First Anniversary Gift Ideas for Girlfriend

Anniversaries are all about celebrating the special bond a couple shares, it is about celebrating the good, the bad and the happy memories a couple makes together. So, for your Girlfriend buy something that will surprise her immensely, something that she would want to use on a regular basis.

Women are often quite particular about the items they like to use in their daily lives, and thus gifts for them need to be chosen with utmost care.

We have compiled a list of gift ideas that will definitely make them happy as they are unique, stylish, and attractive. But do keep in mind that she would definitely want a dinner date along with a thoughtful gift.

Sony Mini Bluetooth Speaker

For girlfriends who are fond of relaxing baths with music playing in the background, a waterproof mini speaker is a great idea as it can be operated via Bluetooth and its compact size allows it to be placed anywhere. It can be used at parties, poolside, or even the beach, the owner can take it anywhere.

SMARTAKE Drawer Organizers

Drawer organizers reduce clutter and help a user place their belongings strategically in a small space. These plastic segregators can be used to arrange stationery, socks, undergarments, jewelry, and many more items. Your girlfriend can find innumerable ways in which to use these organizers.

Bamboo Charging Station/ Dock

For any person who owns multiple smart devices, a charging station can eliminate the need of plugging in various chargers all over the house because it can charge tablets, phones, smartwatches, and earpods in one place. It comes with a pack of charging cables compatible with devices of various companies.

Silk Scarf

Silk scarves are an ideal accessory aiming for a chick and stylish, yet undertone look. Made with mulberry silk, it has a beautiful pattern of rose flowers on it that women can use for formal and casual looks alike. They can wrap it around their necks or use it as a shawl, it will look great in any style!

Anti-Blue Light Glasses

Get this for your workaholic girlfriend who spends most of her time working away in front of the computer screen to protect her eyes from harmful rays. It blocks UV rays successfully resulting in better sleep quality and less harm to the eyesight. The pack includes a protective case, a glasses cleaner, and a tester.

Coffee Cup Warmer

This is recommended for ladies who work diligently throughout the day and hardly get time to enjoy a hot mug of coffee. This little wonder can keep the temperature of the drink hot for hours on end. It switches on and off automatically once filled or empty.

Innochen Food Stirrer

An automatic food stirrer is just what every home cook needs to ship up multiple dishes at one time. The battery-operated gadget has multiple speed settings so the cook can work on other recipes while the automatic stirrer works its magic.

Professional Pedicure Kit

Due to the pandemic, pedicure seems like a luxury of the past so get her a home pedicure session with this pedicure set for your favorite female. This kit includes eighteen tools used at any salon for perfectly clean and polished feet. They may not need to go to salons after they open up!

Digital Food Scale

Digital food scales are much more accurate at measuring the weight of a small number of ingredients. The scale can display the weight of the objects in six units and displays them on a mini LCD screen on the scale. It is perfect for recipes that require the ingredients to be measured in exact quantities.

Fenty Mini Gloss Bomb Collection

Fenty glosses have some of the most beautiful and attractive shades that are suitable for both young and old women alike. Enriched with Shea Butter and peach-vanilla fragrance, they provide a great look for parties and day-to-day looks alike.

Mini Essential Oils Diffuser

A portable essential oil diffuser is a must-have for working ladies so they can have a peaceful working environment. The diffuser has two mist modes (constant and intermittent) and built-in lights of seven colors that can double as night lights.

Timelike Crystal Wall Clock

Statement wall clocks are highly recommended for women who like unique pieces for decorating their home. This timepiece studded with crystals is stylish and eye-catching.

AeroGarden Indoor Hydroponic Garden

An indoor garden is for a lady who prefers to add fresh herbs to her dishes. The LED-lighted mini garden can be used to grow up to six herbs on the kitchen counter. She can even try to grow her vegetables in it.

Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker

A pour-over coffee maker with a permanent filter is an ideal present for ladies who prefer a fresh brew every morning. It is easy to use and clean and can make a barista out of any novice coffee maker. Don’t forget to ask for a fresh cup of coffee every time you visit!

Ivation Wine Gift Set

For wine lovers, a wine gift set can work wonders because it can make wine drinking much more relaxing and fun. It includes a wine opener, a wine aerator, and wine preserver, etc. With the help of this set, it becomes easy to open and pour wine from a bottle and also helps in vacuum sealing the remaining contents.

Bali Soaps Gift Set

Any woman who loves to experiment with unique beauty products would love a set of Bali soaps that have beautiful scents and are guaranteed to leave the skin moisturized and fresh-looking. The set of six soaps come in a beautiful box ready to be delivered.

Honey-can-do Dry Food Dispenser

With a dry food Dispenser, it becomes easier to dish out different kinds of cereal. It is ideal for big families as there are usually two or three kinds of cereals in the kitchen. Other than cereals and oats, rice and pulses can also be stored in them.

Large Reading Pillow

It may seem like a gift for teenage girls, but trust women of all ages would love to curl up against this large pillow with legs and read or binge-watch a show. Its soft fabric and plush filling make it an ideal backrest!

Classic Satin Pajama Set

Silk nigh suits are comfortable and guaranteed to aid a deep slumber. Available in various sizes, this set has the tendency to become an instant favorite of the owner due to its high-quality fabric and comfy design.

Travel Hair Curling Iron and Straightener

With this pair, women who are always on the go would never have to worry about hair styling again as it can be taken anywhere easily. The pair comes with a case so it Is easy to place them inside a bag and be used anywhere required.

Strerling Silver Hoope Earrings

Hoop Earrings are timeless as they look great with any type of clothes. These earrings have a classic style and are plated with rhodium to lend durability to them.

Senbowe Makeup Brush Cleaner

Ladies who use their multiple makeup brushes on a regular basis know how painstaking it is to clean them without damaging the brush thistles. An electric brush cleaner however can do this job in a matter of minutes without any damage. It has various sized collars for different brushes and multiple speed modes to ensure cleanliness.

BONAOK Bluetooth Microphone

Did someone say karaoke? We say yes! Well, this is what will happen if you give your favorite lady a Bluetooth portable microphone. This little microphone can be used in parties and meetings alike to make announcements and sing. Even though it has built-in speakers, the microphone can be connected to other speakers for a louder sound.

Sterling Silver Bracelet

A silver bracelet is perfect for a lady who never leaves home without a statement jewelry piece to compliment her outfit. The classic design will look great with both casual and formal clothes.

Sterling Silver Diamond Band Ring

Give this to a lady who has a ring collection akin to any queen because its beautiful design and built will make it an instant hit. Made out of sterling silver, it has diamond accents which give it a beautiful reflective glow.

Candle Making Kit

Buy this for a female who has candles all over her house! With this set, she can make beautifully scented candles and display them proudly. The set has molds, scents, wax, and other items required to make candles.

Bath Bombs Gift Set

Who doesn’t love bath bombs? Well, get this for her with eyes closed because she would love to have relaxing hot baths with these environment-friendly bombs. The ingredients used in them moisturize the skin and the essential oils provide a relaxing aroma.

Reebok Vector Crewneck Sweatshirt

Reebok clothes are trendy, comfortable, and durable. This shirt is an ideal present for women who prefer comfort and durability when it comes to clothes.

Furbo Dog Camera and Treat Dispenser

Get this for a lady who can’t bear to be away from her furry friend as this gadget doubles as a treat dispenser and a video camera. It has a sound and motion sensor which sends alerts to the phone of the pet owner if the pet barks. Moreover, video calls can be held with the pets through it as well!

Rolling Crystal Wine Glasses

A snazzy pair of wine glasses is just what every lady needs to enjoy a much-needed drink after a long tiring day. She can enjoy a perfect evening with her partner/ spouse or a friend and relive some of their favorite memories.

Memory Foam Slippers

Perfect for providing ease and comfort at home, these memory foam slippers are a dream for any lady to give her feet some relaxation after a long tiring day.

House Coat

This robe is made for ladies who like to appear stylish even while taking a nap on their sofa. The coat is ideal loungewear that provides warmth and comfort while being fashionable.

Dotted Journal Set

Bullet journaling is more creative and useful compared to conventional journal writing as it allows the writer to express their creative sides much more freely. This set is perfect for a lady who likes to express their personality in creative ways. The kit includes pens, markers, washi tapes, a dotted journal, stickers, etc. the pages of the journal are high quality and have a dotted grid matrix.

Acrylic Paint Set

Acrylic paints are much more user-friendly and fun to work with because unlike other types of paint, they can be paired with a variety of surfaces such as canvas, plastic, or cloth. They are a perfect gift for novice and professional painters alike.

BLACK + Decker Dustbuster Handheld Vacuum

Can you imagine a woman saying no to a new vacuum cleaner? Well, she will absolutely be delighted to get this one as a gift because its compact size and high power make it a great cleaning accessory. With its various attachments, it can squeeze/ scrouge out dust from any noon and cranny.

Nike Women Fast Crop

Nike leggings are made for ladies who are regulars at exercising. These high-waisted pants can stretch easily which makes them ideal for physical activity such as gym and running.

Prismacolor Coloring Book Kit

Coloring is a fun and creative way to spend leisure time as it provides relaxation and improves focus and hand dexterity. The set includes color pencils, an eraser, and a coloring booklet with beautiful pictures and images.

Galison History Museum Puzzle

This puzzle is made for a strong woman who is all in for women’s empowerment! It is all about females who have made their mark in the world and have a beautiful message engraved upon it. Made with high-quality materials, it is seamless and glaze-free.

Swiss Army Knife

A Swiss Army Knife is an unconventional but highly useful item for a modern woman who has to juggle various activities throughout the day. It has various tools and blades that can help endlessly in everyday life such as tweezers, toothpick, blades, and screwdrivers. She can carry it in her pocket or the bag is it a weapon for self-defense and a tool as well.

Makeup Mirror with Lights

For a lady who prefers to give her makeup look the perfect finish, a mirror with LED lights is idyllic as a gift because this trifold stand has three mirrors on a stand and lights to provide the ideal light settings for a perfect look. It can be powered with a USB cable or batteries easily. Trust us, she won’t leave home without using it every day!

Nixplay Smart Digital Photo Frame

A digital photo frame has the tendency to render conventional frames with printed photos useless because pictures can be shared on the frame directly from the phone. It is highly recommended for ladies who love to decorate their walls with family photographs.

Ember Temperature Control Mug

Get this for a working woman who cannot function without a hot mug of coffee/ tea. The mug can keep a liquid for up to eighty minutes and turns off once the mug is filled and switches when it senses the mug devoid of any liquid.

Rose Gold Desk organizer

Mesh Desk organizers can make any space look systematized and clean. There are various compartments in the organizer to hold small and big objects such as stationery items, memo pads, small notebooks, and pins and paperclips.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5

This band is one of the best fitness trackers in the world as it gauges the health and activity level of a user quite accurately. Furthermore, it can keep a track of sleep quality, heart rate, and menstruation cycles of women as well.

Initial Heart Pendant

The gold-plated initial pendant is timeless and beautiful. It would be a great addition to the jewelry collection of any lady. Young or old, it can become a prized accessory for women of all ages.

Scented Candles Set

Scented candles make for great decorative items as well as relaxants as their warm light and therapeutic scent make any room look fresh and beautiful. This set of eight candles is ideal for women who love candles everywhere.

Ruffled Long Body Kimono

A long kimono makes for a great gift item as it has endless uses. Women can wear it to the beach, or use it at a pool party, it can be worn over pajamas at home or they can pair it with a simple shirt and jeans, the list goes on and on.

Vera Wang Princess Eu de Toilette Spray for Women

Vera Wang is known for superior quality and unique products and this fragrance is no exception. The scent accentuates when applied to damp and moisturized skin. Any woman would love to smell flowers and vanilla and it is perfect for a night out with friends!

Fridge Storage Bins Set

Organizers for the fridge help in creating more space by tactfully placing various contents of the fridge. The bins are available in various sizes for different items such as vegetables, eggs, and bottles. Any woman fond of cooking would absolutely love to organize her fridge with them!

Chihee Hammock Chair

Trust us no woman ever can say no to a hammock chair in the bedroom as it is the most perfect way to relax after a long and tiring day. Anyone would love to lounge on it with a book for long hours. It can also be placed on the patio.

HANKEY Extendable Bamboo Bath Caddy

Help your favorite lady take long hot baths with style with the help of a bathtub caddy which can hold all her favorite bathtub essentials such as snacks, a glass of her favorite drink, and her phone/ book. The caddy is extendible so its size can be altered to fit the size of the bathtub.

Astory Laptop Bed Table

Make work at home easier by gifting a bed table to a lady who prefers to work from her bed. The table has foldable legs and has enough space to accommodate a laptop, a memo pad, a phone, a phone slot, and a glass/ bottle slot. It can also be used to have meals.

Cook once, eat all Week – Cookbook

Designed for working women who prefer healthy meals but can’t cook due to time constraints, this book has tons of recipes that can be made in bulk and consumed throughout the week.

Wine Stakes

People who love to take their favorite wine along for picnics could use wine stakes to keep their wine bottles and wine glasses upright. The five-piece set can be pegged into the ground easily and wine bottles and glasses can be placed safely on them. They reduce the risk of glasses toppling over on even ground.

Broadway Apparel Socks in Bulk

Women can’t ever have enough socks! Period! This 36 pair pack is a lifetime supply of socks that she needs in her life to stop worrying about a clean pair all the time. She will be grateful to you for life.

Finishing Touch Facial Roller and Massager

Facial massagers are the best DIY treatment to prevent aging and fine lines. It promotes collagen and aids blood circulation. This vibrating massager comes with an eye press that can help reduce puffiness and eye bags.

SOCOSY Marble Jewelry Tray

A marble jewelry tray is a convenient and aesthetically pleasing way to place and store everyday jewelry items. The gold and white colors of the tray blend in with silver and gold jewelry and give an ethereal feel. It can be placed on the dresser or the cabinet surface.

Personal Blender

For a lady known for her love for smoothies and shakes buy a personal blender that she can use precisely for whipping up healthy drinks all the time. She can even store it in her office to have a healthy beverage at work!

MSBASICS Summer Beach Dress

Summer is a time for sleeveless dresses with floral prints that bring with them a breezy and fresh feel! This dress has a print of sunflowers that signifies beauty and brightness. Women can wear it to the beach, the park, or parties, it will work anywhere!

Brome Bird Feeder

Bird feeders are a great way to attract wild birds of various species into the garden but squirrels can be a nuisance as they also love to munch on the bird feeder. This little bird feeder however is squirrel proof so the birds can have a great meal!

Crocs Baya Clogs

Do Crocs need any introduction? Get this pair for an outdoorsy woman who cannot be stopped from spending time outside come rain or sun. They are perfect for rainy days or sunny days as they do not get damaged by water, they are comfortable and extremely easy to clean.

Kindle Essentials Bundle

With an upgrade to conventional reading techniques, a user can read unlimited texts and books in one place with the help of this tablet. Its new technology allows the user to read in the sun as well as shade as it has an anti-glare surface.

ONIVA Garden Tool Set

For a lady who can’t bear to spend a day away from her beloved garden, buy a gardening kit that includes a small stool to sit on. All the stainless steel tools and the foldable stool can be packed in a bag neatly to be stored in the shed. The steel tools are rust-proof and durable.

The Body Shop Hemp Power Duo

Hemp seed oil is known for its moisturizing effects and this pair of products from The Body Shop are packed with the good of it! The shower gel and the hand protector will replenish the moisture of the skin and will make it healthier and beautiful.

Remington Multi Hairstyler

A hairstyle with various attachments is just what a modern and fashionable loved one needs to make hairstyles that accentuate her everyday look. All hairstyling attachments are designed and built to help style hair easily and not damage the hair.

BlueHills Luxury Pillowcase Gift Set

Silk pillowcases are recommended for women with long tresses as they provide a smooth surface that prevents hair from tangling and breaking. Furthermore, the silk eye patch provides comfort to the eyes and aids in acquiring a deep slumber.

OPI Positive Vibes Nail polishes

OPI is a name that needs no introduction when it comes to nail polishes. This set of thee colors provides a shiny finish that will last for days (eleven days) and the beautiful shades of the nail polish will look great with clothing of all colors.

Naked Eye Shadow Makeup Palette

This palette has twelve matted pigment eyeshades in nude colors that can be applied for parties/ formal events and day-to-day activities alike. There are so many color schemes that can be applied with all the shades that girlfriends can give their eyes a different look each day of the year,

Electric Heated Blanket

Electric blankets are recommended for women who love to cuddle on their favorite sofa and read on cold nights. The smart blanket has numerous heating levels and turns off once the heat reaches the maximum level.

Beaded Napkin Rings

Buy napkin rings for a woman whose table is known for superior style as well as taste. These beaded napkin rings are recommended for formal casual parties as they are classy and trendy.

Kate Spade Crossbody Bag

Crossbody bags are the latest bag trend that is here to stay as it is easier to carry them around, they keep the contents safer and their large size makes for a lot of storage. This Kate Spade Bag is recommended for women of all ages. Don’t forget to take her out on a dinner date!


While looking for a gift for your girlfriend, keep in mind that all women don’t like flashy items. Rather, they like classy objects that bring with them a sense of tranquility and class.

So worry not about choosing something on your own as Each and every one of the items listed above are equally worthy of being given as gifts because they are not only stylish, they are also quite useful in day-to-day activities.

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