35th Birthday Gift Ideas for Him

Find it too difficult to shop for the special guy in your life? But knowing his likes and dislikes makes this difficult job easy for you.

Choose a gift for him that makes him feel how much you know about him. It might be something related to his favourite sport, exploration passion or any other thing of his interest.

So for the guy in your life who is soon celebrating his 35th birthday we got a huge range of gift items and have selected the most in-demand ones to help you out.

Let’s have a look at these unique and thoughtful gift ideas to impress him.

Funny Mug for 35th Birthday

Looking for a gift for a nerdy fellow who is turning 35 this year? Don’t let everyone know his exact age or let the smart ones calculate it with this cool mug present.

This mug is microwave and dishwasher safe with no fading or damage to printing on it.

The use of high-quality ceramic in manufacturing makes these mugs safe for all sort of hot and cold drinks. So that one can enjoy the hottest coffee and even chilled beer in these food-grade mugs.

Swiss Army Multitool Pocket set

Most men carry pocketknife that is useful in several ways. Yet this simple tool cannot be helpful everywhere. Upgrade his pocketknife on his birthday with this 12-in-one tool set small enough to fit in a pocket.

Whether it’s a blade, wire scraper, scissor or bottle opener you will find every tool featured in this multipurpose pocket toolset. To add more to this thoughtful gift idea you can get it customised with his name engraved on the wooden handle.

Customised Wooden Log for him

Personalization, customization, uniqueness and creativity what else you require to add magic to any gift? And talking of all these this customised wooden log is the right pick to make anyone feel special.

Say no to boring photo frames and get his picture engraved on the wooden log to be presented on his birthday. This log can be hanged on the wall or rested on the tabletop to decorate any place you want to.

Atomic Bear Paracord Bracelet

For all the adventure lovers who want to explore the world, this gift is a must-have item in their survival kit.

This small wrist band is featured with 5 survival gear essentials including a fire starter, emergency whistle, Ferro rod, striker and military-grade paracord.

Even if one loses his backpack during an adventure journey this bracelet will let him survive. No need to carry heavy backpacks and bulky survival kits once you got this Atomic Bear Paracord Bracelet.

Car Seat organiser and Portable Bag

You might be asking why the front bag for a car seat? Well if you want him to stay organised without looking for any of his accessories while driving this is the best thing you can gift him with.

Featured with multiple storage pockets this bag got enough space to hold stationery, chargers, laptop and numerous other accessories of daily use.

And above all reaching the destination he can fold this bag and pack it to make a cool shoulder carriage out of it. So let him stay equipped and drive safely.

Cocktail Making Travel Set

Chilling out on a picnic party what most men find missing? It’s their favourite drink that makes any occasion complete. Present him with this portable cocktail making set ideal for outdoor drinks preparation.

The package includes 13 pieces cocktail making set which makes it a professional bartender kit. You will find everything in it starting from a simple shaker to a serving tray.

These accessories come along with a travelling bag having separate space for every item for easy access and staying in place.

Smart Fanny Pack Waist Belt

Annoyed with his habit of being always on the phone? Well, you can’t help it but what you can do is present him with this cute fanny waist belt to let him carry his favourite accessory even while working out.

Featured with two compartments to hold all your required accessories this waist pack is also made water and sweatproof.

Designed to hold a large variety of cell phones ranging in size between 4.7”-6.7” along with phone cases. Also provided with an earphone opening to listen to your favourite track while workout.

Leather Hip Holster Tool Pouch

Consider it a hobby or a passion every man got an instinct of repairing every broken household item.

For all such men who love playing with the tools, this leather tool pouch could be a thoughtful gift idea.

It’s a compact 6 pocket holster good enough to hold all the required tools in one place while doing maintenance or repair work.

The heavy-duty leather construction makes this hold convenient to use and much durable.

Smart MUG iCup

Being in the middle of his 30’s which thing he should take care of the most? His health of course and this Smart iCup is a smart invention to make that happen.

Powered with a pair of button cells that last for a year this mug can calibrate the temperature and volume of your everyday liquid intake.

So make a health chart to set health goals for him and ask him to follow it with the help of this portion control intelligent mug.

Grill Accessory Kit for him

He has turned 35 which means he can lead every in-house ad out house BBQ party from now onwards. Equip him with all that is required to do so with this 12-piece grill accessories kit for him.

Every accessory is made of premium quality stainless steel which makes it rustproof and easy to clean.

Having two different types of grills and all the required grilling accessories this package will help him to experiment with endless grilling possibilities.

Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Looking for a unique gift for some music lover? You won’t find something more creative than this Bluetooth Shower Speaker.

It can be synchronised with any electronic device to play music so that one can enjoy his favourite songs even in the washroom. This device gets charged quickly and its charging lasts for 6 hours.

Along with the quality of being waterproof, these powerful speakers are also made shock and dustproof.

LEVEL UP T-shirt for Men

Age is just a number, you don’t have to be a teenager to have a craze for gaming. For all the gamers out there this cool shirt would be a gift to earn you much appreciation.

Designed with a mix of cotton as well as polyester fabric this shirt is both breathable and fit to size.

These lightweight printed shirts are machine wash safe but avoid using warm or hot water. So present the 35-year-old child in your life with this black T-shirt with a cute gaming logo.

Funny Wine Glasses

Is he the one who has made this world a better place for you? Well, acknowledge his support with this cute and funny gift to let him know how important he is.

You can also get this wine glass customised with his birth year to make it even special for him.

This stemless wine glass is favourable for all sort of cooldrinks and cocktails but the grace wine adds to it is worth mentioning.

Cocoon Accessory Organiser

Looking for items in a travelling bag makes him feel crazy? Why not present him with this GRID-IT system to organise things as per his need with the guarantee to stay as it is.

Featured with a rubberized hold this folding bag is designed to hold all small and big accessories in place whether it’s an earphone, toothbrush or cell phone.

This pack is provided with a zipper pocket for versatile storage and you can also convert it into tool storage for him.

Freemason Crystal Cufflinks and Studs

Small accessories can add big charms to men’s dressing. If you are looking for such cute dressing accessories these golden-toned crystal cufflinks and studs would be a fine addition to his collection.

Whether it’s a business meeting or a wedding party these elegantly designed additions to his suiting will surely grab the attention of every sight.

So make his fancy wear further classy with these stylish Masonic freemason gift box.

JARLINK Wooden Desk Organiser

Do you find his study tables messed around with a bundle of things that require hours to get organised?

Present him with this caddy multifunction organiser spacious enough to hold stuff beyond your imagination.

It’s a multilayer and multicompartment tabletop organiser suitable for office and study rooms. Keep his table neat, tidy and organised with this creatively designed Desk organiser.

Mobile Charger and Mug Warmer

Hot Tea and charged mobile what else you need to spend your free time?

If being on your cell phone for a long while made your coffee cold and your battery drained don’t worry this smart gadget will solve both your problems.

You can also enjoy a chilled drink without adding ice cubes to it with the reverse cooling operation of this mug warmer. So focus on your work and enjoy your drink with this mug warmer and cooler.

Pool Rack Quartz Clock

Men enjoy playing many sports and pool game is one that most men master in. For all the pool lovers out there, this clock would be a great gift to earn much appreciation.

It’s a triangular framed clock housing numbered balls in place of clock digits placed on a green base for perfect pool table depiction.

This 12.75” clock weighs around 1.8 lb and can be hanged on the wall or displayed on any tabletop.

Diamond Whiskey Decanter

Who said diamonds are only for ladies? This Luxury Diamond Decanter set is designed exclusively for men.

Its decanter set for two comprises having one diamond-shaped decanter and two diamond-shaped glasses along with a black base to stay put.

The crystal used in manufacturing is high quality, lead-free, eco-friendly, dishwasher and freezer safe. It could be a stunning and most classy addition to anybody’s glassware collection.

Hyper Chiller Instant Cooler

Why add ice or wait to get your favourite drink chilled in the refrigerator if you got this hyper chiller instant cooler? No harmful chemical used in chilling your drink just put your beverage in it and get it chilled in just 60 sec.

And if you like ice coffee or ice tea you will love having this product to enjoy the most authentic taste of your favourite drink.

Premium BBQ Apron for Men

Don’t let the clumsy cook fill your kitchen with spills. Rather present him with this cute professionally styled Apron for him to look master chef while cooking or grilling.

Provided with 5 variably sized pockets this cool and stylish apron provides you with room to hold all your accessories and work hands-free.

Funny Motorcycle Award for him

Annoyed with his habit of snoring? Presenting this funny trophy on his birthday might make him think about dealing with this irritating practice.

Or acknowledge his love for bikes with this funny award for him. He surely will get thrilled receiving this gift and will make it a cool keepsake for his living area to get amused all the time.

Bluetooth Stereo Earphone

Don’t get annoyed with his music taste rather buy him these Bluetooth Stereo Earphones. Ideal for hearing fast tracks and playing music in loud volume without disturbing the surrounding.

This cute earphone is available in different colours powered with an inbuilt mic, Hi-fi stereo sound quality with an 8 mm speaker drive and advanced Bluetooth 5.0 technology to ensure distortion-free data transfer.

Travel Backpack with Charging

The idea of presenting backpack to men will never go out of fashion. Yet this one is a lightweight, stylish and perfect manly thing for him.

It’s a slim and smart backpack having 2 Main Zipper and 4 small Compartments along with 7 inside pockets.

Ideal for carrying laptop, office and travelling accessories. These bags are made water-resistant to protects the accessories inside in light to medium drizzle.

Also featured with an opening for your earphones or charging your electronics devices while carrying a power bank in this backpack.

Men’s Paisley Tuxedo Accessories

You might not have fallen for his looks but surely want him to look most stylish. Make him look classy on his birthday with this Men’s Paisley Tuxedo with matching accessories.

It’s a four-piece set including vest, handkerchief, bow and necktie available in multiple colours to match with his favourite suit.

So whether it’s a prom night or a wedding ceremony wearing this complete set will make him look distinctive, stylish and most fashionable.

Mini Fridge Cooler and Warmer

Whether it’s summers or winters enjoying your favourite drink is a dream during outdoor activities.

But not anymore with this lightweight thermoelectric cooler/warmer that maintains temperature as per your need.

It’s a USB Power Bank operated portable mini fridge having 4 litre and 6 can capacity. The operation over semiconductors makes it operate at voltage as low as 110 V.

Wireless Smartphone Charging Car Accessory

No one can deny the love of man for his automobile and tuning 35 means he is at a stage to afford a luxury car.

Since you can’t buy him a new one yet presenting this unique technology gift will make him as happy as nothing could.

This wireless mobile charging station is easy to be installed in a car and has 2 USB ports for charging multiple devices.

So now no more excuses from his side about running out of battery with this wireless charging device for his car.

Holster Crossbody Case and Leather Wallet

Looking for a gift for some frequent traveller? Have a look at this holster cross body multipurpose men’s purse. This super cool wallet can be used in 3 ways as per your need.

You can make a waist bag, crossbody out of it, or use it just like a simple wallet. Provided with 2 compartments and a large zipper this bag got enough space to hold all men’s accessories.

The use of genuine leather in manufacturing makes this purse water resistant, scratch proof and lasting.

Wooden Valet 3- Compartment Tray

Let your clumsy fellow get organized with this elegantly designed 3 compartments wooden valet tray.

Having a cherry finish exterior, the case weighs just 1lb and is spacious enough to hold a wallet, keys, coins, and all the other accessories.

The interior green felt lining protects this organiser from scratches and damage. The product would look great on dressers, nightstand, or any tabletop.

Leather Batman Key Ring and Cover

Is he the superhero of your life who is always there at a single call in the hour of need? Let’s present him with this batman key ring and cover on his birthday.

It’s a key ring holder attached to a bat in the flying position. You can attach the edges of this cover to hold all the keys together.

So no more scattered keys with this fine quality key hold and cover made with exclusive Italian leather bat and a snap button which is easy to open and close yet don’t lose after years of use.


Make sure the special person in your life celebrates his birthday with style. Also, the gift he receives from you must be filled with love. Select a gift from the list above or related ideas to add creativity, uniqueness and versatility to it.

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