Awesome Gifts For First Time Parents

What according to you is the most difficult part of becoming parents for the first time? Childbirth? Of course, it is but the bigger challenge starts after bringing the new baby home.

Parenting is very demanding, draining yet exciting. You can think of it as a roller coaster of emotions.

A crying baby makes parents laugh sometimes while it gets so much frustrating if the situation gets out of control.

First-time parents don’t even know much about parenting and usually get stuck in situations they don’t know what to do in.

When you are thinking of presenting them with a gift get one that is a solution to deal with any such situation. Have a look at these cool gift ideas that will make parenting less tiring.

Milestone Photography Set

Who doesn’t like to get photographed? Why not gift the first-time parents with this adorable photoshoot set?

The package includes a milestone customized blanket, a matching pacifier, and a wooden wreath.

This package will help them keep a track of monthly baby progress and shoot for the first 12 months to record the milestone pattern.

Baby Socks Set Gift

Babies are soft and delicate and so are their hands and feet. That’s why they need to stay covered and protected.

Along with the purpose of making the baby cozy, these super cute socks will also amuse the parents.

A glance at these cady and beautiful baby quote socks gifts is enough to make new parents laugh.

Baby Hand, Foot and Picture art frame

Parents want to preserve each moment of their baby right from birth. You can’t help them preserve every detail but can win much appreciation with this cool frame.

Having a place for the hand and footprint to be framed along with two sweet photographs of the baby it’s a little thing that counts much.

Gift for Everyone

Finding a gift for new parents is not an easy job. It should be something that’s useful for both parents. What about a package that has something for everyone?

It includes durable and good-quality customized ceramic mugs for new moms and dads. Also includes a cute unisex onesie and bib for their newborn child.

New-born Handbook

It’s true that babies don’t come with manuals, yet it doesn’t mean you can’t get one. This guidebook would be a wonderful gift for first-time parents.

This book is filled with advices about how to deal with the most challenging situations of parenthood.

Whether it’s making your home safe for a new baby or dealing with his/her health issues it got help for everything.

Minimalist Baby Memory Book

Can you name a gift more creative than a memory book? Unlike ordinary memory books, this book is preformatted to record everything you need to about your newborn till the age of five.

Whether it’s recording the milestones or preserving photos of your angel this book got space for every small event of their new journey ahead.

Baby Soother White Noise Sound Machine

Have you ever tried calming a crying baby? It’s almost next to impossible. Thank God we got White Noise machines a blessing right from heaven.

This owl Soother white noise machine can be a very thoughtful gift for first-time parents encountering crying babies for the first time.

The Calming Lullabies and mesmerizing galaxy pattern lights also help newborns to fall asleep.

Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager

The whole parenting thing is challenging especially when you are doing it for the first time. You will be having many sleepless nights, a tremendous workload, and much hectic routine.

What could be a gift better than a body massager to relax the new mom and dad after a tiring day?

This back and neck massager provides a deep kneading massage to relax every tissue of your body.

Johnsons Baby Bath and Skin care

Although newborns don’t sweat or get dirty enough, yet they need 2-3 baths a week. But those baths can extract moisture from their sensitive skin.

First-time parents don’t really know much about this. Why not present them with a Johnson bath discovery set for their little one.

The package contains all skincare products that their newborn needs for bath and after the bath.

Diaper Changing Decision Making Coin

Can you name the most challenging part of parenting? Diaper changing of course! None of the parents wants to do that yet they have to multiple times a day.

Resolve this conflict with the decision-making coin between the new mom and dad. Your gift can make diaper-changing activities fun for new parents.

Handprint wooden keepsake Frame

Do you know how it feels to hold your newborn’s hand for the first time? The moment might not last forever, but it could be preserved with this keepsake frame forever.

It’s a creative DIY set to preserve the whole family’s handprint forever.

Baby Shusher

Diaper? Checked. Milk? Checked. Bedding? Checked. Why the baby is still awake then? Gift the freaked-out mom and dad with these baby shusher the help that every new parent needs.

The 15-30 minutes real human voice shushing session will make the most resistant sleepers fall asleep.

Sterling Silver Pendant

While selecting parenting gifts you should select one that is useful for both new mom and dad. Yet these sterling silver Pendants are so irresistible that you can’t stop yourself from buying them.

Nature’s Bloom Our Love Figurine

What about the idea of picturing the new family into a figurine? And these nature’s bloom our love figurine is a true depiction of parents’ love for their newborn.

This sentimental gift will be a heart-touching present for the new parents.

3-in-1 Universal Travel Bag

You need to carry a lot of stuff to make your baby comfortable while away from home, which is the reason most parents avoid traveling. But not anymore with these 3-in-1 travel bag gift.

It’s a portable crib, diaper changing station, and a carrying bag that can store all a newborn needs.

Baby Progress Wooden Cards

Are you weak at remembering dates? Present these cute progress wooden cards to the new parent wishing them each monthiversary at a time.

These round wooden cards engraved with each month’s progress will be much appreciated by the new parents.

Bluetooth Baby Rocker

The rocking chair is much more relaxing for adults but a baby rocking chair does much more than that. It engages them, calms them down, and makes them fall asleep.

This mamaRoo rocking chair is featured with comfortable sitting, 5 unique rocking speeds, and above all Bluetooth-controlled movement which makes it the best gift for parents.

On-the-Go Baby Dom

Are they the ones who hesitate to introduce their kids to the world outside? Well, remove their fear with this on-the-go baby doom perfect for outdoor as well as indoor activities.

The net coverage protects the kid from bugs and sun and the comfy space is too cozy for the baby to play and even sleep in.

5-in-1 Gift Pack

This gift pack got milestone stickers, a footprint kit, a Baby scrapbook, a keepsake box, and a memory book.

What could be a gift more accurate than this 5-in-1 set to equip first-time parents with all they need to preserve memories of their first blessing?

One Line a Day Journal

The newborn’s actions amaze their parent with each passing moment. Some of them are worth recording. May people capture them with camera lenses but some like to write about them.

This one-line-a-day journal can be a thoughtful gift for such people.

Little Remedies Newborn Essentials Kit

New-borns are too hard to handle. And the situation gets worst when a small health issue makes them uneasy.

This cool Package having few remedies for such issues is not less than a blessing for first-time parents.

Whether it’s Running nose, fever, or upset tummy this package got a solution for every problem.

Sonogram Keepsake Frame

How far you can go to make the new parents happy with your gift?

This sonogram frame having a space for 2 sonograms and one picture after birth will be the most precious gift of all if you can wait much and gather data.

And if you are a good planner it’s not a big deal for you.

Easy Baby Sign Language Guide

Of course, babies can’t talk yet they can communicate right from their first day on planet earth. Make this communication effective for first-time parents with this guide to sign language.

It will aid them to understand their newborn’s gestures.

Biscotti Gourmet Gift Basket

Childbirth is the biggest event of a parent’s life and it calls for a celebration. What’s the first thing you think of when it’s time to celebrate? A dessert or something sweet and tasty.

Well, this Gourmet cookie basket with biscuits hand-dipped in multiple tasty coatings will double the new mom and dad’s celebration.

Lifecapido Dad and Mom stainless steel Tumbler

What first-time parents lack the most is “me time” but once the little monster is asleep, they should be having a right to sip their favorite drink together in peace.

Make them realize to give importance to their bonding along with parenting with these customized tumblers.

Dad and Mom Coffee Marble Set

Stop worrying about what to gift first-time mom and dad with. Present this meaningful two marble mugs gift to them.

They are customized with the year of the baby’s birth printed on each of them. Stirrers and mug lids are also included in this package.

Savory Snacks for New Parents

Sleepless nights and tiring days leave first-time parents so tired that they might fall asleep while standing. In some panic hours, some parents don’t get time to cook and feed themselves.

Presenting this savory snack Basket you can equip them with lots of ready-to-eat food that they can munch on the go.

Babycook Recipe Book For Mom and Baby

It’s very difficult for first-time moms to create a balance between taste and nutrition.

Presenting this babycook book will let them master recipes that got taste and nutrition both for the baby and mommy.

Precious moments Porcelain Figurine

Nothing in the world can portray the love and innocence of first-time parents like this precious moment figurine.

It’s not a figurine but a true picture of first-time parent’s gestures for their new-born.

Daddy’s Diaper Changing funny Apron

Diaper changing duty is not liked by both parents, yet daddies are found making more excuses to it.

For all such daddies, this hilarious nappy changing apron can be a funny gift to remind them of their duty time-to-time.

Baby Stroller Organiser

Do you find their newborn playing with and throwing all the accessories out of the stroller?

It’s time to gift them with this unique stroller organizer which provides an extra space to store all accessories needed to take the baby out for a walk while keeping them away from the mischievous little fellow.

Bath Kneeler Set

Bathing is never fun for newborns and a nightmare for first-time parents. Yet this Magicfun Bath Kneeler bathtub can be a thoughtful gift to soothe the agitating baby and the frustrated parents.

Also featured with additional storage for toys and bathing accessories.

Nursing Pillow for Mommies

No contribution is bigger in parenting than breastfeeding the baby. This pillow is designed to provide support to the new mommy’s arms and back for lifting the baby to an ergonomic position.

So, no more back pains with this nursing pillow.

Toomee Tippee newborn Feeding Set

First-time parenting is a continuous process of staying busy. You need to buy a lot of things on daily basis.

Buying this starter feeding kit will set them free from worrying about feeding accessories for the first six months at least.

Baby wipes Warmer

Why do babies cry so much while getting their nappy changed? It’s usually due to the shock received from cold wipes. This Baby wipes warmer will be an amazing gift for those sensitive skins.

Perfect for nappy changing on a cold night nappy change.

Night Light Projector

Do you know newborns are more responsive towards changing patterns and musical sounds? Well, these night light projector got both.

What about gifting this pacifying gift to first-time parents to involve their kid in a most calming activity that will even make them fall asleep.

Reusable 2Pc Wet Dry Bags

New parents frequently have to change the clothing of their young ones due to spills, diaper leaks, or other reasons. But where to put the dirty or wet clothes?

Well, these easy-to-wash internally waterproofed bags to store such clothes will be a lifesaver for new parents.

Boppy Newborn Lounger

Are you tired of hearing stories of the new parents that how they have to hold their baby all the time? Gift this cute Newborn Lounger to the new parents.

It will be a helping hand for them to do other chores while keeping sight of their baby. It provides firm yet cozy support for a baby’s back.

4-in1 Baby Carrier Belt

Becoming a parent doesn’t mean no outdoor activities for mom and dad.

This comfortable baby carrier belt designed to comfort baby as well as parents can be a very helpful gift to let both parents go out while carrying their baby ergonomically.

25Pcs Baby Grooming Kit

Newborns are no doubt adorable. Yet this adorability needs proper grooming.

Gift the first-time parents with this grooming kit, fully assorted with all baby essentials that will help parents groom their baby.

It got brushes and combs with soft bristles, mini nail clippers, and much more designed especially for newborns.

Overcoming Challenges Ornamental Gift

No doubt parenting is much challenging. These ornamental hanging engraved with “After every storm comes a Rainbow” is a motivational gift to encourage new parents that these hardships of parenting will end into a grownup child they will be proud of.

Burrito Taco Themed Matching Shirts

This matching T-shirt gift for the whole family will be much appreciated by the newborn parents. The “Burrito” T-shirt for Dad, “Taco” T-shirt for mom and unisex “Taquito” Rib for the newborn will be a cool gift for their first family photo.

Hiccapop Diaper Organiser

Make parenting the least tiring with the Hiccapop Diaper Organiser. No more emergency alerts when it’s time to change nappy with these cool storage.

This hanging caddy organizer with multiple storages is best among its type to keep all baby essentials at finger-tips.

Motion Sensor Camera

Looking for a gift for working parents who stay worried about their newborn? This cool gadget can be a very thoughtful gift for them.

It will allow them to detect their baby’s movements, monitor them from time to time, and provide instruction to the nanny.

Poem and Photo Frame

Can you think of a gift that summarises all emotions that exist between parents and their baby? Well, this gift well serves the purpose.

It’s a photo stand having a heart-touching poem on one side and a place to frame a photo of the newborn on the other side.

Travelling Diaper Station

Why wander here and there to find a suitable place for changing baby diapers? With this portable diaper changing station, one can change baby diapers anywhere.

This station can be folded into a small bag to provide storage for baby accessories.

Dreft Newborn Fabric Softner

Have you ever tried to hold a baby? They are so soft and delicate which is why these dainty creatures usually suffer from multiple allergies and rashes.

Help their parents preserve this sensitivity with Dreft Newborn Fabric Softner formulated especially for newborns.

Doona Infant Car and Latch Base

This Doona Infant car seat and Stroller can be a smart gift for first-time parents.

Whether they take their baby to walk or take him/her to someplace one simple motion operation covers this car seat into a stroller and vice versa.

The anti-rebound bar also ensures maximum safety for the baby.

Baby Fabric Cloth Books

New parents usually have no idea how to involve their baby in some creative activities. Why not buy this intelligent gift of cloth books for them?

Keeping in view the licking habit of babies these books are made of non-toxic material that’s even washable.

New-born Starter feeding Kit

Wonder why most newborns suffer from colic issues? Well, one big reason is the use of substandard feeding accessories.

Equip the new parents with this starter kit to revolutionize the feeding kit for their new-born. It also comes with a drying stand to reduce bacterial growth in feeding containers.

Bumper Guard Safety

New parents mostly have no idea of how to babyproof their home. What about helping them to start with the most essential thing?

These bumper guards can be a very thoughtful gift that is usually overlooked yet it’s the first requirement to welcome a newborn.

DIY Memory Organiser Slate

Can writing down and looking at old pictures be that memorizing as physically watching past belongings of your child?

Help the new parents preserve their child’s first shoes, clothes, toys, and much more in this cute 9-drawer sturdy construction.

POP ’n Sit Booster Chair

Looking for one gift to be used for many reasons? What about this booster chair an all-in-one chair that can be used as a feeding chair, floor seat, and outdoor sitting for the baby.

Vtech Audio Baby Monitor

Why not involve a little bit of technology to make their parenting smart? With this audio monitor gift, the new parents don’t have to sit and keep a watch on the baby all the time.

Rather they can do it while doing other chores within a range of 1000 feet.

iPlay and iLearn Baby Rattle Toys

Kids learn the most during the initial years of their life. Help new parents to pace up this learning process with these cute 10 PCs toy set that is a tool for the development of fine motor skills of the baby.


Becoming a parent is not less than a miracle yet nobody can deny the fact that raising a baby is a much hectic job to do.

While looking for gifts for first-time parents you should keep in mind that your gift should be a contribution towards lowering their burden of parenthood.

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