50 Best Easter Gift Ideas for Kids

Candies and chocolate eggs are a must in Easter baskets but with that add something special to your kids’ Easter basket to make it special. Think beyond jelly beans and consider these thoughtful gifts.

Our thoughtful gift list considers everything from BrickHeadz Easter bunny and mochi squishy toys to adorable plushies which your kids will love to have in their baskets.

Whether your kid is DIY oriented, or a bookworm we have got you covered. This time surprise your kids with an all-new Easter beat. Have a look at our rather unique Easter basket fillers for a fantastic Easter eve.

The Original EggMazing Easter Egg

The first gift on our list is an EggMazing Easter egg. This phenomenal egg is a brilliant toy that seamlessly spins a hard-boiled egg.

It is a device that will change the whole concept of Easter egg decoration for kids. This will make it easy to paint flashy stripes and designs with colorful markers. Any kid interested in DIY will simply love this egg maze.

Easter washable Sidewalk Chalks

This sidewalk chalk is a cure for your kids’ boredom. Make your kids excited about their favorite springtime. This bundle contains 36 chalks which come in 3 shapes and 6 vibrant colors.

This washable chalk works magic for enhancing a kid’s creative skills. This blobby egg is adorable and easy to hold for kids. And an ideal Easter gift for kids above age 4.

Smiling Carrot Plush

Do you have a kid who loves hugs? Get him this plushie carrot, which he can hug and squeeze to extreme ends. Kids simply love this cute smiley face pillow because of its soft fabric.

No matter how hard they will push this plush toy will come back into its original shape. Above all, it is made of non-toxic material which makes it safe for kids of all ages.

Hatching Dino Easter Egg

If your cute bunny loves to play in the water, this hatching egg will win his heart. When placed in the water this egg hatches and a dinosaur comes out of it and grows.

By all means, this is an amazing gift for kids which you can even use to teach your kids the animal hatching process. Tap into your kids’ curiosity with this magical egg bundle.

SCHLEICH Bayala Flower Unicorn

Add an unimaginable touch to your cute girls’ Easter basket with this majestic toy. Schleich has released the flower pegasus unicorn in the market for kids to play with.

The glittery touch of the unicorn gives it a marvelous look. This realistic German toy is built to last long and is durable. Besides, the whole idea of this toy is to boost kids’ imaginative strength.

Easter book bundle

Add colors to your kids’ Easter by presenting them with this amazing coloring book set. This will fill your children’s life with colors.

Made of thick paper material, these books are small enough to fit in a goodie bag. This set has a total of 36 coloring books and all have easy-to-color pictures of the Easter parties and all.

Blume Petal Pets

Blume petals are no doubt an interesting gift to spark your kids’ interest in gardening. This set of petal blooms when you add water to the pot. And cute toys will spring out of the flower petals.

This gift box is a pack of 2 charming pets. But there are actually 12 adorable pets in this outstanding petal pet collection.

Self-Ink Egg Stampers

A set of 12 egg stampers will be a great stuffer for children’s Easter baskets. Thanks to its pre-inked feature, just open the cap of the stamp and it is ready to use.

All the stampers have different shapes from sheep to bunny shapes. The best thing is that it is environment friendly, safe, and made of high-quality plastic material.

GeoSafari Jr. Talking Microscope

Altogether, this is an incredible gift for Easter gathering which is both an interactive and informative gadget. If your kid is above 10, this will be a perfect gift for him.

This talking microscope provides quality educational insights. It has 2 modes, 60 beautiful color images of plants and animals. It is a perfect toy to keep kids engaged in science.

BrickHeadz Easter Bunny

Is your kid in love with LEGOS? If yes then go for this Brickheadz bunny this Easter. This LEGOS fun toy will make your kids’ day special.

This buildable bunny has movable ears, a detachable carrot basket, Easter eggs, decorative eyes, and many more. By all means, this is a super cool toy for LEGO Brickheadz fans.

Under the sea painting kit

Boost your kid’s confidence level and creativity level with this painting kit. If your child has an interest in art and crafts, this kit will unleash his creativity.

The diamond gems and stylus available in the kit make it easy for kids to decorate their under-the-sea creatures. The stickers and sun-scratchers are self-adhesive and have dots printed on them to guide the children properly.

Shimmer Star Sign Themed Doll

Little girls have a special place in their lives for dolls and their accessories. So, why don’t you go for an adorable doll-themed set for your daughter this Easter?

The fashionable dolls in this elegant package are laced with shimmer and glitter, which makes them unique. Bath and feed your doll to reveal one of the 8 surprises of LOL start themed doll.

Mini Maker Tube

The building blocks in the mini maker tube can be used to make endless things or shapes. Consisting of 70 plus pieces, this tube comes with an instruction manual.

This 3-D steam toy urges kids to use their imaginative skills which makes it a whole lot fun. It is easy to assemble and break and is perfect for vacation time.

Sensory Fidget Toy Kit

We know fidget toys have a mesmerizing sensation associated with them. With this remarkable kit, teach your kids to have control over their bodies and emotions.

This a 128-piece kit that includes many things like a fidget tube, glow sticks, link and learn pieces, etc. Ultimately, this will help kids to learn how to react to stressful situations.

Color ‘N Eggs Matching Puzzle

A puzzle that will help kids to learn colors without even realizing it. Color ‘N Eggs Matching Puzzle is a fantastic game for little ones to increase their grasp on color matching and counting skills.

Furthermore, this is a bilingual puzzle. The name of all colors is written in English on one side and Spanish on the other. What else do you want?

Easter Tales

Go for gifts beyond candies and chocolates and fill your child’s Easter bucket with something innovative and helpful.

This activity book named “Silly Sticker Stories” is a combination of humorous fill-in-the-blank stories, hidden picture puzzles, and impressive 250 stickers. It will be an excellent Easter gift to keep your kids busy in something productive.

Poppy The Bunny

All kids have dozens of stuffed toys. This time makes their Easter exciting with an interactive bunny. Poppy the bunny is an inimitable toy, quite different from all other toys.

Full of fun, this mini balloon animal comes in pink color. It repeats what you say when you press its nose, inflates when you blow on its nose, and squeaks when you pet it.

Mochi Squishy Toys

Surprise your kids by stuffing empty Easter eggs with these mini squishy toys. They are the perfect size for eggs that flawlessly screams “Easter.”

In one box you will get 24 mini and cute squishies. They are made of non-toxic material and do not deform that easily. Besides, you can wash these cute toys with soap they won’t tear off.

Sticky Crayola Globbles

Globbles will make a sticky and squishy gift for your kids’ Easter goodie bag. You don’t have to worry throw them anywhere they stick miraculously without popping.

These stretchable globbles are easy to wash. Kids can use them as fidget toys, stress balls and stick them to walls whatever they want to do with these sticky balls.

Diplodocus Puzzle

If your kids love Jurassic park, they will love this Diplodocus dinosaur. An amazing puzzle composed of 25 colorful pieces. When assembled, it looks marvelous and stands tall.

This is an all-in-one puzzle. Kids can play with it and at the same time learn colors, numbers, and alphabets. Make learning a fun time for your kids with this proudly standing dinosaur puzzle.

Hide & Squeak Eggstension

Offer your kids the chance to polish their motor abilities and skills. This is a pack of funny and cute eggs that fit together.

There are 6 bright-colored eggs in the pack and all are numbered which makes it easy for kids to build a tower. For little ones, this assembling eggshell gift comes in handy.

Hatchimals CollEGGtibles

Make your cutie pie’s Easter egg hunt special by presenting him with this Hatchimal basket. Why should they go for a hunt when they can get this pearlized floral basket?

This basket contains 4 ombre printed Hatchimals and 3 super cute pets peeking out of eggshells. This spring-themed basket is a must to have exclusive gift for your kids.

The Berenstain Bears and the Easter Story

Update your kid’s bedtime with this centric tale. This book will fill them in about the true meaning of the Easter holiday. Your little ones will discover more about their candy-filled holiday.

The colorful stickers in this book will engage your kids’ interest in this holiday tale. With 32 pages, this book is one of the best-selling books on the market.

Kid O Mix and Match

If you are looking for the cutest Easter basket filler, then this is the best option for you. With this mix and match kids can alter animal shapes by putting long legs under the Elephant body and short ones on Giraffes.

This rearranging and interchangeable toy scream artistry. Get your kids excited this Easter by letting them create their own animal kingdom.

Rainforest Search & Find Puzzle

Get ready for a forest tour this year with this jumbo floor puzzle. This 64-piece diverse puzzle is a colorful artwork of a creative mind.

There are lots of animals and insects hidden in this floor puzzle. Above all, this puzzle has won the best toy award. It comes in a storage box that keeps all soy-inked pieces safe from damage.

Slice and Bake Cookie Set

All little girls love kitchen sets and all. This year add a twist to your daughters’ kitchen set with Melissa and Doug’s baking set.

Wooden pieces like sliceable cookies, spatula, kitchen mitt, and cookie sheet are there in this set. All the wooden products are designed elegantly to offer a real-time baking experience to all kids.

Alphabet Flash Cards

Get your sweet bunnies a toy, that they can use even after Easter. These amazing flashcards will excite any kid’s mood with their unique charisma.

Kids can learn alphabets easily by associating words with objects. Likewise, for numbering learning these cards offers sight counting. Although they are large in size, they are easy to grasp.

The Tale of Peter Rabbit

This is a tale of a mischievous rabbit for naughty kids. Do you know this story was published some hundred years ago? Despite that, the Tale of Peter Rabbit is popular among kids.

Believe it or not, your kid can’t get enough of this outstanding book. And this is a classic reason for you to buy this book by Beatrix Potter.

Cutetitos Unicornitos

Cutetitos unicornitos is a series of plush toys. There are 4 unicornitos in this box. Their distinctive presentation will surely capture your heart. Wrapped in soft plush, this gift is full of surprises.

Unwrap the burrito to find out which unicorn is hidden inside. Is it mild, medium, or strong? This collectible toy is a 7.5-inch stuffed toy and each toy has a different pattern.

Sheep Plush Stuffed Animal

With its soft silk white plush body, this stuffed toy wins the ground. Filled with polyester this sheep is full of life and cuddly. This fuzzy sheep is an appealing gift for Easter with attractive bright eyes.

Its short ears and smooth facial features give the sheep plush an adorable look. Moreover, its playful pose brings joy to the cute faces of children.

Reversible Octopus Plushie

Whether your kids are happy or angry, this reversible toy will complement their mood. The Octopus plushie has 2 expressions and is super snuggly.

The happy pink expressions turn into an angry blue one when flipped. It easily flips inside out, just like the ones you have seen in the TikTok videos. Kids can play and cuddle with this lovely plushie.

Easter Bunny Basket

What’s an Easter without a basket? Where will kids store their candies and chocolates? This is a bucket-shaped bag made of linen and polyester lining.

The best thing about it is that it has a large storing capacity. Besides, it has a cute bunny engraved over it which is decorated with sequins. This bag will take their Easter hunt to next level.

Peep On a Perch

Do you have kids in your house aged 3 to 7? The whole story is about how the Easter peep helps the Easter bunny. This book has a total of 32 pages.

Other than the book, its amazing box makes it a perfect gift. Your kids will surely love this peep on a perch tale and the cute plush toy that comes with the book.

Butterfly Binoculars

These binoculars will make a cute gift for cutie pies. These are child-friendly and will bring a sweet smile to any kid’s face.

The best feature of these binoculars is that they are adjustable so you don’t have to worry about sizes. The vibrant colors of the bright and sturdy design of this smiley butterfly. This timeless toy will cheer up kids and get them playing.

Lindt Chocolate Carrots

Fill up your kids’ Easter basket with Lindt milk and hazelnut flavor chocolate. This carrot-shaped chocolate is full of a rich, and smooth taste.

You will get four carrots per pack and each chocolate will be individually wrapped. Moreover, these tasty carrots are served on a stick. These German chocolates are according to the taste of all children no matter what their age is.

Necklace Making Kit

Fill your princess Easter with happiness with this exclusive Disney princess necklace kit. This kit will divert your baby girl’s focus from mobile and TVs to this amazing activity.

The elegant carry case of this set gives this set an elegant look. With its 500 beads, kids can create over 10 necklaces. Everything including beads and glittery princess charms is stored gracefully in this castle-shaped kit.

Calico Critters

These dolls will make a perfect companion for your bunnies. These rabbit-shaped critter dolls have lovable faces, joined arms and legs. Their heads turn around and they are dressed in removable dresses.

This Hopscotch rabbit family will be a wonderful addition to your kid’s playroom. These pose dolls are role models for kids and show them the value of love, kindness, and family connections.

Magic Garden kit

Are you tired of your kids playing with mud? Get them this magic gardening pot. Just water these magic beans and the pods will sprout out to reveal a surprise message.

Teach your kids about the plant life cycle in an alluring way. This gardening kit includes a white planter, 5 vibrant paint colors, a paintbrush, and 3 magic beans.  Kids will fall in love with this creative gardening kit.

Baby Shark song cube

According to our observation, kids never get sick of the “Baby Shark song.” Why don’t you get them the reason for their joy? This plushy cube will give kids immense pleasure.

When squeezed, this bright yellow mini cube will play 4 verses of the kids’ all-time favorite song. These Pinkfong cubes are soft and fluffy. Furthermore, the batteries in this toy are long-lasting and are easily replaceable.

Walkie Talkies

It is natural for kids to demand everything that his sibling has. So, save yourself from this hassle and buy this pack of walkie-talkies for your children. There are 3 different color walkie-talkies in this set.

This wireless communication set is easy to operate and is multi-functional. All its 22 channels work ideally without any signal interference. Each of these mini powerful walkie-talkies takes up 4-AAA batteries.


Another delicious chocolate with matchless taste produced by Lindt Master Chocolatiers. Molded like a rabbit, this mouthwatering white chocolate is wrapped in a gold wrapper.

Actually, the Lindt gold bunny is a white chocolate version of children’s Easter favorite chocolates.

You must add this traditional and tasty bunny chocolate to the Easter hamper. The gold bunny has a bell around its neck – and it rings like a proper bell.

Easter Egg Slime

Egg slime is a superb way to give a real Easter touch to your munchkin’s Easter hunt. These multi-color crystal slime eggs are too fun to play with.

All the 24 easter stuffers in this bundle are made of top-quality slime. These are non-sticky and easily stretchable. Kids can even change the slime shapes into whatever shape they want. And they are safe to use.

Easter Foam Headband

A headband that is wonderful in its own charisma. This a prop for kids to officially be in the Easter bunny’s fun crew. Using one headband set you can make over 12 hats.

And the materials attached to the band are self-adhesive. The instruction manual present in the kit makes it easy to assemble Easter headbands. The sets comes individually packed so you can hand each child their own packet.

DIY Felt Eggs

An interactive activity to let your kids celebrate their Easter egg hunt as they wish. For Easter parties, kids can decorate these DIY felt eggs themselves.

This is an all-in-one kit that comes with 32 felt eggs and all the material required for decorating the eggs. All you need is to use the glue to stick gems and ribbons on the felt egg.

LED Helicopter Ball

This flying helicopter ball is aww inspiring. These printed balls are similar to Easter eggs in appearance. You can charge the LED ball by using USD cables in the box.

The LED lights of these flying eggs make them way more attractive and beautiful.

Made of durable plastic material this little egg is really powerful and won’t break easily.  The balls fly off when placed on the palm of the hand. You can also use a remote to control the helicopter.

Bunny Hop: Easter Game

Looking for a game for your little boy which can boost his memory? Go for this bunny hop game. A well-known game by educational insights, which will boost kids learning skills.

This is a fast-action memory game that encourages kids to learn colors. This is a four players board game with bunnies of four different colors.

Easter egg play-doh

Egg play-doh is an all-time favorite game of kids. The soft and smooth play-doh is sealed inside the air-tight plastic eggs to make it long-lasting. Moreover, you will get a modeling compound too.

The 4 bright colors of this set are immensely cool. It’s a guarantee to cure kids’ boredom and keep them busy all day long.

Zcaukya Easter Buckets

Zcuakya Easter baskets will add a touch of spring to kids’ Easter egg hunt. After all, what’s an Easter without a bunny basket. The adorable bunny patterns and the protuberant ears of the bunny give the plastic basket an adorable look. It will make the perfect Easter basket.

Unicorn Deformation Easter Eggs

The pack of these four lovely eggs will enhance the grace of any Easter bucket or goodie bag. Each of these easter eggs carries a deformable unicorn. Hatch the egg, assemble the unicorn, attach its wing, play with it and then fold the toy to put it back in the egg.

Pastel Bunny glycerin soap

Make handwashing a fun activity for kids with these bunny-shaped soaps. The scent of these colorful soaps is like delicious jelly beans. These adorable mini handmade soaps are enriched with glycerin.

These bunny soaps will bring a smile to the face of any cutie in your life. All 4 rainbow color soaps of this Pastel set have a one-year shelf life.


Our extensive list of products has got you covered for kids of all ages. All these toys and products from DIY Felt Eggs to Blume Petal Pets will make brilliant Easter basket stuffers. So, this year think beyond the jelly beans and fill your cute bunnies’ basket with something special.

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