Birthday Gift Ideas for a Girl You Just Started Dating

Fallen deeply in love with the girl you just started dating and her birthday is just around the corner?

Don’t miss the opportunity as it’s the perfect time to express your feelings by choosing an appropriate gift for her. It should not be some random gift picked up from your nearest gift shop.

Rather make her feel special through unique and creative gift ideas.

You can find a number of such trendy and classic gifts available on Amazon and if carefully chosen, will express all you want to say to your love.

If you find it too hard to select from hundreds of online gifts available, we are here to help you.

As you can choose among these top-rated presents to win your new date’s heart on her special day:

Waneway Screen Makeup Mirror

Every girl loves wearing makeup and applying it the correct way is an art. If you want this art to be performed well by her gift her this makeup mirror which in an all-in-one package to enhance her beauty.

LED Lights, adjustable angles, magnifying glass, and touch control make this vanity mirror a must-have item in your girl’s beauty kit.

She surely would be beautiful but getting ready in front of this tabletop mirror will make her look flawless.

Explosion Gift Album Box

Box within a box within the box this unique Gift box lets the surprise continued throughout its 6 layers.

You can load the first five layers with cards, pictures quotes, and such love stuff which will open one after the other in a flower blooming manner.

The sixth one being a small box that can hold a ring, bracelet, or special belonging to present be presented with creativity.

By choosing this gift, you can summarise your love journey to reach a conclusion with whatever you find worth filling the box.

Urbanseasons Beauty and Beast Rose

You surely are not the beast but why not realize your beauty that you have fallen for her more than the hero of the classic story of love?

Like that one flower that bounded beauty and the beast together this never fade red rose wrapped with small LEDs hopefully lights up your love life.

Those who don’t like the magical touch of fairy lights can even detach them to modify this decorative item.

Yamonic Flower rose with a necklace

Express your feelings to your love with a promise that they will never fade as this Yamonic real preserved rose.

If she accepts your emotions ask her to open the case beneath to get the locket with “I Love You” written in 100 different languages.

She might not be able to read them all yet will get a true picture of how much you love her.

Sonsien Scented Candles

Whether it’s the twinkling light or warmth generated, there is something magical about candles. You can light them on any occasion to enhance the romance in the atmosphere.

If you are planning to present candles to your girlfriend on her birthday add an extra spice to this idea by choosing Sonsien Scented Candles.

Available in eight different scents and housed in beautifully designed candle jars these candles are a true piece of art.

This comes along with a lid and after the aromatherapy is over you can cover it to make a perfect decorative item for your living area.

Savvy Infusion Water Bottles

Is your girl among those who take fitness seriously? Why not help her meet her health target with the most appropriate fitness gift.

Whether she likes to jog regularly or goes to the gym this easy-to-carry and Leakproof bottle provides her all nutrients she needs during workouts.

This infusion bottle unlike its league is easier to carry and clean as well. As a bonus, you will also get many interesting infusion recipes in the package.

Boldloft Couple His and Her Gifts

Like other his and her customized gifts these drinking glasses can communicate your affection to your love.

Whether you are there with her or far apart these glasses for two will remind her of you all the time.

You can also get the same his and her customization done on Mugs and pillowcases for her birthday.

Inspirational Cuff Bracelet

Why not present her a motivational gift serving the purpose of the ornament with a hidden message that is a secret between you and her?

This cuff bracelet is a mirror-polished, easy-to-adjust wrist bracelet that she can wear casually.

Every time she takes it off her heart will be filled with confidence reading the message on the inside to find you are always backing her.

Primitive Kathy’s Classy Box Sign

“I could love you longer” Do you want to say it to her again and again? Make your way through this wooden classic primitive design element.

Whether she makes it stand on a shelf/table or hang it on the wall every glance at it will remind her how deeply you are in love with her.

Luna Bean Hand Casting Moulding Kit

Want to hold her hand for the rest of your life? Ask her out in an innovative way with Luna Bean Casting Moulding Kit.

As soon as she says yes freeze the moment forever and gift her this special hand-in-hand mold casting. The casting kit is a complete package with easy-to-follow instructions inside.

Catana Day-to-Day Calendar

Presented by Cantana Chetwynd famous relationship comic artist this table calendar can help you share a moment of love daily in the most interesting way.

Both of you will find these adorable and silly relationship quirks comics much relatable. Make her think about you differently with every new rising day with this smart gift.

What About Journal- The Questionnaire Book to know each other

Since you both are together how much you are able to know about each other?

Whether you know it all or want to know much about the two of you these fill-in-the-blank journals can help you learn more about each other.

With this precious gift, you can even adore your girlfriend in the most perfect way to let her know what you like about her.

CLYDD Avocado Stuffed Pillow for her

Whether it’s a joyful moment or a sad one every girl wants to hug her favorite stuffed toy to share her feelings.

You can’t always be there with her but can make her feel your presence with this super fluffy CLYDD Avocado Stuffed plush pillow which she can cuddle till falling asleep.

Jassica Simpson Comfy Slippers

Is your girlfriend too stylish and wants to add a style statement even to her casual wear? Why not present her these Jessica Simpson Slippers with a perfect combination of style and comfort.

These trendy slippers are available in 8 different colors so that you can choose her favorite one among these.

Fabulous Marbling Coffee Set for her

Can you name anything more relaxing than a cup of coffee after a tiring day? What about being in her mind at that time of the day?

Getting a coffee set from you on her birthday she is bound to do so.

The fabulous Marbling coffee takes cuteness to next level with a package of the mug, stirrer, lid, absorbent coasters, and cute pink socks.

Vintage Wooden Music Box

You don’t have to say “You are my Sunshine” to your girlfriend on her birthday multiple times rather play it for her.

Yes, give an elegant touch to your present by choosing this Vintage Wooden Music box. No batteries required no charging needed for operating it.

Just keep winding until you want to play the melody on this cute and handy gift for your love.

CJ Couple Keychain

This is a girlfriend Boyfriend gift you can get for two of you with a symbolic message that she surely can decode. Be like parts of a puzzle together forever.

These keychains are made with rust-free and durable stainless-steel material to last longer. CJ&M also offers you this cool and funky customization on lockets for him and her.

Haohua Photo Album book

Have you been through any adventurous day with your girlfriend or plan to do so? Express your thoughts with her through HaoHua Scrapbook.

You can make a list of adventure titles you want to have with her and ask her to fill it with you. Isn’t that a creative way to ask her out?


You will find hundreds of cards with a Cherry tree as a symbol of love but is it enough to represent your feelings? Try out these yinhua pop-up cards to exhibit the intensity of your affection.

This card pops-up into a cherry blossom tree in the center of the card with two lovers standing under the pink tree a sure way to express your love.

Konrisa metal BookMark

For a book lover or learning enthusiast girlfriend never think of anything less than a stylish bookmark. But don’t you dare select an ordinary one rather try out the Konrisa Metal Bookmarks.

A beautiful pendant attached with the metal feather bookmark is perfect for her. It will also improve her reading experience.

Essential oil Diffuser Bracelets

Do you know which essential oil your girl loves the most? Buy that along with these Romanda Diffuser Bracelets for her so that she might feel the fragrance throughout the day.

For all those who like essential oil and love aromatherapy, this gift could be nothing less than a blessing.

Personalized Wood Burned Photo-clock

No gift could be as unique as a specially customized one for her. What if it captures a special moment between you and her?

These wood-burned picture clocks make use of eco-friendly materials for making a wall clocks having a picture of you and your love.

Osandy Bath Bombs

Your girl is too busy and doesn’t have time for full-body care? Why not give her Osandy Bath Bombs on her birthday to save both her time and skin at the same time.

Available in a set of 12 different smells and color schemes these organic body treats can nourish her skin in the easiest and quickest possible way.

Happy Birthday Box for Women

Want to surprise your love with a thoughtful gift? Try Charmed Crate’s amazing idea to make her feel special by depicting your good taste.

Starting from a wine tumbler this package got bath bombs, essential oils, and candles. Isn’t it all she needs to relax on a perfect evening?

Well, this could be the best pampering gift she deserves on her birthday.

Lighted Colour Wind Chime

Do you like the sound of wind chimes? Almost everyone does. What if they change color every time the hangings strike each other?

These Solar charged chimes unlike regular ones got touch sensors to glow and produce vibrant colors at night. Isn’t it worth buying for your girlfriend’s birthday?

Go for it as such unique ideas are hard to find.

Love Language Card Game

Do you want to know more about each other but hesitate to ask too many questions? What about presenting a love language card game on her birthday to solve all the mysteries?

You will find 150 cards in this package with 5 topics covering every aspect of life. Ask her to choose the one she wants to know and do the same for yourself.

De Vinci Code Cryptex

Surprise! Surprise! With this small De Vinci Code cryptex add an extra buzz to your Birthday gift.

Instead of wrapping it in some glittery packaging present it in an interesting way by hiding it inside the 8×2.5 cm compartment.

Now you can set the password and let her guess it first. Once she guesses the right word ask her to open it to get her gift.

Wooden Docking Desk Organizer

Do you find your girlfriend looking around most of the time for all she needs in her big purse?

Make her life easy with this Wooden Docking Desk organizer the most convenient way to hold all she carries to her workplace.

There is hold for everything in it including Shades, cards, cellphone, pencil watch, and keys. So that everything is right in front of her eyes.

IK style Unique Nut and Bolt in love Statue

A symbolic message is sometimes worth more than thousands of words spoken which is the purpose well served by this Nut and bolt couple Decorative item.

Presenting this gift to her on her birthday not only expresses your love but also gives her an idea of how strongly you want to stay connected.

This figurine can fit into any place whether it’s her car or living area.

Body Shop Perfect Gift for a Lady

At every stage, a girl got to look after her skin to enhance her beauty. What else could be a better way to buy your girlfriend a set of Bodyshop?

This Holiday gift box is specially designed for winter as the package got a Shower Gel, Body Yogurt, Body Scrub, and Hand cream. All she needs to protect her body from the impact of harsh weather.

Leather Bound Diary

One of the best ways to record your pleasant memories is by writing them down. Reading them in the future makes you live the moments again for a while.

This gift will motivate her to write about her everyday life. Making her feel how exciting her life is and what else she can do to make it more exciting.

Metal Monogram Holder

Does your Girlfriend love to party? This Metal Monogram can be a very thoughtful gift for her as she can fill it with wine corks.

If not so she can still use it for a number of other purposes like collecting shells, filling with a small plantation, wreath making, keepsakes, and many others.

Any of these can make this monogram a beautiful decorative wall hanging.

Comfortable Pajamas set

You obviously cannot look great in your Pajamas/ night suits still it’s the most comfortable dress you can wear.

So why not pick this cool Jijimas Pajamas set as a gift to tell her that it’s her comfort that matters to you more than she looks.

Sleeping in these Relaxing Pajamas Set she might also start dreaming about you.

WPM Throw Blanket

You might think who gives a blanket on Birthdays? Well unlike usual blankets this one is designed to be presented to the one you love.

With all positive words and pictures printed on this cozy blanket, you can express your love and give her a silent message that you are always there to comfort her.

Wrapping it around her each time she will surely think about you once or even for a long while in her leisure time.

Rose Bear Teddy

Teddy and roses both have always been a girl’s first love. Presenting any of them to your girl means expressing your affection to her.

Some creative minds though developed a combo of these two making Teddy out of roses.

This gift is a symbol of love and cuteness which if presented on her birthday will let her start thinking seriously about you.

The gift comes in the most presentable form housed in a crystal clear window wrapped and with a ribbon, so you don’t have to even gift wrap it.


It’s might probably your first gift your first-ever chance to put any impression on her which should be great for the beginning of a new relationship.

Gone are the days of traditional Flowers, Bouquet, cards, and chocolates.

Try out experimenting with these and even more exciting online gifts to make your special occasion even more special.