Gift Ideas for Technology Obsessed

In this technologically advanced age, where the markets are full of electronic gadgets, it may seem easy to choose a gift but it is not, this is because it is not easy to find one that uses high-quality technology and is durable.

We have compiled a list of items that are highly recommended for tech-savvy individuals who prefer unique high-quality objects.

Canon IVY Mini Mobile Photo Printer

Printing photographs taken via smartphones can be a bit of a hassle because it is a long process. A mini printer can come to aid here as it can be connected to the phone with Bluetooth.

The mini photographs have a sticky back so they can be stuck on to any surface. Wouldn’t it be fun to print all those pictures with the cool and funny filters?

Samsung Galaxy Fit 2

A smart band is a cool gadget that can tell the time and keep track of the user’s physical activity at the same time. It starts tracking the movements the moment a person puts it on.

It has a battery life of fifteen days and is water-resistant so it won’t get damaged in the swimming pool. In short, it is a great device to inspire someone to improve their physical fitness levels.

Portable Charger

For a person who has constantly on the go, a portable charger can be a blessing. This charge can recharge two smart devices at one time (has two charging slots).

A small LCD screen tells the user how much of the bank power remain. The charger only takes eight to fourteen hours to recharge. It can be taken along on camping or fishing or traveling.

LED Monitor Light

Compared to conventional lamps lighting up the computer monitor, an LED light is adjusted on top of it. It provides a glare-free lighting arrangement that makes using the screen stress-free.

It is especially recommended for gamers or for people who have to spend a long time in front of the screen.

The product has an Auto-dimming sensor that adjusts the light according to requirement.

GoPro Hero8

Athletes and adventurists highly favor this mini camera as it can document their viewpoint. The user can record their activities or broadcast them live through Wi-Fi.

The camera is unshakeable and impact-resistant, so the videos/ pictures are high quality and without distortion.

Mini Projector

With a mini projector, it is now possible to enjoy movies at home just like in cinemas.

The mini projector can be connected to smart devices via USB and has powerful built-in speakers that give out the amazing sound quality.

Connected with the phone or with gaming stations, it is a great entertainment device. Its portable design makes it possible to use it outdoors as well.

SONY Wireless Earbuds

Wireless earphones are not just a fashion statement as they are a perfect replacement for their wired predecessors.

The Bluetooth-operated SONY Wireless is designed to bring out an ultimate high-quality sound for the user.

They can be charged with the case (eighteen hours recharge time) and have a runtime of nine hours. With a Bluetooth range of around a hundred feet, they are great for outdoor activities and exercise.

Smart LED Bulb

In this era of technology why not opt for Smart LED Bulbs that can be operated with an application in the phone.

These bulbs have various colors, various brightness levels and can be scheduled to turn off/ on at a particular time. The bulbs are compatible with Alexa, Echo Dot, and Google Home Assistant.

SONY Compact Wireless Speaker

Time to chuck away those hefty speakers and replace them with a mini portable wireless speaker that gives out extra BASS.

This little gadget can give out a powerful and clear sound that matches that of any large speaker.

It is waterproof, which makes it perfect for outdoor activities such as camping/ fishing, pool parties, and even baths.

Oral-B CrossAction Electric Toothbrush

With superior cleaning powers, electric toothbrushes are superior to conventional toothbrushes.

With a timer in its handle, the brush will make you clean your teeth thoroughly for two minutes. It is a perfect tool to get rid of plaque, tartar from the teeth and keep the teeth clean and healthy.

3Doodler Create (3-D Pen)

3-D pens are a fun gadget for adults and children alike as they tend to bring out the creative streak of the user.

The pack comes with plastic refills in three colors and stencils to help you create the sculpture/ item of your choice.

LEVOIT Air Purifier

The rise in pollution levels, the world over has made it increasingly important to have air purifiers at home. It aids in getting rid of harmful pollutants in a room by filtering out the air.

It can easily get rid of allergens and particles such as pet hair, dust mites, etc. it also has a built-in light that can be turned on and off. The machine also has a timer which makes it easy to operate.

SodaStream Sparkling Water Maker

Who doesn’t prefer sparkling water when in need of a rejuvenating drink? This machine makes sparkling water in a matter of minutes.

The users can make cocktails of the flavors of their choice anytime they want.


XIAOMI Smart Devices are gaining praise worldwide due to their quality and features.

This android based gadget has a High-Performance octa-core processor, Gorilla Glass Front, 8MP wide-angle camera, and a high-capacity battery.

Note 9 will not disappoint any user with its superior features and great designs.

LED Flash Light Gloves

Ideal for activities such as camping and fishing, the gloves have built-in LED lights that give out bright light. These waterproof gloves have adjustable straps (one size fits all).

The lights can be operated with buttons on their backs.

Automatic Belt-Drive Turntable

A Turntable is a perfect gift for an individual who likes to collect records. This affordable player gives the feel and sound of an old-school record player.

The user just has to connect it with speakers and enjoy the music of their choice.

Arlo Video Doorbell

A doorbell with a camera would be a lifesaver for people who prefer not to attend to the door every time the bell rings.

With a 180 degree rotating lens, it is possible to get a complete look at the person at the door or a package that has been delivered.

With a high-quality motion sensor, it is not possible to miss out on anything as it gives out notifications on the phone whenever it senses any movement.

Bluetooth Beanie

Wearing headphones can become uncomfortable under a hat in winters so why not buy one that doubles as a music player.

The beanie has built-in speakers that can be connected to the phone app. The pack also includes a matching scarf.

AcuRite Digital Indoor Thermometer and Hygrometer

The digital indoor thermometer is necessary for people who live in harsh climatic conditions. This little machine can gauge the temperature and humidity levels with extreme accuracy and display it on a mini screen.

Roku Ultra

Perhaps, Roku Ultra is the best gift for a person who would rather watch television than go out. With a wider range and quicker processing, this device can display in an instant.

With its help, it is now possible to play videos or show pictures straight from the phone. The system is voice-operated, has a remote control and headphones if the speakers are not required.

Nintendo Switch

We have yet to know a person who hasn’t played a Nintendo game yet. For a diehard Nintendo fan, a Nintendo Switch is a great treat.

The gadget has three play styles namely TV mode, handheld mode, and Tabletop Mode. It has a multiplayer option as well as up to eight consoles that can be connected with at one time.

Rechargeable Hand Warmer and Charger

This amazing gadget is the ideal gift item for people with perpetually cold hands in winter. With three heat settings, it is designed to be safe from short-circuiting.

Furthermore, it has a USB slot and can be used as a portable power bank

Royal Sovereign Electric Counter

Buy an electric coin counter and sorter for a person who has loose change all over the house. The counter can sort, count and pack coins according to their numeration on its own.

It comes with wrappers to pack the coins of each kind together.

Rocketbook Smart Notebook

People who love to make handwritten notes would love to own a smart notebook that does not have to be replaced once the pages are finished.

With its app, it is possible to send the scans of the pages directly to all the cloud services. This notebook allows the user to have a digital record of all their notes.

Smart Mug Warmer

Who wants microwaved coffee? You wouldn’t right? Well, for someone who always ends up with a cold cup of coffee due to being busy, a mug warmer would be a lifesaver.

This cool little gadget can keep a drink warm for hours, it automatically shuts off once the surface is empty and has various temperature settings. We recommend you get yourself one as well.

Tile Mate Bluetooth Tracker

Gift this to someone who keeps on misplacing keys and small purses. All they have to do is attach it to the item and in case of misplacing it, the Bluetooth app can be used to track it.

The Tile Mate will start ringing once alerted.

Kasa Smart Plug

A smart plug that can be switched on and off through Wi-Fi is just what every home needs.

With this plug, it is now possible to turn on/ off any device such as lamps and humidifiers with your phone.

The Kasa app has the option of setting up schedules with the help of a timer.

PHILIPS SmartSleep Alarm Clock

An alarm clock with a twist is just what a late sleeper needs to wake up on time. The clock gives out natural light that is similar to that of dawn.

The display has multiple brightness levels and a snoozing option. The gradual brightness of the clock will make any person wake up refreshed.

Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard

This keyboard is compatible with various kinds of devices such as laptops, computers, and smartphones.

It has a Bluetooth range of up to ten meters and is easy to switch between various devices connected with Bluetooth.

This easy-to-sync is especially recommended for multi-taskers working on various projects.

Selfie Stick Tripod with Bluetooth Remote

Selfie stick that doubles as a tripod for the phone is perfect for people who love to take photos with their phones.

The tripod/ stick is foldable which makes it portable and suited for outdoor travels. The aluminum frame is sturdy and waterproof and rotatable to give a 360-degree angle.

The detachable wireless remote is compatible with all kinds of devices and has a wide range that allows pictures to be taken from afar.

August Smart Lock Pro

A smart lock is a great addition to homes that lack proper security. Compatible with Alexa and Zwave, the locks provide the perfect aid to ensure the safety of the front door.

The existing bolts/ locks don’t have to be removed as it attaches easily on to them. Connected with an app on the phone, the homeowner can keep a track of the movement on the front door.

It is easy to lock and unlock the door from anywhere. It is easy to charge and thus perfect for home security.

Phonesoap Phone Sanitizer and Charger

A phone sanitizer eliminates the need to clean phones with sanitizers. The UV light bulbs placed inside the box can kill up 99.9% of germs and bacteria and ensures cleanliness.

The box is big enough to accommodate phones of all sizes. It also doubles as a charging station, so it cleans and charges devices simultaneously.

Nixplay Digital Photoframe

This is a photo frame with a technological twist as it can show various photographs for fifteen seconds each. The user can control the functions of the frame with a Nixplay app on their phone.

It is possible to share pictures from your phone to someone else’s Nixplay frame as well.

USB LED Clock Fan

For people always complaining about the hot weather, an LED fan with a clock is like killing two birds with one stone.

Connect it to the computer and it will start rotating and also display the time. The blades of the fan are soft to avoid injury.

Wireless Outdoor Security Camera

An outdoor camera is necessary for bungalows and mansions. This motion sensor can pick even the slightest movement in its wide range and relay a notification to your phone.

It is perfect for homes in lax security areas. The weatherproof built makes it water-resistant.

Wireless Charger

A snazzy charging pad that does not require any cords/ cables is just what makes this technological era so novel. Just place the enabled iPhone or Samsung device on it and it will get charged.

It is a great accessory for offices/ home offices where space is limited. The compact designs make it a great option to take along while traveling.

POLAR Heart Rate Monitor Strap

A heart rate monitor that is adjusted on top of the chest is much more accurate than smartwatches or bands. It is especially recommended for athletes or during exercising.

It is compatible with various smartwatches and apps such as Strava and NIKE. The soft fabric of the strap does not damage the skin.

Furthermore, it is waterproof so it does not get damaged due to sweat, rain, or in the pool.

iRobot Roomba (Robot Vacuum)

Get this vacuum cleaner for a person who detests cleaning up after a long day at work. Designed to work on the floors and carpets alike, it will get rid of dirt particles, pet hair, dust mites, etc. efficiently.

The smart vacuum charges on its own and even creates cleaning schedules.

Video Blogging Kit

For an aspiring blogger, owning a high-quality blogging kit is the starting point. It has a microphone, an LED light, and a tripod holder.

The Powerful LED light will make the picture/ video quality better.

Ember Temperature Control Mug

Specially designed for people who prefer their tea/ coffee piping hot, this mart mug can keep a mug warm for up to five hours.

The user can control the temperature of the mug with a phone app. The mug automatically shuts off once empty and switches upon sensing the contents filling up.

The stainless steel tumbler is hand washable.

Apple iPad Mini

This smaller version of the Apple iPad is just as amazing and cool. The user can operate a large number of apps on it. The generation 5 iPad mini has an upgraded camera and iOS.

Camera Mount Tripod Stand

a tripod stand is a must for a photography enthusiast as well as an amateur photographer as It provides the stability and focus required to capture the perfect picture.

This tripod stand comes with a protective bag and has extendible legs. The flexible head allows the camera to take photographs easily from various angles.

Kindle Paperwhite

For a bookworm buy a kindle paperwhite with an 8 GB Memory. They can read books easily on it indoors as well as outdoors as it is waterproof. Countless books can be bought online to read on Kindle.

AeroGarden Indoor Hydroponic Garden

A high-tech indoor herb garden is what every smart home needs. It comes with a pack of starter seeds to help the user plant their very first herb garden.

The control panel alerts the grower about the water requirements of the plants and has a LED light on top to help the plants grow faster.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

This foldable phone is one of the neatest tech gadgets around. It has a foldable screen that can be opened to make it a small tablet. This two-in-one device is worth the money.

The high-resolution camera helps in taking excellent photographs.

Smart Pet Camera

for people anxious about leaving pets alone at home, a smart camera is perfect. They can keep an eye on their pets through their phone easily.

The camera also chucks out treats for the pets periodically so they remain in the camera’s range all the time.

The motion-activated camera will keep the owner informed about the wellness of their beloved furry friend.

Seccura Electric Wine Opener

Taking corks off wine bottles can be a hassle for all. With Secura Electric Wine opener, however, it can be done in a matter of seconds.

This rechargeable gadget is designed to take off the corks without breakage and can open up to thirty of them in a single charge.

The pack also includes a foil cutter to make the process even easier.

Conair Fabric Defuzzer/ Shaver

Lint can be a pain, especially in winters because it makes the whole outfit look old and musty.

An electric fabric is just the perfect replacement for lint brushes and safety razors as it does the job more thoroughly and in less time.

This beauty has three depth settings and is compatible with various kinds of fabric.

It can easily pull away loose fibers, embedded hair strands, fuzz, etc. shaver is battery operated and has a comfortable handgrip.

LED Bathroom Mirror

This is no ordinary mirror as it gives out light in various modes and has a time display function. It can be turned on with just a touch.

White Noise Machine

a person with sleep ailments will thank you a dozen times over for gifting this machine. It can emit eight kinds of sounds which can put even the most troubled sleeper to a deep slumber.

It is lightweight and portable, headphones can be connected to it and various interval modes to help the user sleep better.

Moreover, the volume of the machine is adjustable so it does not disturb sleep.

Smart Table Lamp

Old school lamps only give out one brightness level, a smart lamp however is ten steps ahead.

This voice-controlled light has the ability to give out light in various colors and several brightness levels according to the requirement of the user.

The lamp’s functions can be scheduled according to requirements and it is compatible with Alexa, Google Home Assistant, and various other systems.

It would work great as a night/ reading light or even at an office desk.

SIMREX Mini Drone

Regardless of gender and age, drones are a great gift for all and this mini drone is one such item.

Operated with a smartphone, this beauty can flip over 360 degrees, has a range of up to forty-five meters, and a flying time of fifteen minutes.

The built-in high-resolution camera enables the user to capture high-definition videos and photos.

Bose Noise Cancellation Wireless Headphones

Who wants outside noises while listening to their favorite tunes? Bose headphones have three levels of noise cancellation which ensure a quality sound experience.

The wireless feature allows the user freedom during exercise. They can be easily connected to a smart device via Bluetooth.

Infrared Forehead Thermometer

A no-touch thermometer that detects the temperature via infrared is necessary during the pandemic. The user can check the temperature without touching the forehead of the other person.

Its precision is matchless and thus a great replacement for mercury thermometers.

Smart Water Bottle

Designed for athletes and fitness enthusiasts, the bottle keeps the user updated about their hydration status (via the phone app) besides keeping the temperature of the contents constant for extended periods.

This vacuum flask is made out of plastic and stainless steel.

ROKU Smart Soundbar

A sound system with a built-in TV device is just the perfect gadget for smart homes.

This wonderful device allows the user to enjoy relentless streaming of their favorite shows and free television accompanied by high-quality surround sound.

The soundbar is compatible with Alexa and is voice-operated.

Harmon Kardon Home Theatre Sound System

Known for its high-quality speakers, the Harmon Kardon Sound System will make you feel like you are enjoying movies at a cinema.

Wireless Computer Mouse

A wireless mouse is perfect for people who don’t like to use the laptop’s touchpad. It is connected to the laptop via a USB Bluetooth device that gives a strong connection without gaps.

The Bluetooth USB can be stored inside the mouse when not in use. It can be connected to the PC as well.

Smart Electric Trash Can

The motion sensor lid of the can opens and closes on its own. Furthermore, it can change the plastic bag on its own once empty.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

A smartwatch is the right accessory for today’s modern man/ woman who has to juggle innumerable tasks throughout the day.

This stylish, water-resistant, and durable watch will serve various purposes for the user.

It keeps a track of the daily activity levels, body functions such as heartbeat throughout the day, sleep cycles, and period cycle (in the case of females).

It can also sense if the user meets with an accident and needs help. It is possible to receive and cancel calls through the watch as well.

Canon PowerShot Digital Camera

A digital camera ideal to get an amateur photographer started on his photography journey. The advanced technology of the camera allows the user to take high-quality photographs.

Virtual Reality Headset

Virtual Reality is the future of gaming and television. A VR Headset is a great gift for a gaming enthusiast who likes to try their hands on every new game.

The comfortable design and build of the set make it easy to use for extended periods.

Bamboo Charging Station

Every home needs a charging station that can charge multiple devices, smart bands/ watches, and AirPods in one place.

TP-Link Smart Wi-Fi Router

A powerful router with a wide range is the requirement for work areas and homes alike. This smart router can be trusted to convey signals to every room in a building.

This pocket-friendly will eliminate the need for several routers to meet the network needs.

Start Projector Night Light

For someone who can’t sleep without a night light, why not get one with a cool twist? This laser projector will light up the room with thousands of little stars.

It has various brightness levels and light effects.

Polaroid Originals Instant Camera

Polaroids can never grow old. They are still a lot of fun to click even in this era of smartphones. The user just has to point, click and then print the photo.

Bose Frames (Audio Sunglasses)

Sunglasses that have built-in speakers are the new cool thing. Without the hassle of inserting earphones in the ears, the user can enjoy their favorite music on the go.

The Bluetooth glasses can stream music for up to three and half hours once fully charged.

PetSafe Electronic Smart Door

An upgrade to conventional pet door flaps, it only opens when the pet wearing the collar comes near. It helps prevent unwanted animals from roaming into the house.

Acer Chromebook

A device that doubles as a laptop and a tablet is the requirement of this technological age. It has a long-lasting battery (whole day) and a user-friendly design.

The user can download innumerable apps on it and enjoy working on them.

Smart Pillow

Give this pillow someone who is a chronic snorer as it starts vibrating when it detects snoring.

It also has a built-in sleep tracker that tracks the sleep quality and duration of the user and displays it on the app.

Wireless Microphone

Great for home and office parties and meetings, this pair of microphones promise to deliver high-quality sound.

Bedside Lamps with charging Ports

Tech nerds would love to own lamps that can charge their smart devices. Each lamp has two USB ports that can easily charge phones and tablets.

The lamps have a metal body and a cloth shade to resemble the conventional lamps used in bedrooms.

Power Strip with Outlet Surge Protector

This is not an ordinary power extension as it can power up to six machines at one time. Moreover, the switch holes can be twisted and locked when not in use for safekeeping.

It can be mounted on a wall and has a flat plug. Perhaps the best feature is its defense against voltage fluctuations as it has the ability to provide the same level of current.

HANPURE LED Flashlight Gloves

Any tech nerd would want to own a pair of gloves equipped with LED light. You ask why? Well, just because they are much more convenient to use compared to flashlights or phone lights.

Each glove has two LED lights attached on top of it and can be turned on and off with a button. They can be of great aid to people working with electronic parts or even repairing cars.

They can be used in outdoor activities such as camping and fishing as well.

Energizer LED Headlamp Flashlight

It is a powerful flashlight with a twist as it comes with a band that can be placed around the head. It gives the user independence to use both their hands while working.

The light is recommended for heavy-duty work such as car maintenance and outdoor activities such as camping and hiking. It can illuminate a stretch up to 85 meters and has five light modes.

Wall-mounted Key Lock Box

Key lock boxes are a necessity for people who need to keep their keys safe. The box can be attached beside the main door or hung in an undisclosed location with a secret combination.

The box can be taken along in the bag to keep the keys from getting stoles. It can keep five keys in it at one time.

MECO Keyboard Cleaner Vacuum

Tech buffs are OCD about the cleanliness of their computers, especially keyboards.

If you know one such person then get them a little vacuum that will fish out dirt and grime from every corner of their keyboard or the screen.

It is wireless and has two kinds of nozzles to clean more effectively.

KODAK FunSaver One Time Use Camera

Analog cameras have a charm of their own as photos clicked “at the moment” have dramatic characteristics.

Tech junkies would love to use this analog camera and experience the joys of old-school photography.

No need to store it after use as it can be disposed of, once the film is finished.

FC-Fancier Dimmable Nightlight

Nightlights are necessary for people who can’t sleep in the dark or who have to get up frequently at night. This little lamp is perfect for both situations.

It is touch-activated and dimmable according to requirements. Furthermore, it takes only a small time to recharge and can last through many nights without getting discharged.

The light is portable so it can be placed anywhere in the room.

Nextrino Vibrating Foam Rollers

An upgrade to the traditional foam rollers, this one uses vibration to bring an extra soothing effect to the user. Favored by athletes it is very useful after an intense workout session.

It has a low, medium, and high intensity which can soothe away aches and pains anywhere in the body.

It is particularly recommended for use after gym sessions such as elliptical training, CrossFit, or Yoga.

BUTYCE Handheld Muscle Massage Gun

A massage gun is a perfect tool for relieving tightness/ soreness in muscles. This handheld gadget can be used anywhere on the body for relaxation.

The massager is rechargeable and various massage heads provided in the pack can be used for different kinds of massage treatments.

It has twenty-speed modes to suit the intensity requirements of users and is highly recommended for athletes.

Jasis Woo Levitating Bonsai Planter

Ever heard of levitating plant pots? Well, we will tell you about one. This magnetic suspension pot can float in the air and look like a miracle.

Any tech junkie would love to display this planter on their desk. The movements/ rotations of the pot can be changed with a button on the base.

Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 6 Wireless Speaker

Harman Kardon’s speakers have no match when it comes to sound quality and clarity. This little beauty is truly a marvel as it delivers sound akin to any large party speaker.

Made with aluminum and covered with a fabric, it has up to eight hours of playtime. The rechargeable speaker can be connected to two smart devices at the same time via Bluetooth.

E-flite RC Airplane

Who says remote control planes are for kids alone? Because this little monster is specifically made for adults who like to have high-end toys.

The plane can perform aerobatics as it has a powerful engine and flaps on the body. There is also a safe mode for novice pilots who are just delving into the world of RC Planes.

ASOTC Magnifying Glasses with LED Lights

Designed for people who dislike reading small prints and people working with electronic devices, the glasses are equipped with a magnifying lens and powerful LED lights.

These spectacles can be a big help for people working with small machine parts as they can be magnified and lighted up at the same time. The built-in LED lights are rechargeable.

MMlove Cotton Electric Heated Socks

Heated socks are perfect for people who can’t keep their feet warm even with heaters. These heated socks are sure to keep the feet warm and cozy on the coldest days of the year.

The socks are powered with rechargeable batteries.

Chefman Portable Mini Fridge

For workaholics, having a cool drink available right at their desks can be a blessing. This little fridge can be placed on top or underneath a desk and can store up to six cans at one time.

It can also be used to keep food warm.


In the jargon of new and innovative technological devices available everywhere, it is important to choose a product that can be used in everyday life, has a large battery life, and has a great design.

We assure that each one of the products mentioned above is bound to help users in their lives and will surely make their daily chore easier.