35th Birthday Gift Ideas for Her

Do you find her less prone to fun and entertainment because of her increased responsibilities? Being committed to your life doesn’t mean you don’t have the right to celebrate and have fun.

Make her 35th Birthday celebration a source of revitalizing her spirit. Presenting a meaningful gift on this occasion will also let her remind the celebrations for a long time.

If you are not sure what you should present her on her birthday don’t worry we are here to help you with some of the most unique gift ideas that can win her heart.

35 and Fabulous Wine Tumbler

Have a look at this wine tumbler can you find anything fancier than this beautiful gift for her? It’s a rose gold-colored multipurpose tumbler that can be used to store a number of cold and hot drinks.

Its double insulated design maintains the temperature of cold drinks for 9 hours and hot drinks for 3 hours. Painted with “35 and Fabulous” this stylish, eco-friendly tumbler can be a cute gift for her birthday.

Funny 35th Birthday Keychain

Why not let her feel like she is still in her teen with this funny keychain? Let’s release her stress of aging by presenting this hilarious keyring engraved with the message of “Happy 35th Birthday” and a rib-tickling message for her.

The material used in crafting these cute keychains makes them rustproof and durable.

Charm Bracelet for her

Looking for a gift for her 35th birthday that she can carry the whole year-round? Have a look at this stylish charm bracelet full of life and all the party stuff charms.

No balloons, drinks, and wishes could last as long as the ones on this bracelet will. The use of high-quality, lead and nickel-free stainless steel makes this bracelet hypoallergic, rustproof, and tarnish-free.

Spiralife Vegetable Spiraliser

Whether she is in her early 20’s or late 30’s health care should be given prime importance. Say no to carbs with this creative vegetable spiraliser.

Creates endless possible dishes, salads, and vegetable noodles to calm your craving for pasta. This easy-to-use and clean gadget is designed to keep all safety standards in view.

35-year-Old Novelty Glass for her

Age is just a number for some people, and it doesn’t affect their liveliness. If she is one among those 35 years old teenagers by heart this cute and funky glass would a cool addition to her kitchen.

This glass is designed with black inside and white outside to highlight the colorful prints on the glass. Although it is made with the purpose to enjoy your drink in it yet you can also make a cute keepsake out of it.

Personalized Infinity Nickname Necklace

Why not express your countless love for her with this creative infinity necklace? It’s a sure way to express your endless emotions for her on her big day.

You can get this necklace personalized with the couple’s name joined by the infinity symbol.

This necklace is available in eight trendy and stylish colors favorite to all women. Can make a beautiful and heart-touching gift from husband or boyfriend to his loved one.

3-Wick Celebration Candle

Do you find any celebration complete without candles? Finding one housed in a beautiful jar can make a heart-winning gift for her.

This 3-wicked candle scented with aromatic fragrances of vanilla, almond milk, and soy can enchant any evening for her. Labeled with “HooRay IT’S YOUR DAY!” this candle goes well with all sorts of celebrations especially when it’s her birthday.

Glass Decorative Trinket Box

Jewelry boxes can be termed as one of the favorite tabletop accessories loved by girls of all ages. But this one is designed to be more appealing with its polished bevel top and clear iridescent glass which disperses light showing a rainbow pattern.

The metal finishing keeps the structure intact, much lasting, and durable. The decorative beading and raised feet design further add a vintage look to this keepsake box.

Women Watch and Bracelet Set

She might wear your gift of a single watch or a bracelet occasionally. Yet choosing this complete bracelet and watch set equips her with a bracelet for every occasion.

Whether it’s an official meeting, a casual party, or a family get-together this package got something special for every event. It’s a set of four including a gold-tone bracelet with enameled inlay, studded bangle, wristwatch, and a chain bracelet.

Scuff Memory Foam Slippers

After a long and tiring day what every woman seeks? Well, it’s the comfort and relaxation and no other gift could bring that to her as these Scuff Foam slippers can.

The use of memory foam makes them extra cozy and the velvety top along with fur finishing adds further to the beauty of these lounge slippers. Above all these anti-skid slippers are machine washable and look as good as new after every wash.

All-in-One Harmony Makeup Kit

Why buy tons of makeup products for her if you got this all-in-one SHANY makeup kit? It’s a multilayer staircase of makeup pallets including lip glosses, blushes, matte, and shimmery eye shadows.

That’s not it this best seller makeup set also includes a number of applicators including lip brushes, blush brush, different sponges, and a small mirror. All this packs into a compact arrangement to carry the whole makeup kit along.

Made in 1986 Vintage T-Shirt

Not all birthday gifts are meant to be stylish and fashionable. If you go for one such cool gift to comfort her you might earn appreciation more than anything else.

This vintage T-Shirt is one such comfortable wear suitable for a sunny day or beach party. The authentic cotton used in manufacturing makes this T-shirt breathable and durable.

Tri-Fold Vanity Makeup Mirror

Which is the most required thing to carry out flawless grooming? Well, it’s a correctly positioned mirror in perfect lightning. What if you get both in one place?

Consider this tri-fold vanity mirror which can be a thoughtful gift idea for her birthday.

It’s featured with 4 LED lights, 3-panel mirror extension, and 1800 swivel rotation. Also provided with a small tray at the base to hold makeup and accessories.

Rivet Contemporary Serving Tray

Just a single glance is enough to fall for this contemporary serving tray. The golden metal frame along with two handles and a clear black base adds a royal touch to this serving tray.

You can also use this tray as stylish storage for toiletries, cosmetics, fragrances and to hold small plant pots.

Apothecary Bathroom Organiser Jars

Have a look at this vanity storage jar and think about the endless possibilities that can be created out of it. Whether it’s your washroom, kitchen, or living area you can use them anywhere in multiple manners.

The clear glass structure makes them cool storage for easy access to small accessories including handy makeup, cotton swabs, and hair accessories. You can also store candies, spices, and other such accessories in them.

Heat Resistant Oven Mitts

Most women prefer baking over cooking because it involves less effort, tireless cooking and results in much tastier food.

For all the baking lovers out there this oven mitt set could be a motivational gift to help them master the art of baking.

The insulated filling of this mitt saves you from getting a burn and the heat resistive neoprene grip helps to hold hot trays firmly.

Bath and Body Basket

It’s surely not safe to go out for a spa in the current pandemic but this shouldn’t deprive her of getting the luxury treatment on her birthday.

Why not present her with this professional spa kit so that she might enjoy it at home? It’s a set of 10 enchanting self-care items including face masks, lip care, bath bombs, scrubs, soaps, and much more.

IEFRICH Gift Set for her

Instead of presenting some traditional gift why not buy a package containing certain small and big goodies for her?

This gift set is designed by integrating many daily use items to let her realize your love and care.

The package contains an insulated mug, scented candle, owl keychain, rose soap, Electric brush, fairy lights, and many other small accessories. All the small things in this package will surely bring a big smile to her face.

Painless and Flawless Hair Remover

Her quest of looking beautiful and flawless might have led her to buy several facial hair remover products which might not have met her expectation.

Presenting this painless hair remover to her will be the end of her quest.

It is much effective in removing thin hairs from the Lips, cheeks, and chin. This smart device operates with a 1 AA battery and is featured with inbuilt laser light to detect hairs on the skin.

Half Ball Balance Trainer

Find her missing out on her gym routine due to a busy schedule? Present her this gift of health and fitness training so that she might get benefited from it at home whenever she has time to do so.

This platform is lightweight which makes it portable so she can take it along while traveling. Can be used for performing a variety of abs, back, and full-body workout while putting least stress on the body.

Relaxing Water Painting Set

Why not let her master the art of relaxing and letting go with this creative water painting set? Practicing painting with this Buddha mindful set is as relaxing as meditating.

The package includes one of the finest quality Buddha Board and a bamboo brush favorable for all sorts of painting, drawing, and writing. So ask her to polish her creativity with this easy-to-use Buddha painting set.

Pink Crystal Himalayan Salt Lamp

Have you ever heard of the calming and soothing impacts of Himalayan salt? Some thoughtful minds crafted these beautiful lamps out of the naturally occurring miracle salt stones.

Apart from adding dim lighting to your surrounding these lamps purify the air and remove allergens, smoke, dust particles, and various pollutants. These lamps also emit negative ions that nullify the impact of heavy positive ions in the air making it light and freshening.

Magnetic Measuring Spoon Set

Can you tell the reason why most of the recipes she tries fail? One big reason could be the use of inappropriate measuring tools.

Let’s present her with this set of 8 measuring spoons to solve the problem. These spoons are made with premium quality stainless steel which makes them rustproof and durable.

These duel-sided measuring spoons are also designed to stay together with magnetic adherence for easy and stray-free storage.

Countertop Pantry for Kitchen Shelf

Easy access to kitchen accessories can make cooking easy and this multipurpose pantry is designed to fulfill this purpose.

As she can’t get rid of the kitchen chores but you can make them easy for her with this kitchen accessory organizer. It’s a 3-Tier shelf that provides enough extra storage and handy access to frequently used accessories.

Antiaging Skincare Set

Do you find her beauty fading due to the visible signs of aging? Help her restore the flawless baby soft skin and knockout her early aging with this miracle antiaging skincare set.

It’s a set of 5 different products enriched with antioxidants complex that deeply cleanse, nourish, and restore the beauty of her facial skin. Its regular use also protects her skin from aging in the longer run.

Duck Drink Tea Infuser

If you can’t afford an expensive tea infuser for her don’t worry we are here to help you find one that’s much more fascinating and light on the pocket too.

This bottom-up tea infuser could be the most charming thing in her kitchen accessories. Made with food-grade fine quality and eco-friendly plastic that is suitable for a wide temperature range.

So enjoy the authentic taste of tea with this cute little infuser.

Stationary Organiser and Accessory Hold

Most women like to stay organized, and this gift is perfect for a mess-free study or working place.

This lightweight beautifully designed stationery hold is easy to assemble and is spacious enough to hold multiple stationary items.

It’s also provided with a hold for your cell phone so that you may work hand free while being on a video chat or can note down some details.

Contour Vibrating Facial Roller

Are you aware of the benefits of Rose Quartz facial rollers? Well, this one is designed to multiply the benefits of normal rollers by adding controlled vibrating technology to them.

Provided with two types of original quartz rose heads for the face and eyes this roller helps increase circulation of blood and the most prominent benefit is the removal of wrinkles and fine lines. It is also found helpful in removing the puffiness of the eyes.

2-Tier Bath Accessories Basket

Girls need several beauty products to maintain their looks. Organizing these products for easy access is not an easy job but this 2-Tier accessory hold with sliding trays can solve this problem for her.

It’s featured with multiple adjustable dividers to store different items separately. The draining base also helps to keep the accessories dry.

Cryosphere Fitness Cold Massager

The massager can be a thoughtful gift for people of every age and if you want to present her one try this Cryosphere Fitness massager. It’s beneficial for both cryotherapies as well as other routine massages.

This massager is equally effective for hot as well as cold massage to remove inflammation or swelling from legs, calves, back, and various parts of the body.

Ladies Comfy Night Suit

After looking stylish and trendy for the whole day she got all the rights to relax in the comfort of her house.

Presenting this night suit with long broad sleeves and bottom-up pajama would be a stylish and comfortable pick for her. The soft and smooth fabric of this night suit glides over the skin for a comfortable experience.

Open wall Mount Ladder Bookshelf

If she is fond of reading books or likes indoor plants this innovative bookshelf could be a meaningful gift idea for her.

This easy to assemble, lightweight, and durable shelf staircase is designed to last for a lifetime. The sturdy structure can hold a weight of 55lbs without putting strain on its structure.

Hanging Jewellery Stand

Does her love for jewelry makes her buy whatever she likes but fails to organize them?

Don’t let her favorite bracelets, chains, and pendants get tangled rather buy this hanging jewelry stand for her for the easy and handy display of jewelry.

The three vertical stands provide enough space to hang all her jewelry and are much suitable for quickly finding matching jewelry.

Heart and Kisses Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs could be a treat for any lady. But these heart and Kisses Bath Bombs are crafted to express your love for her on her birthday.

Enriched with the goodness of natural essential oils and made by using all the organic ingredients makes them suitable for all sort of sensitive skin.

Each bath bomb is scented differently to provide a variety of fragrances for every bath.

Kingrol 6-pack Glass Spice Jar

Let’s upgrade her kitchen spice collection with this cool jar set. It’s a pack of six spice jars each having a different opening required for a variety of seasonings.

Featured with rotating stainless-steel top which can slide to cover the opening to preserve the freshness of the spices. The lead-free crystal clear glass make lets you see which spice is inside or to keep a check on when to refill it.

Pocket Makeup Mirror

Girls never get tired of final touches to their makeup and look at themselves hundred times before claiming to be ready. What if suddenly comes to her mind that her makeup is smudging?

Equip her with this gift of the pocket mirror so that she might look at herself on the go. You can also get her name engraved on the top flap of this pocket mirror to make her feel more connected.

Stow’n’Go Shoulder Tote

Storage is always an issue for ladies they got to take most stuff along with them whether they need it or not.

This tote bag gift will fight the problem of storage while traveling for a short trip or occasional beach party. Replace her shoulder bag with this cool and spacious tote bag.

Dark Chocolate Assorted Truffles

Most girls love chocolate and growing up doesn’t lower their craving for this heavenly sweet. Yet this special gift is designed for a grown-up girl to take her experience of chocolate to another level.

It’s a set of 24 pieces of dark chocolate truffles that come in the ready-to-be-presented form. To make this gift rich in flavors it is filled with a variety of sweet, savory, and spicy fillings.

FALKE Cool Kick Sneakers

Whether it’s summer or winter one cannot skip wearing socks. But in summer sweaty feet can give rise to several fungal infections or hypersensitivity.

Not anymore with these FALKE cool sneaker socks designed for outdoor activities in summer. These socks are knitted with cooling functional fibre that dries sweat as soon as possible providing perfect grip.

Winky Lux Flower Balm

Don’t know which lip color will suit her? Let it be decided by her lips. Yes, this flower balm is created with the purpose to colour her lips according to their pH level.

Just gliding this lip balm on clear lips helps it merge with the skin to create some beautiful shade of pink. Apart from doing that it also moisturizes and nourishes dry and scaly lips.

Everything for Her Gift Basket

Being in the mid-’30s means a lot of mood swings, tensions, and anxiety. Women have their own way to cope up with all such issues most common one is munching some delicious snacks.

Presenting this basket on her birthday will be a memorable treat for her. This basket contains a variety of teatime snacks, sweats, and multiple cheeses whose flavour enhance with time.

Premium Fingernail File

Most women love their nails as they add to the beauty of their hands. Why not present her with this adorable nail filer for shaping and trimming her nails.

Packed in a beautiful case, these cute nail filers are the must-have item in ladies’ grooming kit.

Organic Assorted Tea Supply

Organic assorted tea is the latest rising craze for all tea lovers. If she got a taste for that this pack of 40 individual tea bags would be loved much by her.

Each tea bag in this package is a blend of black tea, green tea, oolong, and herbal tea. Dipping a tea bag in hot water will help you experience the aroma of all these tea blends at the same time.

Coach Signature Zipper Clutch

Win her heart by choosing this vegan leather cross-body bag for her birthday. It’s the most comfortable, spacious, and stylish crossbody bag she has ever used. The quilted texture along with golden tussle and chain finishing makes these fashionable clutches look great.

Stylish Mirror Comb Set

Why not let her feel like Cinderella on her birthday by presenting this gift from a fairy tale?

It’s a grooming set containing a hairbrush, a comb, a mirror, and a small jewelry box each one beautifully housed in a golden frame and studded with an attractive stone motive at the back.

5-Piece Workout Set for her

Nobody should skip his/her fitness routine whether it’s summer or winter. This 5-piece fitness kit is designed for her to perform workouts in every weather.

It’s a complete set containing a yoga bra, T-shirt, Shorts, Yoga Pants, and Running Jacket to facilitate you with a full-body suit on a cold day and a breezy gym outfit on a sunny day.

Fitness and Cross Training Shoes

A single unbalance step is enough to cause serious injury to her foot and when it comes to exercise she shouldn’t do that without proper accessories.

These cross-training shoes will help her strengthen her stability and make her moves firm while working out or even walking in her lounge.

The medicated design helps to keep the feet firm no matter what for a firm grip.

Herb Stone Infused Self Care Kit

Make her birthday celebrations worth remembering by presenting her this self-care kit infused with 5 healing crystals.

The package includes all sorts of organic body care products enriched with the positive energy of healing stone which makes it a complete package for body, mind, and soul care. Every inch of this basket is filled with non-synthetic nourishing products.

My Grace Is Sufficient for You Journal

Looking for an encouraging gift for her? This “My Grace Is Sufficient For You” wired Notebook is the perfect motivational gift to guide her in the hour of need.

It’s a slim fit notebook having 128 lined pages some of which are filled with courageous quotes and messages to get inspiration from. This journal is designed with the purpose to note down your experiences to know how blessed you are.

“I am The Storm” Poster

No gift would be better than one evoking courage and hope in someone. This poster for her does exactly that. Getting it pasted into her living space will provide her a continuous motivation to fight every single day challenges of her life.


Although she has reached her mid-thirty the celebrations of this day should be blasting. Make her feel like a princess on this day, take her to the movie, spa, saloon, or anywhere she likes to.

Her day should be full of fun and enjoyment and to end this day perfectly present her with a gift that should go with her taste.