommodate all of the belongings of the user. They are lightweight and made with high-quality materials.

Vegetable Chopper

For a woman who takes special care in the presentation of her dishes, a vegetable chopper is a great tool.

This twelve-in-one slicer will easily slice all of her food in equal pieces without the hassle of sharp knives and cutting boards.

Besides the blades for chopping the chopper comes with cleaning brushes and a peeler. The BPA-free plastic used in the products is durable and lightweight.

Body Shop Gift Set

Can any woman ever say no to body shop items? No right? So just go ahead and buy a Shea Butter skin nourishing set that is bound to be a great hit.

The set includes body butter, hand and shower cream, and Shea soap. All the products in this set are vegan.

Professional Pedicure Tool Set

With professional foot care set in hand, no one needs to go to the salon again and again. It has all tools required to give your tired feet a salon standard treatment right at home.

Enclosed in a plastic box, all the items are made out of stainless steel. Just soak your feet in warm water and work away from the dirt and grime.

Three Tier Herb Garden

An herb garden with multi pockets for different plants is a necessity for a cook who prefers to include various fresh herbs in their dishes.

This rack can hold up to twelve plants at one time. The user can even grow strawberries on it. Place it on the patio or in the kitchen, it works great everywhere.

Calvin Klien Silk Scarf

Silk scarves look great with summer/ winter attire or formal/ casual attire. They add just the perfect splash of color and style to an outfit that makes it trendier and fashionable.

Gift a woman a high-quality silk scarf and they will treasure it like a piece of their favorite jewelry.

Book: the complete guide to pickling

Pickles are without any debate one of the best snacks ever. They are delicious and nutritious. Why don’t you encourage your lady friend to try their hands on making pickles at home?

The book gives details instructions on the process of pickle making and has over a hundred recipes that can make anyone’s taste buds runny.

Outdoor Wine and Glass Bottle holder

Managing wine bottles and glasses can be a hassle while out on a picnic. Taking a wine and glass holder along however can eradicate this issue.

This metallic holder can easily accommodate a bottle and two glasses at one time. No more having to worry about spilled wine over the picnic sheet anymore.

Bath Bombs Set

Bath bombs provide the feel of spa baths right at home. This set of six bath bombs have the best essential oils, Shea butter, cocoa butter, etc. added in them to nourish the skin of the body.

Galaxy Dot Matrix Notebook

A planner can make a person more organized and punctual. It can help people organize their thought processes and activities in an orderly manner.

A dotted journal is perfect for ladies who like to jot down their notes artistically. The hardcover notebooks have an attractive exterior cover.

Gold Mirror Tray

Womenfolk can’t say no to trays/ organizers with mirrors. Satisfy your female friend’s love for pretty things by giving her a tray with a mirror at the bottom.

This tray can be used for serving guests, for decorative purposes, or for nightstands/ dressing tables to store jewelry in. the uses are limitless.

Floral Electronics Organizer

For women who are always on the go, organizers are never enough. An electronics organizer can be used to arrange various electronic devices in one place.

This organizer has separate pockets for power banks, chargers, cords, batteries, and other small gadgets.

Bathtub Caddy/ Laptop Bed Desk

Go for a gift item that can serve two purposes at once. This table can be used in the bathroom and the bedroom as well as it has folding arms underneath it.

Made out of Bamboo Wood, its length is adjustable and has various compartments to place different items in. the arms are sturdy enough to hold a laptop on it easily.

Canning Kit

Canning can be a little bit difficult if the canner does not have the right tools. A professional canning kit is just what a home jam maker needs.

All the steel and plastic tools in the kit will make the scanning process easy and keep the jam/ preserves safe.

Remington Concentrator and Diffusor

For a curly-haired lady, a diffusor is perfect for styling.

This eco-friendly product has two attachments; a concentrator which can be used for any kind of hair and a diffusor specifically designed for people with curly hair.

The dryer has three heat settings, two-speed settings, and a hot and cool mode.

Manicure Set

For women who can’t spare the time for a nail salon, a manicure kit can do wonders. The set includes all the tools used in a salon for manicures.

The various contents of the set are made with high-grade steel and plastic. Enclosed in a clasp-on wallet, they are easily organized and portable.

Floral Garden Tool Set

A floral garden tool set is perfect for ladies who like to spend time pruning their precious flowers and plants. The set comes with a tote bag with pockets to hold in the tools.

Besides the bag, there are seven other items ranging from gardening gloves to rakes and shears.

Scented Candles Set

Beautifully designed, printed, and packed candles make for a great decorative item. They not only look great, their aromatic fragrance is soothing and pleasant when lighted.

A set of four scented candles in tin jars with lids will be welcomed happily as a gift.

Mist Humidifier

For a home in a dry climate, a humidifier works wonders. It makes the air of a room fresher and humid and keeps dryness away.

It is easy to clean and automatically turns off when out of water. Essential oils can also be added along with the water in it.

Glass Tea Cups (with four cups)

A great cup of tea has limitless advantages. For a person who likes to have tea at the end of a tiring day, a high-quality teapot is an essential item in the kitchen.

This teapot has a removable tea infuser and four serving cups. Overall, the set has a unique and chic look.

Three Tier Jewelry Tray

For rooms with little storage space, a tiered jewelry tray is ideal. The set has three trays set atop one another on a metal rack. These trays can be slid out easily and are made out of wood.

The trays are lined with linen and have several types of storage compartments for small and big items.

Platinum Plated Initial Pendant Necklace

A keepsake item, these platinum-plated necklaces have Swarovski Zirconia embedded in them. Available in all letters, they come with a chain and box, ready to be delivered.

The necklace is designed and produced to last a lifetime.

Personalized Gold Bracelet

A delicate bracelet looks unique and stylish and one that has the name of a person written on it is even more precious.

Give your loved one a gold 16K gold bracelet with their name etched upon it and they will cherish this thoughtful gift forever.

Heat Pad and Eye Pillow

An eye pillow is a perfect aid to help sore eyes relax. Made with premium quality silk, it is soft and cushiony. All you have to do is heat it in the microwave and it’s ready to use.

Birthstone Pendant Necklace

A birthstone is said to harness positive energy and harness it into the body. A silver necklace with a round cut gem in it is just the right present for a person who values birthstones.

The pendant comes with its own chain as well.

Shopping/ Grocery Foldable Cart

No one likes to carry around heavy shopping bags during a shopping spree. A trolley dolly can solve this issue easily because this collapsible cart can carry all the shopping bags in it.

It is lightweight, waterproof, and has smaller pockets to hold in smaller items securely.

Marble Gold Edge Coasters

Coasters can also serve as decorative items if they are stylish and are strategically placed in a room. These coasters are made with white marbles and painted gold on the edges.

The bottoms are padded to avoid chaffing the furniture. All the white marble pieces can accommodate large and small glasses and mugs.

Glass Box Vanity Tray

Wooden vanity trays are not fashionable anymore as they are chunky and take up too much space.

Women prefer more concise and flashy articles that provide more storage and look great as well.

This vanity tray is multi-tiered and can accommodate various kinds of items such as makeup, jewelry, keys, and maybe a phone. It is lightweight and easy to clean.

Stainless Steel Fruit Bowl

Countertops require concise objects that serve their purpose and look great aesthetically.

Ladies would adore having a stainless steel spiral fruit bowl on their countertops that has a lot of space and a funky look.

The anti-rust steel of the bowl is durable and is suitable for outdoor use as well. Furthermore, it can be folded too, making it portable.

Electronics Cleaning Brush and Screen Wiper

Your friend’s dirty laptop keys and screen giving you nightmares? To help them take care of their electronic devices, a proper cleaning brush can clean even the smallest crevices.

This set can also clean phones and tablets. The cleaning kit can be stored in a small place and is durable. Time to say goodbye to bits of food under the keys and fingerprints on the screen.

Insulated Water Bottle

Vacuum flasks are a necessity for ladies who are always on the go as they can take the drink of their choice with them while traveling.

This double insulated beaker will keep the temperature of the contents stable for a long time (be it hot or cold).

It is made out of high-grade stainless steel and has two lids to safeguard from leakage.

Wooden Desk Organizer with phone holder

For a workaholic lady who likes her personal items to be well-organized, an office table organizer has boundless importance.

This wooden shelf has various compartments that can hold her phone, keys memo pads, stationery, and cords.

Rose Gold Nail Polish Organizer

Give this organizer to a female who has a nail polish collection affiliated with a nail salon. The rose gold color of the item will look stunning on any dresser and vanity.

Besides nail polishes, other bottles like essential oils, toners, and removers can also be placed upon the rack. The organizer is made out of high-grade acrylic.

Collapsible Laundry Basket

Small homes require objects that take up less space while serving their purpose. A collapsible laundry basket is perfect for such homes where objects can be put away while not in use.

This lightweight basket can be used for outdoor activities such as camping as well.

Anatolian Jigsaw Puzzle

Bring in a two thousand piece enigma into the life of a woman who likes to spend her time over puzzles.

This extensive puzzle is glaze-free and printed in detail. It is sure to keep her awake at night trying to piece together the beautiful picture.

Smart Coffee Mug Warmer

For people who are always forgetting to drink their coffee and are forced to drink a cold brew every time, a coffee warmer can be a lifesaver.

The automated warmer can keep a cup warm for up to four hours. It turns off on its own after five minutes once the cup is taken off.

Remington Body and Bikini Kit

For unwanted body hair, an electric trimmer/ shaver is a better option than shaving. It is much less time-consuming and gives a silkier and smooth finish.

This trimmer comes with an exfoliator attachment for detailed grooming.

Dumbbell Hand Weights Set

A dumbbell set that is specifically designed for women can be a great present. It has 3 pairs of weights that can be stacked together on a rack.

Each weight denomination has been given a separate color to avoid confusion for the lifter.

Multipurpose Air Fryer

For a health-conscious woman, an air fryer can work wonders as it uses a lot less oil to prepare food as compared to conventional ovens.

This oven has the capability to broil, boil, bake, and roast many kinds of food items. The LED display lets the user control its various functions easily.

The air fryer’s large pot allows for making large batches of food at one time.


Women over thirty years of age are more content with their personalities and preferences to use things that are long-lasting and form emotional attachments with them.

Thus you need to choose a present that they need, suits their personality, and is also fashionable.

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