Fantastic Gift Ideas for Brother

You want to buy a gift for your brother and you are all out of ideas? Well not to worry because we have your back.

We have prepared a list of gift ideas so that you can impress your brother and the bond between your siblings grows stronger than ever. Here is a list of amazing gifts for your lovely brother:

Sauce it up

Spice up your brother’s life with this kit. This innovative gift will serve as a unique gift as it has 5 generations of natural spice blends and peppers.

The kit even has recipes, bottles, funnels, labeling stickers, and everything you need. Your brother can easily create new hot sauces according to his taste.

Survival kit

If your brother is a survivalist or if he loves to go hiking or camping this is definitely a gift you should buy for him.

For someone who loves to in the wilderness to explore this is all, he needs in case of any emergency. This is the ultimate gift for anyone who loves to pretend that a zombie apocalypse is coming.

It has 46 products which are essential for any disaster. This kit can also help develop survival skills for your brother if he is a young child.

Peanut butter cup

This is a great gift for anyone who loves snacks. If your brother is a fan of snacks and he loves to eat nutty snacks, this box will make him happy and he will appreciate your presence in his life whenever he takes a bite out of one of these.

Scratch Poster

This multicolored scratch poster is a perfect gift for your brother. This is a gift that will give your brother a sense of purpose when he is bored and wants to do something.

This poster with 100 activities will keep him entertained and busy. It is an ideal gift for anyone who is adventurous and curious.

The gift box for this poster is triangular in shape. This poster will make him feel in control and will help him accomplish small to life-altering things.

Growing kit

A perfect gift for your brother, if he is an environmentalist and a plant lover. Basically, you will be providing him the means to start his own mini forest.

It is a complete gardening kit and comes with a book by the bonsai expert containing everything you need to know about Bonsai.

Everything is made from bamboo and steel, it has shears and scissors and not only those but also a rake and spades. It even has a bamboo brush. It is unquestionably a beautiful gift for your brother.


If your brother is a dog lover then this is a sweatshirt you should undoubtedly gift him. This sweatshirt features a bulldog on the front and is available in 8 different colors and 6 sizes.

This shirt is warm, cozy, and very fashionable. The shirt is printed on the shirt using eco-friendly ink.

3D printer

Turn your brother’s dream into reality by gifting him this printer. The printer resumes printing from the lastly recorded position of the extruder even after a power loss.

The printer will help your brother explore his innovative side and try and make new things.

It is portable and is partially assembled which makes it easy to set up. It is a creative experience as well as an educational one.

Electric Jellyfish Tank Table Lamp

A perfect gift for your brother who can need to calm down and experience something soothing. This lamp has realistic floating jellyfish and color-changing LEDs.

The lamp can help your brother clear his mind and relax. The lamp helps in bringing the essence of the ocean to your home.

Gift this to your brother and he will appreciate it because this will definitely calm his nerves down.

Toilet Timer

If you and your brother share a bond that can stand the test of time and if you both constantly joke with each other, well in that case this is one funny gift you should definitely gift him.

This timer gives the occupant of the toilet seat 5 minutes to do whatever he business he needs to do. This will definitely help in spending less time in his washroom.

Exceptionally Bad Dad Jokes

If you have a brother who has children well then this gift is a dream come true for him.

A dad is incomplete without his dad jokes and this will help him embarrass his kids. This book is filled with family-friendly but witty jokes that he will cherish forever.

Unisex LED Beanie Hat

For your brother who loves to go camping or even taking the dog out for a walk at night, this is the ideal gift.

The beanie cap has 4 LEDs on its front to provide light in the dark which are rechargeable. The beanie cap comes in one size that fits all and is available in 12 colors. The LEDs are removable too.

Back and neck massager

For your brother who works out and exercises a lot, fatigue and stress are a given. To relieve him of his pain especially in his back and neck gift him this massager.

This massager will help him soothe and ease his pain. This will help him with his minor pains and he will easily enjoy all the moments in his life.

3D Push Pin Wood World Map

This is a fantastic gift for your brother who loves to travel and has an adventurous soul. This is a map of the world with the names of all the countries made of birch wood.

The map is handmade and is available in 4 colors. It is easy to install and contains the names of oceans as well.

Smart Wireless Meat Thermometer

This is the best gift for your brother who is a chef and loves meat. The temperature of the meat can be monitored from far away once the thermometer has been inserted in the meat.

The app monitors the temperature while the thermometer measures the temperature.

Safety Grip Work Gloves

Whether your brother has to work in the construction industry or whether he has to work with sharp tools in his house, his hands are always at the risk of getting hurt.

To save his hands, get him these safety work gloves. These gloves have doyentrontex liner which has a palm coating of polyurethane which makes it highly cut resistant.

Firetruck Hot Sauce Sampler Set

For your brother who is a fan of Fire trucks and hot sauces, this is the perfect gift. This truck contains 7 different hot sauces and comes in amazing fire truck packaging. It is an excellent choice of gift for anyone who loves spicy food.

Wooden Docking Station

To make your brother more organized gift him this docking station so that all of his things are in one place and he does not create a mess.

This docking station will only take a little space and keep his personal space clutter-free. All of his personal belongings will be docked in their positions.

Rolling Cooler Ice Chest

If your brother loves to host outdoor parties, then this is the gift you need to give him. This cooler comes in stylish colors and is easily portable.

It has wheels so it can easily be moved anywhere and even has locks on the wheels to dock it in one place. This cooler is spacious and can easily hold a ton of beverages and ice.

Massage Gun

This battery-powered massage gun is ideal for your brother who loves to work out. This gun is perfect for post-workout deep massage.

It has 20-speed settings and 6 interchangeable heads which are made for specific muscles. This gun is very light in weight and easily portable.

Hooded Thick Star Wars Dressing Gown

This fleece robe is an excellent gift for your brother who is a fan of Stars Wars. This robe is available in 8 different sizes and is very comfy.

It’s made in a way to resemble a Jedi’s uniform. This robe has a belt, wide sleeves, and a very large hood. The robe even has a Jedi logo on it.

Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

For a brother who is a music lover, this is undoubtedly a thoughtful gift. These Bluetooth speakers are 5 in total and can work independently as well as together.

The innovative design of these speakers makes them easy to carry. If used as one speaker it has the capability to turn his room into a boom box.

Smart Notebook

For your environmentalist brother, this gift is a perfect choice because this book can be used again and again.

This is a unique gift for your brother, the pages are reusable, all your brother needs to do is put it in the microwave and the book is as good as new. The pages are saved in the cloud so need to worry about the lost pages.

Sandwich maker

If your brother does not like to cook and depends on you or anyone else for his breakfast, then gift him this sandwich maker. This sandwich maker has 3 removable grill plates and is very easy to use.

This sandwich maker can be used easily and quickly to make waffles and sandwiches.

The third grill plate is to be used for grilling. Getting this for your brother will make sure that he will take the matters of his breakfast in his own hands.

DNA Ancestry Test Kit

Another unique idea for your brother is this Ancestry kit. Using his swab, he can find just how many countries his DNA belongs to.

This kit will help him trace his ethnic origins. The test only takes 2 minutes and the results come in 3-4 weeks.

Smoke Infuser Cloche

This crystal plastic dome cover is suitable for all kinds of plates and beverages less than 12 inches in diameter and 4.8 inches in height.

This dome even has a rubber hose for smoke infusing gun or any other smoke generator gun. This dome is a perfect gift for any brother who likes to add the wow element to his dishes.

Aluminum Cardholder

For your brother who is a minimalist, this is an ideal gift. Get him one of these to keep all his important cards in one place.

This Aluminum cardholder can up to 12 cards and is thinner than the normal wallet. Your brother will no longer fuss about not finding his cards.

Fishing rod case organizer

For your brother who loves fishing, this is an amazing gift. He no longer has to worry about his fishing rods and reels, this will help him keep them organized and in one place.

It protects the rods and reels from any damage that can be caused by an impact. This will help keep a lot more stuff in a single bag. Your brother can just use the single rod bag or with the protective cases.

Romantic Card Game

If your brother is married then you need to gift him this card game so that not only him but his better half can have a little bit of fun.

This game will help him bond with his better half if he is newly married and even if he is not newly married it will still make his relationship stronger.

This card game will help him and his partner have deep conversations and they will surely cherish this gift.

Rememory Game

A sentimental gift to trigger your brother’s memory. This game will help him relive and cherish all his beautiful memories which he has forgotten.

The game consists of cards that will help him remember a long-forgotten memory by not only remembering the moment but also the time, place, and person associated with it.

Magnetic wristband and cordless drill holster bundle

For your brother who loves to fix everything himself. Give him a third helping hand and watch him being excited while fixing things.

You will not be holding his tools for him anymore especially his cordless drill machine. This holster has multiple pockets and a safety strap with easy release. It is definitely a useful gift.

Organic Mushroom Growing Kit

Give your brother the luxury of growing his own organic mushrooms. This kit will help in growing mushrooms indoors if it is not possible for him to grow them outside.

He can keep this on his coffee table or any other desk, as it only requires room temperature and light watering.

Whiskey Aging Barrel

This barrel can store your brother’s whiskey until it has reached the peak of its flavor. The barrel can be personalized and customized according to your satisfaction.

The barrel can come with instructions on how to cure the whiskey and even help him create his own whiskey.

5 in 1 Engineer Ballpoint

This pen has an innovative design. It consists of a ruler, screwdriver, stylus, screwdriver, and a ballpoint pen.

The pen is reusable all it needs is a mini refill. The ink color of this pen is black. This pen will surely stay with your brother for a very long time.

Cocktail Grow Kit

For your brother who loves to make his own cocktails, this is an excellent gift. This kit contains everything he needs to make his own cocktails.

It comes in a recycled egg carton which contains 6 different kinds of seeds, soil, pencil, wooden plant stakes, and instructions. Your brother will undoubtedly enjoy making his own cocktail garden.

Beard Bib

If your brother is a mess maker when he is in the washroom while grooming his beard then you need to get him this bib.

This bib will prevent him from making a mess while trimming his beard and whiskers and you will never have an untidy washroom ever again.

Anti-Theft Backpack

This polyester bag is perfect to save your brother from getting his possessions stolen. This bag has a hidden zipper and is cut-proof.

The bag even has secret pockets and a secret USB port for charging. The fabric is water repellent and the bag has a shockproof design.


If you are tired of your brother drilling through an electrical wire or a water pipe while trying to fix everything get him this gadget.

This gadget can easily see through the wall and detect wires, pipes, studs, connections and even bugs. This gadget is a unique and helpful gift for your brother.

Touker Viking Drinking Mug

If your brother is a Viking fan, this gift is a wonderful choice for him. This hand-painted mug features a Viking helmet that has a skull and Ram horns serve as the handles. The mug is shiny and smooth from the inside. It has a capacity of holding 550ml (18 oz) of beer.

Geek Watch

This watch is ideal for a brother who loves Math and is a nerd. This watch features a mathematical equation for every number on the dial and your brother who loves to solve them will surely love this watch. As a brainiac, he will enjoy solving an equation every time he looks at it to check the time.

Revolution Balance Board Trainer

If your brother is aiming to try surfing then you need to get him this trainer board which will help him strengthen his core muscles.

This board will also help him with his balance and prepare him for any situation that he will counter when he actually goes surfing.

It will help him with techniques to make sure his whole body works in unison when put to test against water waves.

Dinosaur Mugs

If your brother is a child who loves dinosaurs, you need to gift him this mug but even if he is not a child anymore it will make a really fun gift.

This mug will motivate him every day with the messages written on it such as “Today will be T-Riffic” and “Let the hear you Rawr”.

Roasting tools

If your brother loves to cook food on fire when he goes camping then you need to gift him these tools.

These tools will help him cook his food properly so that his food is no longer uncooked or burnt. It will make sure your camping food is cooked to perfection. It even has a fishing pole stand.

Handheld Vacuum

If your brother loves a clean space, make him happy by gifting him this handheld vacuum. He can easily keep his personal space or even his car clean with this vacuum. He can easily carry it around and pick up small debris from anywhere.


For your brother who loves games, this is an amazing gift. This set consists of 12 pieces and at a time 4 people can play.

It is not only a game but also an exercise. The pucks can easily slide on any flat surface and your brother will surely enjoy playing with this set.

Marble tray

For your brother who likes to carry all the things at once get him this tray. He can easily carry everything in a stylish tray. This tray can even serve as a book holder or his jewelry holder.

Adjustable Dumbbells

For your fitness-obsessed brother, these adjustable dumbbells are a wonderful gift. This dumbbell can help your brother do both dumbbell and barbell training.

The weight of the dumbbells can be easily adjusted by the adjustable weight plates.

To keep your brother tension-free it has a special double-locking nut design to prevent the weight plates from falling down.

Electric Air Fryer

Give your brother the comfort of eating his favorite food guilt-free. The air fryer is the perfect solution to get rid of the calories gained by the oil consumption, your brother will be forever grateful to you for this fryer.

Rotating Pizza Oven

If your brother loves eating pizza then you should gift him a means to make it at home. This rotating pizza oven will let him make pizza while he is doing something else.

The oven has top and bottom heating and the pizza rotates on it continuously. Your brother can easily control the top and bottom heating according to his needs.

It saves energy as compared to the traditional oven and the pizza is always tasty and baked to perfection.

Wall Prints

A fan of Stars Wars fan will definitely love these posters. To hype up your brother’s personal space gift him these posters. These posters do not come framed so he has the freedom to choose the frames as he pleases.

It is a set of 8 posters and includes posters of AT AT Walker, Tie fighter, Bobba Fett, Imperial shuttle, etc. These posters will definitely be a one-of-a-kind gift.

Party game

This is a wonderful gift for your brother who loves to party all the time. Give him the perfect game to play with his friends whenever he is the host.

He will enjoy this game with his friends or even when he invites the whole family for lunch or dinner. He will have something to keep the party alive and he will be forever grateful to you.

Nintendo Switch lite

For your brother, who loves gaming this is an ideal gift. This handheld console is lighter and portable. It has a unique sleek design and is available in 4 colors.

The Nintendo switch light is very efficient for programming on the go. Any gamer would be lucky to have this as a gift.

May Contain Alcohol Coffee Mug

This camping mug is a wonderful gift for any camper. The mug will put a smile on the face of anyone who is using it. It is ideal for drinking beer, coffee, juice, or any other liquid. Your brother will love taking it on his camping trips.

Retro Flip Down Clock

You want your brother to keep track of time then this is the perfect gift for him. This clock is operated by gear and he can easily adjust the date.

It will look good on any surface. The clock has a body of stainless steel and will look cool anywhere. It will add a retro look to any room it is placed in.

Celestron Backpack Eclipse Telescope

If your brother loves stargazing, nothing is a better gift than this telescope. Give him the luxury of watching the stars in great detail from the comfort of his own room.

This telescope is portable and can be taken anywhere easily. Your brother can easily observe the moon or the eclipse with great pleasure using this telescope.

Dot&Dot Electronics Organizer

This organizer is an excellent choice of gift for your brother so he can keep all his electronics in one place.

This organizer is great not just because all his electronic equipment will be in one place but also because he can carry them easily from one place to another.

It even has a cord organizer for all kinds of cables and has flexible padding to protect the electronics. The exterior of the organizer is water-repellent.

Sous Vide Cooker

This cooker will help your brother up his cooking game. This cooker can cook almost everything to perfection without any fuss.

It is extremely accurate in terms of temperature. The cooker will ensure that he gets professional standard food at home. It is easy to use and clean.

Drink Tank

You are confused about getting your brother a gift because he has a traveler’s spirit. Well, worry no more because we have a solution to your problem.

Gift him this growler so he can enjoy all his drinks at the optimum temperature.

The insulated drink tank is designed in such a way that it has carbonation preservation.  The hot drinks stay hot for at least 12 hours.

Outdoor Vault

Your brother keeps on losing his valuable possessions then you need to gift him this portable vault.

This vault can be attached to any piece of furniture like a chair, it can even attach to his bike or any other rail-like surface. It’s extremely spacious and can hold things like jewelry, phone, wallets and a lot more.

Bottle Loft

If your brother is always complaining about less space in his refrigerator you can easily cater his complaint. Gift him these storage strips and relieve him of his tension.

Every strip has three really strong magnets to stick his favorite beer with the ceiling of his refrigerator. The strips can easily stick to any spot with their adhesive. The strips provide space in the refrigerator.

Beard Grooming Set

If your brother is a fan of his facial hair then gift him this grooming kit to show him that you care about him and his hygiene. This set consists of oils, conditioners, waxes, and balms.

This set is not only used for beard grooming but can also be used to soften and style it. This set can also be used for mustaches.

Handmade Maple Wood Sunglasses

For your style-conscious brother who likes to stay up to date with modern-day fashion, this pair of handmade glasses are a perfect gift.

These glasses are made from bamboo and even have antiglare lenses which are polarized to prevent the eyes from getting hit by UVA rays. The glasses are secured in a wooden case which is extremely beautiful.

Rick and Morty Total Rickall Cooperative Card Game

This card game is a perfect gift for any Rick and Morty fan. It is a very easy game to learn and features a lot of characters from the episodes. It even has an added feature of advanced play where hidden roles are introduced. Your brother will love this game.

Goodthreads’ collection of men’s clothing

This half-sleeved 100 % cotton shirt is the perfect gift for your brother. This shirt is crafted with so much care that your brother will feel it was made for him. This shirt can be worn every day and is a casual shirt.

Cooling Towel

This cooling towel is extremely easy to use. For a heat relief that is long-lasting this is an exceptional choice. All your brother needs to do is to soak it in cold water then wring it out and drape it on his shoulders around his neck.

If it gets a little too warm all he needs to do is soak it in cold water again. This is a perfect gift for your brother to provide him relief after a workout of any kind.

Gaming Headset

This gaming headset is a perfect gift for your brother who enjoys gaming. This gaming headset is compatible with Windows, MAC OS PC, PS4, PS5, iOS, Nintendo switch, Android devices, and many others.

The headset contains a chip that can easily reduce noise. The headset is carefully designed for practicality and durability. It’s comfortable to wear.

Set of Two Forest Landscape Whiskey Glasses

This set of hand-blown glass is perfect for your nature-loving brother. These glasses have a landscape of black and white forest printed on them.

If your brother loves to explore nature he would love this set and would not even shy away from showing off in front of his friends. These glasses are made from crystal and can hold 11 oz of whiskey along with whiskey stones and ice cubes.


Gift your brother the comfort of walking in comfortable shoes. These uggs are very stylish and have synthetic soles. They offer practicality and utility. They can be worn on a night out with the boys or a house party. Your brother will adore these uggs.

Beer Cap State Maps

Give your brother these maps and he will have an excess to a fun activity. These state maps are made from high-quality wood and all they require are beer caps.

Your brother does not have to throw away his favorite beer caps anymore, just fill these maps will his favorite ones. You can order all the states or his favorite one.

Notepaper Roller

If your brother loves making lists for his daily chores then get him this notepaper roller. This roller can be hanged on the wall. The roller has a rustic look but is extremely handy and will help him make list anywhere. The Roll is refillable and paper can be used to make any kind of list.

Camera bag

You have a brother who loves taking his camera everywhere to take pictures but he does not have a camera bag and carries all his accessories in his hand.

Well, it is about time you gift him this camera bag that will not only house his camera but all its accessories as well. Each lens will have a separate housing according to his customization and all the equipment will stay scratch-free.

Leather Phone Case

Your brother will love this thoughtful gift. Give him this leather case and watch him glow. This phone case even has a cardholder and can be clipped on his belt. The phone holder can house iPhone 6/6s/7/8. The case is proof of the finest craftsmanship.


If your brother is a fan of movies you need to gift him this mini projector. This mini projector is easy to hold and can be carried anywhere.

Your brother can enjoy videos on it indoors or even outdoor. The project interfaces with multiple media such as TVs, Laptops, Ipads, etc through multiple ports.

Skeleton Bottle Opener

If you want to buy your brother something unique, well worry no more. Get him this bottle opener that looks like a skeleton clenched claw. This bottle opener is made of cast iron and will be the life of any party.

Garmin Handheld GPS Navigator

This navigator is supporting both GPS and GLONASS satellite systems for tracking. It has high sensitivity and can track very accurately in a challenging environment.

This navigator is literally the best gift for a hiker because it is equipped with Topo active maps and even has real-time displays of roads and treks.

Bocce Ball Set

Make sure your brother has fun with whatever you are gifting him. To promote a healthy outdoor activity get him this Bocce Ball set so he enjoys lawn bowling.

This set consists of a bag, 8 bocce balls, 1 palliono, and a measuring rope. These balls are durable and crack resistant.

Wall Bottle Opener

With this bottle opener, your brother will never have to worry about finding a bottle opener again. The bottle opener can be attached to any wall and the caps fall in the basket. The opener can quickly open any bottle with just one hand.

Embrava Sports Water Bottle

If you want to make sure your brother stays hydrated get him this bottle. It is very lightweight and designed in a very functional way.

The body is overall leakage-proof and is completely recyclable. The bottle is shatter resistant and is made of BPA-free Co-polyester.

Cool Running Shoes

If your brother loves running and is one of those athletic types then you need to buy these super comfy and lightweight shoes for him.

These shoes have ventilation to make sure that the foot is comfortable and dry. The shoes are designed in such a way that they are anti-skid and have a strong grip.

Otter Wax boot wax

This non-toxic and 100% natural wax is safe to use on leather in any color. This wax can be used on shoes, belts, bags, hats, and much more.

Wax will leave will not only clean your leather but also make it shiny and conditioned. If your brother is a fan of leather, gift him this wax and he will be forever grateful to you.

Portable Campfire

If your brother loves to go camping but does not know how to light a campfire or always takes time to light one, well we have got just the item to save his time.

This portable pop-up fire pit is portable and an excellent gift for your brother. This fire pit can light a fire anywhere at any time.

The design is easy to assemble and dissemble. The fire produced has 80 % less smoke and lights up in less than 1 minute.

Wooden beer sample serving rack

For your brother who is a fan of beer tasting, this rustic set is an ideal gift. It features 4 glasses that can be used to taste different kinds of beers.

The handles of the set allow it to be carried from one place to another easily. Your brother will be delighted to have this gift from you.

Relative Insanity Party Game

Get your brother an insane game that he always needed. This is a fun game where you can make fun of your relatives and you somehow get a chance to get back at them. Your brother will enjoy playing this game.

Pizza socks

Your brother is a pizza lover who will eat pizza every other day? Well, we are not exactly talking about getting him a pizza every day but get him this box of pizza socks. These socks come in a box that actually resembles a pizza box and socks look like slices of pizza.

Personalized Record Print Personalized Vinyl Record

Get your brother a personalized Vinyl Record print. Get his favorite song printed on it and let him hang it on his wall. It will be a unique gift and will give a retro look. The print will be framed exceptionally.

Hookey ring toss game

Give your brother a set of hookey ring toss games and watch him play it with the whole family. It is a game that can be played indoors as well as outdoor. This game will create moments that he will cherish forever.

3 in 1 charging stand

Gift your brother this stand and he will be forever grateful to you. This stand will allow him to keep three of his most valued gadgets charged.  This stand does not take a lot of space and hence saves a lot of mess.

Sleep Aid Device

To show your brother you really care about him gift him this sleep aid device to calm his nerves. This device will help him with his anxiety and insomnia. He will start sleeping better after using this.

Wilderness Print

For your brother who has a traveler’s soul, this poster is an ideal gift. This poster will calm him down until he plans his next trip. This poster is suitable to be displayed in any corner of his house.

Pizza stone

This pizza stone makes sure that the pizza is thoroughly cooked and a better crust than a regular homemade pizza.

It’s made from ceramic and has a protective glaze coating. It has double the preheating speed as compared to other pizza stones and it even comes with a wheel cutter.

Airpods Case

Give your brother this case so he never loses his Airpods ever again. This case is compatible with wireless charging and is made of silicone material that is shock-resistant.

This case has a strap with it so that this case can be attached to other things such as bags, key chains, purses, etc.

Smartphone Sanitizer

Our phones are known for cultivating bacteria and to get rid of those bacteria you should get your brother this phone sanitizer. This sanitizer cleans the phone and sterilizes even from places that are difficult to reach using wipes.

It has 3 preset cleaning cycles of time and your brother can press a button to select one of his choices. It is very easy to use.

Deep Sea Sand Art

This sand art in transparent glass is relaxing and always shows a different view once rotated. The water droplets inside let you enjoy the quicksand.

It definitely is a unique gift. Your brother will enjoy watching the sand falling down slowly and creating a beautiful scene.

Breathing necklace

This necklace will be a gentle reminder for your brother to breathe. It basically slows down the breathing process and calms down the person.

It helps increase the lung capacity by making sure the person is reminded of taking fuller breaths. It helps to relieve anxiety.

Shower Beer Holder

This beer holder sticks to any shiny surface like mirror, metal, marble, glass, tiles, etc. It has a patented grip technology and installing it on any surface is very easy.

It works as a stick and peel sticker. Your brother can mount it on a dry surface and make sure there are no air bubbles on the surface. It even has holes in the bottom so it does not fill with water.

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