First Anniversary Gift Ideas for Your Husband

First anniversaries are exclusive as they are an occasion to celebrate the beautiful bond a couple shares and to commemorate the memories they have made together.

The best way to show affection to your spouse/ partner is by giving them a gift that marks your feelings and is also useful for them.

Aiming for a glamerous gift for your husband that coincides with his personal tastes and preferences?

Are you on the lookout for a gift that will be useful to them and also portrays how much you care for them?

We have for you a wide array of products that will make fantastic gifts for your loved one and will definitely make your big day very special.

Gaming Glasses/ Blue Light Blocking Glasses

If your husband is fond of gaming, then this is a classic reward for him. These glasses are perfect for a gamer who spends long hours in front of the screen as they protect the eyes from “digital strain”.

Moreover, they are anti-reflective and block out 65% of the blue light emitted by screens. By using this product, a gamer can guard their eyes against harm.

The glasses have an attractive onyx frame that looks decent on all face types. Your spouse will appreciate this gesture of love and affection as the present will portray how much you care for their well-being.

Men’s Tie Set

For a husband who has to dress formally at work, a tie set is an exemplary gift. Present them a collection that includes ties, pocket squares, tie clips, and cuff links, and a sorted wardrobe.

The beautifully designed articles are available in various colors and crafted with high-quality materials to give them lasting durability.

World Map Decoration Wall Clock

Want to spruce up the overall look of your husband’s work area? Nothing can look better for a home office than a clock that has a world map on it.

The metal frame wall clock is a statement piece that depicts all the continents and various countries. The aluminum hands of the clocks give a funky yet stylish appearance to the whole clock.

Minimalist TININ Carbon Fiber Wallet

This black carbon fiber minimalist design wallet is absolute for the safekeeping of cards and money. Its metallic frame is bound to protect the contents of the wallet (money, cards, and slips) from water damage.

The appearance of the wallet is attractive and unique. It is also spacious enough to accommodate a lot of items.

Moreover, the wallet has a clasp, which makes it easy to open and close. What makes the product even better is the gift box that comes with the purchase.

Sunbeam Handheld Travel Steam press

Does your husband travel frequently and frets on how difficult it is to iron clothes on the go? Well, provide him with a travel steam press and make his life easy.

This contraption is compact and lightweight (fits in easily with the luggage) and extremely easy to use. With the steam press accompanying him, your husband will not have to worry about creased clothes ever again.

Moleskin Classic, Hardcover Notebook

Want your husband to become more organized when it comes to keeping notes about important events and significant phone numbers?

Grant him a planning journal to jot down everything in one place. The Moleskin Hardcover notebook is available in various colors, has A5 page dimensions and high quality paper.

Bakestone Pizza Box (stainless steel gas oven stove)

For someone who loves to eat and bake their own pizza, this is a precise gift. This product guarantees pizzas that turn out just like stone oven-baked delicacies.

The cook time of the stove is around 2 to 4 minutes only, and an 11-inch base can be baked on it quickly. The gadget’s compact design enables it to store accurately and yes it guarantees portability.

Your hubby will love the beautifully baked delights and will also enjoy making little pies for himself and his family. It also is an excellent gift for men who like to show off their culinary skills.

Leatherman, Wingman Multitool

Perhaps one of the best products you can invest in for your spouse is a Leatherman Multitool. The little tool kit includes 14 stainless steel pieces that can be used in everyday life.

Your husband will enjoy working on various projects with it at home or outdoors. The compact size of the tools enables them to be taken everywhere.

UV Light Cell Phone Sanitizer

With the current pandemic raging all over the world, there is a constant need to sanitize all items of our personal use especially cell phones, that we use all day long.

Gift this cell phone sanitizer to your husband, and their life will become boundlessly easy. This product can be charged instantly and is portable.

The six LED lamps in the products give out extensive radiation that guarantees the killing of 99% of the germs/ viruses.

The battery life is also relatively high, which a great advantage is also. Furthermore, the cell phones are safe from damage done by liquid sanitizers.

Topvision Mini Projector

Is your man missing watching movies on the big screen? Well, give him a mini projector that can be connected to his phone/ laptop/chrome cast and let him enjoy his favorite movies in his very own home theatre.

The machine has built-in powerful speakers to give a complete theatre experience to the user.

SENTAI Set of Stainless Steel Straws

If your husband is quirky about oral hygiene, then give him a set of metallic (stainless steel) straws that come with a protective pouch.

These straws can be cleaned with the cleaning brushes that are included in the pack. The different sizes of the straws give them a broad usage.

Monogrammed Leather Desk Pad

Giving a personalized gift item to a loved one has a lot of value. Present your companion with a monogramed leather pad for his office that will remind him of you while working.

Made with cowhide, these mats’ size can be personalized, and the initial of the receiver can also be etched on to them. They make a fantastic gift item for someone who likes to personalize things.

A personalized leather mat will look fabulous in the home office, and no doubt makes work more exciting. These mats are available in three sizes and can have up to three letters etched on them.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5

Is your husband finally taking a step towards better physical fitness? Well, increase his morale by giving him a smart band that will help him keep track of his fitness journey.

The smart band holds a record of heart rate, PAI score, number of steps, sleep cycles, and various other body functions. The MI band 5 will surely make him work harder towards physical fitness.

ION Audio Block Rocker/ Portable Speaker

If your hubby is fond of throwing parties, then this is without a doubt a great gift for him. This speaker comes with a woofer, which provides a resounding surround sound effect, and the amplifier and the bass boost button instantly supply a great result.

Furthermore, it has USB ports for phone charging. The 50-hour battery time makes it easily portable and can be used outdoors as well.

Any smart device can be plugged into the speaker with Bluetooth and even has a built-in FM/AM radio. One impeccable feature of the product is perhaps the microphone, which makes announcing easy during parties.

Monopoly Vintage Bookshelf Edition

If you desire to spend quality time with your spouse, then present him with this unique vintage monopoly set designed as a book. The set’s beautiful and unique design makes it easy to store on a bookshelf and is also attractive to look at.

The wooden house/ hotels and other items look just like the 1935 edition, which takes you back in time while playing.

The set comes with portable dishes for storing different items, and the paper money looks intriguing visually. Your loved one will definitely appreciate this set as a gift.

Super easy Cookbook for Beginners: 5 ingredient recipes

A little tired of cooking solo in the kitchen all the time? Want your better half to help in the kitchen as well? Well, gift him a beginner’s cookbook and watch the magic unfold.

The delicious five ingredient recipes in the book will make him want to try his hand at cooking. All the recipes included in the book are straightforward to cook, require minimal prep time and no fancy ingredients.

You can enjoy restaurant-style dishes at home without even moving a finger. Or maybe you both can make food and enjoy the personal time together.

Victorinox Swiss Army Pocket Knife

Giving your partner a pocket knife is the most desirable option. Men absolutely love these knives because they have so many accessories. Made from stainless steel, the knife, scissors, and other components are durable and user-friendly.

TRUFF Hot Sauce Variety Set

For a person with a chili loving pallet, nothing can contribute more pleasure than a set of 3 kinds of hot sauces. TRUFF sauces.

Made with premium quality materials such as truffle, agave nectar, a variety of spices, and red chili, these spices are a special treat.

The set includes three 6 oz bottles. The sauces included in the collection are classic TRUFF hot sauce, TRUFF hot sauce, and the seasonal white TRUFF. The sauces are also suitable for vegetarians.

If your husband likes to indulge in hot sauce, then this is a highly recommended gift item.

NewAir Beverage Refrigerator Cooler

For men who are fond of beer/ soda drinker, a small fridge/ cooler specified for cans is an accurate gift. The NewAir cooler comes with a capacity of 126 cans it and a stainless steel finishing, which renders a sophisticated look.

The cooler is perfect for your home mini bar or for the room where your husband likes to hang out. The storage racks can be removed as well for storing larger items.

The fridge has seven temperature settings. It also perfect for offices where there is a need for chilled water and soda drinks for clients. Your husband will thank you for this perfect gift.

Personalized Monroe Black Ballpoint Gift Pen and Case/ Dayspring pen

Give your man a customized pen with their name engraved upon it and watch them use it fondly on special occasions. The initials are engraved on top of the pen in gold letters, which gives it a very sophisticated look.

The 1 mm pen is produced by using high-quality materials and designed to provide smooth writing. The rubber grip enables an easy hold, and the ink is of excellent quality.

Moreover, the refills for the pen are available at the time of placing the order. The pen comes with its own box.

Bartender Kit/ Cocktail Shaker Set

Help your husband by creating his very own minibar at home. Gift him a cocktail shaker set, and both of you will not have to go out for cocktails. The fourteen piece set is perfect for making a great drink at home.

All of the components of the set have been produced with high quality stainless steel and are guaranteed to last a lifetime. Furthermore, all the pieces can be organized on the bamboo rack, which comes with the set.

The kit also arrives with a user manual with detailed instructions. The gift is bound to make your husband very excited.

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

If your hubby enjoys outdoor activities such as camping and fishing, then make sure to look into this Tronsmart Bluetooth speaker.

The compact size (weighs 1.6 pounds), excellent sound quality, and high battery life (15 hours) makes it a fantastic item for a present.

Besides outdoor activities, the speaker can also be used at parties for background music.

The Bluetooth 5.0 in the speaker guarantees a more stable connection with smart devices and a better playtime.

The speaker can also be used by inserting an audio cable, via USB or an SD card. This speaker will spruce up your husband’s leisure activities.

Waterford Lismore Diamond Tumbler

Buy your husband a pair of Waterford Tumblers, and he will thank you every time he will make a drink. Enjoy your evenings with him over a drink and relive the beautiful times you have spent together.

Vintage Bluetooth Record player (built-in speakers)

Is your husband a collector of old records? Then you better give him a record player that he will cherish just as much as his collection. The player comes in the form of a suitcase, which makes it portable.

The built-in speakers allow the user to use it anywhere without the use of external equipment. The suitcase comes in a black color and can fit comfortably in a car.

The headphones can also be connected to the speaker. Due to its attractive design, it makes for a magnificent decorative item as well.

Roof Prism Binoculars

Satisfy the spy in your husband by gifting him ultra-high quality binoculars and watch him enjoy snooping around or maybe help him take up bird watching.

Made to withstand harsh weather conditions, he can take them out while camping/ fishing as well. Perhaps you can also use them to spy on those suspicious neighbors of yours as well.

Cashmere Scarf

For a fashion conscious person, a statement scarf that portrays their personality and taste makes a glorious gift. This 80 inches long and 26 inches wide scarf is made from premium quality cashmere and has a high thread count.

The design is stylish and comfortable and is bound to keep the user warm in the coldest temperatures; plus, its lightweight makes it easy to wear.

Due to its large dimensions, the scarf can also be used as a wrap or shawl. The product is available in more than ten colors. The scarf comes in a white box and a bag.

HeTaoCat Multitool Pen

Men love to use toolkits that are handy, have all the necessary items, and are portable.

The HeTaoCat pen is a kit that has six tools, namely: a screwdriver, a Philips screwdriver, a slotted screwdriver, a ballpoint pen, a stylus pen bubble level, and a ruler.

Give your husband this unique item, and trust me; he will take it wherever he goes. The stainless steel finish of the product supplies it a distinguished look and makes it sturdy.

The beautiful transparent packaging of the pen makes it a perfect gift. The high-quality ink used in the ball point is guaranteed to give a smooth writing experience (refills are also available).

Boxing Reflex Ball set

For a fitness enthusiast husband, a boxing ball set is ideal. It is a great activity to add to your husband’s fitness regimen.

It will enhance their reflexes by dodging and hitting the ball attached to the strap placed around the user’s head.

The set has four difficulty levels, which can be utilized with the help of different sized balls included in the box.

Besides being good for health, it is also quite fun, and maybe you can also take turns with your husband to improve your boxing skills.

Coleman Portable Butane Stove

This stove is accurate for a person who loves to spend time out in the wild. The portable design makes the stove perfect for outdoor use.

The furnace has inbuilt ignition; hence there is no need for matches, has a high cooking power, and can accommodate a ten-inch cooking pan.

The knobs of the stove are easy to handle and give perfect temperature control to the user.

With an 8.8 ounce butane cylinder, it guarantees more than one hour of cook time, which is quite useful in the great outdoors. The stove comes with a protective case.

2000 Piece World Map Puzzle

A 1000 piece puzzle is an old story, and it is time for a 2000 piece puzzle that is bound to test your husband’s puzzle building skills to no end.

The puzzle pieces have a glare free surface, making it effortless for the user to piece them together.

Produced by the world-renowned company Ravensburger, the puzzle is clearly printed with great detail. Your husband can have a great time piecing together this great puzzle.

Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Air dots

If you want to present your husband with characteristic headphones that don’t cost an arm and a leg, go for Xiaomi Air Dots.

This beautifully designed equipment is guaranteed to give a profound sound experience. The case itself charges the dots, so the user doesn’t have to worry about recharging while traveling.

Travel Toiletry Bag

Having a versatile toiletry bag to store all the personal care items is the ideal gift for your husband. This bag comes with many pockets that make it straightforward to keep all the necessary things.

It has a waterproof lining, which decreases the chances of spoiling anything else because of leakage. The various pockets allow storing small items such as blades and scissors effectively.

It is manufactured out of vegan leather that appoints it a great look, and the size of the bag is more extensive than usual kits available for more storage. The bag comes with a beautiful gift box.

Mesh Office Desk Organizer Set

Does your husband have OCD? In that case, make haste and select these organizers for him.

For his office set, why don’t you present him with a set of 6 organizers which will accommodate all of his files, stationery, and documents? The matching mesh pieces will give a sophisticated look to his office.

NEATOPTA Men Leatherette Valet Tray

Want your husband to keep his belonging in a more organized fashion? Get him a Valet tray, which will accommodate all of his personal use items such as phone, wallet, eye/ sunglasses, watches, keychains, etc.

The tray can be placed on a nightstand or in the dressing area.

Zippo Dragon Lighters

Zippo lighters have a class of their own. They are intricately designed and skillfully produced. It has a lifetime guarantee and is also windproof.

Your husband will love to own a Zippo Dragon Lighter or maybe help him build up a zippo lighter collection.

Panasonic Beard Trimmer

A beard is a man’s pride and a portrayal of his personal style. Help your husband keep his beard in shape all the time with the help of Panasonic Beard Trimmer made especially for men who like to go an extra mile in their beard care Regimen.

Mini Foosball Table

Who doesn’t love Foosball? Your husband will thank heavens for this wonderful gift because foosball is a game played by every teenager. Watch him gleefully play the game with his friends or even you (make sure to beat him at it!)

Pegboard Wall Tool Organizer Frame

Garage overflowing with husband’s beloved tool? Buy a wall tool organizer for him, which will not only look great but also keep everything within reach.

The frame and the pegs are made with high-grade steel and iron, which means no risk of tools falling off the frame due to breakage.

Portable Camping Kitchen Utensil Set

For a camper, food is a big part of the whole experience, and if they have the proper kitchen tools available, they can whip up a great dish in no time.

The AMZGO camping kitchen set has 27 pieces placed inside a bag. The collection includes kitchen items ranging from groom cutlery to spatulas, kitchen scissors, and a mini cutting board.

All the items are produced with high grade stainless steel and plastic.

In short, it is a mini kitchen on the go. Your spouse will enjoy his camping trips by grilling and making dishes in the great outdoors.

Portable Slim Power Bank

Tired of your husband’s phone staying out of reach because of battery issues? Give him a portable charger, and this problem will be solved.

He can charge his smart devices on the go and never will have to worry about low battery percentage.

Florsheim Men’s Cedar Shine Box

For your husband’s leather shoes, gift him a professional shoe shine kit. The seven-piece equipment enables a smooth shine to the leather shoes.

The footrest makes it even easier to get the shining process done. The compact size makes it portable as well.

Power on USB Charging Station Dock

Tired of finding smart devices charging all around the house?

Your problem is solved because the six slot USB charging station can accommodate up to six devices (compatible with Apple and Android) in one go, and thus, there are no more tangled wires all around the house.

The station can be placed at the bed side or in the study. Moreover, all the devices can be charged in one go.

Your husband will appreciate not having to move all over the house in order to charge his phones.

Origami to Astonish and Amuse

Does your man like to show off his party tricks? Add one more to the cache by gifting him a book on the art of origami.

He can learn how to make paper figures ranging from penknives to mini airplanes. He will enjoy honing up his origami skills with the help of this book.

Wordsearch 3 Book Gift Set

For a geeky companion, nothing can be more appealing than a word search puzzle. Give him a set of word search books and watch him whiling his evenings away, excitedly over the books.

Over 600 puzzles are divided into three books and packed in one box, which makes for a lovely presentation.

MOKOQI Magnetic Levitating Globe

Having a globe of earth on an office desk is a must-have. Why don’t you take the idea up a notch and get him a world that rotates in its magnetic LED-lit frame? It is bound to keep him amused and also spruce up the look of his office.  

Hamilton Beach Personal Blender

Hubby loves to make various kinds of smoothies and health drinks? Gift him a personal compact blender that will help him whip up single servings of his favorite healthy beverages on the go.

Maybe you can also get in on the action and enjoy your favorite smoothy as well.

ONIVA Portable Folding Camp Chair

Make your husband’s fishing/ camping trip more comfortable and fun by gifting a folding camp chair that he can take around with him easily.

The navy camp chair because compact and can be stored in any corner of the car. Or maybe get a pair for both of you.

Pour Over Coffee Maker

Is your man missing a freshly brewed cup of coffee from his favorite café? Why don’t you buy him a pour-over/ drip coffee maker of his own?

The kit has its glass container, measuring scoop, and a permanent filter. This equipment will make your husband become a barista in no time.

COOGI Wood Bookshelf / Desk Organiser

To make the bookworm in your partner happy, provide him a small bookshelf so that he can keep his favorite books with him. The shelf can also double as a desk organizer at the home office.

Or maybe you can also save some of your books on it.

Spiral LED Lamp

Men like having funky/ stylish decorative items.

For the room where he wants to hang out with friends/ plays video games, by an elegant spiral LED lamp that gives out three colors of light (white, natural white, and warm white) and two modes of brightness.

The lamp will make the room look more stylish.


Giving fabulous gifts is an art as it involves extensive thought process and concentration. Experts say that providing a magnificent present can actually have a positive impact on a relationship.

So choose carefully what you want to give as a gift from our homepage. We guarantee a list of items for you that will definitely help you make a great choice.