30th Birthday Gifts for Him (70+ ideas)

30s are always special in one’s life where he is no more a carefree young lad but a responsible and mature adult.

30th birthday is always a big milestone and this makes choosing a birthday gift all the more difficult.

The special birthday gift for this occasion has to be thoughtful, considerate, and generous, whereby one is reminded that the best time is yet to come in life.

For welcoming a special someone in the 30s, be it a brother, son, boyfriend, husband, or a co-worker, it is always hard to find that one right present.

For this, we have compiled a list of presents encapsulating all tastes, budgetary provisions, and likings to cater for every relation.

14 in 1 Outdoor Survival kit

Perfect for those interested in outdoor activities, such as hiking, camping, backpacking, etc.

This survival kit consists of all the necessary accessories to make such activities more organized and fun.

Containing essentials, it is a gift that can make outdoor activities a lot easier with its compact design and sturdy casing, durable camping gear.

Beard Grooming kit

Make the man indulge in some self-care with this grooming kit consisting of beard oil, beard wash, balm, comb, brush, scissors, and storage bag.

For the bearded friend who is touchy about appearance, give him a chance to look trim and proper with this beard grooming kit.

Zeus Beard Shampoo and Conditioner set

Sometimes less is more, and with this set, it is definitely the case. This compact wash set is sure to impress the guy as it does not include various balms and lotions.

It only has a shampoo and conditioner, designed for beard hair, moisturize the skin and hair, giving a smooth and flawless appearance.

Cocktail shaker set

For a host, this is a must-have! 16 pieces cocktail set consists of all the accessories for mixing and bar tendering. It also comes with a recipe book containing over 200 cocktail recipes.

Present this to someone who is always the host, the one who loves to pour drinks and does not shy away from trying new recipes. It is a gift that will be remembered and used for a long time.

Prank Toilet Paper Roll

Not everyone is calm when it’s the 30th birthday. For them, a gag gift works wonders. The 30th birthday toilet paper roll is sure to bring smiles and laughter at the big birthday bash.

Classic Beard Oil

For a simple gift, this beard oil is an ideal choice. Made up of organic ingredients, this oil can be used for an immaculate look. This is a perfect gift for someone who deserves some grooming.

It moisturizes the skin and allows for the ideal growth of beard hair. This oil can be gifted separately or can be combined with a beard balm or beard butter.

4 Beer Mugs Set

For people difficult to shop for, the 4 pieces 11 0z engraved beer mugs set is a perfect choice.

These beer mugs come in engraved initials that impart a sense of ownership and enhance the drinking experience.

To create an even better impression, combine this set with a good drink for a special occasion.

Magnetic Tool LED Light

For the one person who loves to be the handyman but is a dropper, this is a god-sent item.

A magnetic tool with light can be used for nooks and crannies where you cannot reach and can be used in dark for picking up things that are not visible.

This is a must-have item for home improvement.

Moscow Mule Copper Mugs

Set of 4 copper mugs, this is an ideal gift for any occasion. The package also contains copper straws, stirrer cleaner, coasters, and a copper shot glass.

Made up of copper without traces of any other metal and lacquer coating gives them an exquisite finish. All in all, this is one of a kind gift, bound to impress the special one.

Whiskey Stones Gift Set

How about a gift that will be remembered for a long time.

Invest in the elegant whiskey stones gift set, that contains 2 glasses, 8 whiskey stones, 2 coasters, a tong, and a velvet pouch to keep the stones cold.

The royal set is perfect for a great romantic night or for a game of chess. A whiskey or wine connoisseur will be appreciative of this graceful set.

Bicycle Handlebar Bag

The outdoor bike bag is designed to be wear and tear-resistant, insulated to keep food and drinks at the ideal temperature, and has a convenient design to be used as a shoulder bag and a bike bag.

It also has a transparent top cover for phone and map etc. The easy-to-use bicycle handlebar bag is a supreme option for biking lovers.

Scratch Off World Map

For a traveling buff, what else to gift than a scratch-off world map.

The map comes in a gifting tube giving it a premium look and contains other accessories such as pins, scratch tools, golden buttons that complement the complete look once the map is put to use.

A great choice of décor as well as an inspiration for travel. For someone who loves to document this gift will be ideal with its easy scratching option and accessories for pining pictures, plans etc.

30th Birthday Gift Set

A customized 30th birthday edition gift is also a great choice. This 30th birthday gift deal contains a tumbler with a quote, a cleaning brush, and a silicone straw.

It also contains a scented candle and a pair of cozy warm socks to pamper the birthday boy on his big day!

30th Birthday Mega Gift Deal

In addition to a candle, pair of socks, and a wine tumbler with accessories, here is a magnificent addition for that magnificent birthday party.

This gift pack also includes 6 beer can coolers and 6 bottle coolers with 30th birthday cheers. For a gift that caters to a birthday bash, this is a great option!

Novelty Memo Pads Bundle

Another gag gift for a clueless soul. A memo pads collection with a reminder that all will be well, is going to be a cute addition to a stationery collection.

4 pieces memo pad set is a splendid choice for someone who has an interest in stationery.

Man Cave Wall Clock

A surprise for a music lover, this clock will be a valuable addition to the guy’s living space. Aesthetically pleasant, this clock will be a hit.

The 12-inch clock is suitable for a living room, garage, or anywhere where great music is appreciated.

When coupled with other music-themed items such as bookends and frames, this is one splendid gift.

Grill Accessories Kit

We all know one BBQ lover who loves to take charge of a BBQ party. For him, this grill accessories set with aluminum packaging is a dream come true.

This 20 pieces BBQ set comes with a 4 in 1 spatula, corn heads, skewers downright to silicone brush, and a cleaning brush. These grills accessories kit truly makes an exquisite gift.

Water Resistant Bike Top Tube Bag

This compact, durable and water-resistant bike top bag comes with a touch-friendly top surface for phones to be used while biking.

It also has ample storage for other accessories like CO2 pump, bottles, etc. This is a nice addition to the biker’s gear collection.

Whiskey Decanter Globe Set

For the one who loves to drink and has an aesthetic sense, this is a pleasant surprise.

The hand-blown decanter dispenser, with globe etched-themed glasses, add a touch of elegance and romance to a drinking night.

Designed to look like an old ship, the decanter set is a head-turner at a party. This can also serve as a centerpiece during an event.

Under the Influence Drinking Game

Why not have some collective fun at someone special’s 30th birthday?

This 200 card game has fun-filled situations, challenges, and questions that will guide the course of the night on its own.

Not just a birthday gift, this is a game worth playing on parties and game nights.

Bad Choices-Have You Ever Game

Another addition to the game collection, this game with its 300 hilarious cards brings out the most entertaining, enjoyable, and amusing truths, secrets, and facts from within a group.

If you are tired of playing Jenga, Uno, sequence, then this can be a nice option.

With a bit of personal touch, this game is guaranteed to bring out the most priceless and side-splitting secrets amongst a group.

I Should’ve Known That!

For the nerds, this 400 questions game on what you should have known is a treat. This is a grand choice for a good birthday party or a game night.

A trivia-based game where somewhere in the play you will say out loud that OH I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN THAT!

Limited Edition 1991 Baseball Cap

An ode to 30th birthday, this baseball cap declares the ones born in 1991 as a limited edition! A simple yet beautiful gesture for a special someone, this cap is available in five beautiful colors to be gifted.

Dirty Thirty Toasting Glass

A toast to remember! This 2 oz shot glass is designed to do exactly this. A dirty 30 shot glass amplifies the birthday celebration to the maximum and can also be kept as a souvenir.

Simply the Best Socks

The socks with a 30th birthday mention can lift the spirits with their comfort and pretty colors. This pair of socks can be coupled with a PJs set to bring extra warmth and coziness on the big day.

Engraved Personalized Wallet

In search of a meaningful gift for your husband or boyfriend? You can choose this engraved leather wallet.

With engraved phrases on the inside of the wallet, it can be used every day and will act as a reminder of your ever-increasing love on every occasion.

Mandalorian Passport Cover

For one true Mandalorian fan who happens to be a traveler, this customizable passport cover is a fine choice.

Available in 5 exciting colors and with an option of personalized engravings too, this product has to be one of the best gift choices.

Middle Finger Cheer Glass

For one friend, who loves to kick ass, this 30th birthday cheer glass has to be the perfect pick.

For a meaningful toast at the onset of the 4th decade of life, this themed cheer glass can make the birthday boy feel special and ready to take on the challenges life has in store.

Sandalwood Bath Set

After a hectic routine or work life, everybody needs therapy. Give this chance to the special person in your life with this sandalwood bath set for a special spa experience.

Consisting of bath gel, bubble bath, body scrub, lotion, bath crystals, and a sponge-this package comes in a beautiful carry case for that special someone’s relaxing bath.

Treat him like a prince with this royal package and he will forget all his worries in no time.

Luxury Spa Gift Set

Spa life luxury bath set is going to hit the spot with your man. A perfect gift with complete bath accessories is what is needed sometimes to forget the worries and relax for a while.

This bath set consists of a body wash, 2 in 1 shampoo conditioner, post-shave lotion, and a moisturizer all infused with tree tee oil and cooling menthol for a manly feel.

It also contains a footstone and a sponge.

Burt’s Bees Classic Gift Set

A complete care package that is not too heavy on the pocket.

The Burt’s Bees Classic Gift Set gives the feeling of warmth as it contains all-purpose ointment, lip balm, hand and foot creams, all packed in a beautiful box.

These creams and ointments ease dry and patchy skin and relieve minor cuts. If a personal use item is on the cards then this is the one to gift.

Explore Mate Survival Card

The compact survival card is not only suitable for use during hiking, camping or fishing but is also usable for everyday situations.

Designed to allow maximum usage, this card is a bottle opener, flat screwdriver, compass, butterfly screw wrench, saw, 2 and 4 positions wrench, and a key holder.

The ideal shape that can easily fit in a wallet guarantees availability at the right time without having to find it, without a hassle.

This card comes in gift packaging, making it all the more worth gifting.

30th Birthday Cheer Beer Mug

For the one who is a beer maniac, the engraved 30th birthday beer mug is a great gift. The 16 oz classic beer can glass gives the feel of a king to the birthday boy.

This novelty beer glass should be presented with three cheers on the 30th birthday party!

Coffee Mug Tumbler Set

Designed to perfection, the coffee mugs set, available in blue colors, has the capacity of 12 and 20 oz respectively.

They are suitable for use at home, office, during travel, and during outdoor events.

The coffee mugs are a suitable replacement against plastic and also, they have a high-grade metallic finish with triple insulation that keeps the taste and temperature of the beverages intact for a long period of time.

For the ones who like to keep beverages at the right temperature, this is a good gifting option.

Personalized Pocket Watch

A personalized pocket watch with a love note is sure to impress.

The deep black quartz watch with a note expressing love for the husband is one such unconventional gift that should be considered when the husband has everything already and not much left to gift.

Celebrate his day in style, declaring your love for him with this pocket watch.

Multitool Kit with Hammer Pliers

This is everything a guy needs. A hammer, pliers, nail puller, wire cutter, bottle opener, screwdriver, and a knife-this is all in one tool kit required for household chores.

The toolkit comes in sturdy packing making it all the more convenient to carry around. Gift your guy this toolkit and he will not be able to make excuses about any pending housework, again!

Vintage Guy Mug

It is assumed that with the onset of the 30th birthday a person has wisdom, insight, and knowledge. In other words, vintage time descents.

To celebrate that, here is a Vintage Guy Mug, for that one special person.

This mug can be used as a desk organizer, a candy holder, or drinkware. It can also be kept as a décor item and a kind reminder of the good times.

Back and Neck Massager

A little bit of pampering goes a long way! With this baby, you will never have to go for a costly massage.

Equipped with heating features and adjustable levels as per your physique, this massager is a classic investment.

You can offer a professional level massage to the birthday guy and he will feel like a prince.

The greatest benefit is its portable nature with easy compact packaging, making it all the more convenient to use it anywhere be it home, office, or even during traveling.

Hair Clipper Set

Ideal for men who like to clip or trim their own hair. This set comes with a hair clipper, 4 guided combs, a comb, clipper oil, 2 hair clips, a cleaning brush, barber cape, and a storage bag.

This complete all-in-one set is suitable for use with or without a cord. It has a long-duration rechargeable battery.

This is a good option during quarantine time where frequent visits to the barber are not feasible and also for use during traveling etc.

Wooden Phone Docking Station

Know someone who is messy and needs to organize his things? We have something that can offer organization and arrangement of belongings on the nightstand or on the work table.

This wooden docking station is designed to carry phones, wallets, keys, watches, and other stuff in an organized manner.

Manicure Set for Men

In addition to bath sets, this is one particular gift that can do wonders. The 16 pieces manicure set comes in classic PU leather packaging, giving it a regal feel.

This manicure set contains all the tools necessary for perfect hands and feet. Give the man a manicure with this set that he will remember for the rest of his life.

Werkzeug Tactical 10 in 1 Pen

This branded tactical tool pen is a one-of-a-kind pen cum toolbox that contains LED flashlights, 4 in 1 tool heads, knife, screwdriver, glass breaker.

3 refills and batteries are also included in the package. The clipper gives the option of easy hanging with wither shirt or a notebook tumbler.

This pen is an ideal gift for men, for outdoor and indoor activities.

Golf Themed Desk Organizer with Pens

For a golfing enthusiast, this is a perfect gist. Made up of aluminum, the organizer contains three aluminum pens with black (5.75” L wedge), red (6” L driver), and blue ink (5.75” L putter).

There is one small zipper for carrying notes, erasers, etc. This golf-themed desk organizer is a gesture of love for a dedicated golfer.

Personalized Black Hip Flask

If you are in search of something that is personal and classy, we have you covered.

The black matte flask can be engraved with initials and this 6 oz drinking flask can easily fit within pockets or purses.

With guaranteed no spillage and ease of use, this flask is meant for someone special. The engraving makes it an exclusive possession and a gesture of love.

Leather Toiletry Bag for Men

Made up of the finest PU Leather with a hanging design, this is a must-buy for those who love to organize or for those who have to travel.

Consisting of 2 zipper pockets and 2 snap closure pockets, there is ample space for all toiletries to be fitted inside easily.

The toiletries bag can be used while hanging or lying. The buckle belt closure on the outside gives it a retro finish. Gift this to your special somebody and he will be sure to thank you later.

30th Birthday Cheer Glass

While stepping into the 30s give a special toast with this engraved 30th birthday cheer glass.

Aged to perfection, this gift is for the one who is aging like a fine wine and deserves a special welcome into the 30s.

Make the birthday a celebration to remember with this specially engraved whiskey glass.

Magnetic Telescoping Pickup Tools Kit

The 4 in 1 magnetic telescoping pickup tools kit is meant to aid the working environment where, the screws, bits, nuts, bolts, washers are easily picked up from places that cannot be reached.

The LED flashlight assists during working with its easily extendable design.

The square-shaped LED inspection mirror is helpful while working in confined spaces where mobility for viewing better is an issue or while working during nighttime.

This kit is handy and portable and can be a plausible gift for men who have an interest in tools.

Antique Brass Compass

A vintage gift for a special someone, this brass compass comes with engraved expressions, declaring love and hope for the years to come.

The antique finish compass can be used while traveling, hiking, backpacking or can be used for decoration or as a paperweight.

It comes in an exquisite mango wood case that gives it an even more vintage look.

LED Tactical Light

For the outdoorsy guy, here is another gifting option. The LED tactical light comes with an option of 5 light modes and the option of adjusting the beam with the zoom mode.

It is made up of high-grade aluminum that makes it an ideal option to be used during outdoor nighttime activities.

The packaging includes a durable box, rechargeable batteries, and a battery charger. The ideal dimensions of the package add to the ease of use and carrying around in backpacks.

Tie Gift Set

Perhaps the most cliché gift, one can never go wrong with this option. This set comes with neckties, pocket handkerchiefs, 4 tie clips, and 4 cuff links.

The graceful set comes in a deluxe gift box, adding value to the items.

Made up of the finest quality polyester, the vibrant and elegant colors along with matching cuff links and pocket handkerchief can make heads turn with sophisticated and graceful dressing style.

This set is a beautiful addition to a person’s wardrobe, making him all set for interviews, meetings and gatherings of all kinds. One can never go wrong with this gift set.

Multiple Camping Tools Kit

Tired of hurling around loose tools or large toolboxes for outdoor activities? Guess what! We have the perfect solution with this 14 in 1 mini camping tools kit.

The ideally shaped tool kit, made up of stainless steel offers the best and durable, wear-resistant replacement to large toolboxes.

For any adventure lover, this is a wonderful surprise as it contains multiple tools fitted into one including a ruler, rope cutter, filer, different screwdrivers, bottle opener, hex wrenches.

It can easily be used as a key chain or can be carried with backpacks and trousers. One-of-a-kind tool kit, it can be used during outdoor adventures or even while working at home.

Brew House Beer Chillers

Say goodbye to boring ice in a bucket scenario.

We have for you fine beer chillers made up of stainless steel, these beer chillers can easily fit into standard-sized bottles and will keep the drink chilled for a longer period of time without any compromise in taste.

The beer chillers come in a set of 2, ideal for a summer day out in the garden or while chilling on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

18 in 1 Snowflake Tool

The finest gift for someone who loves to collect tools or has an interest in handyman skills, the 18 in 1 snowflake tool. This tool is made up of steel, making it durable for work.

This tool contains heads for different screws and wrenches, also includes a keyhole, and has the added advantage of being a bottle opener.

The snowflake tool has the ideal dimension to be carried along and used without the hassle of finding the perfect screwdriver or wrench from loose tools.

The compact tool is a time saver that can be used indoors and outdoors without any trouble.

Fossils Men’s Wrist Watch

A wristwatch is a timeless gift, that assures the person of the love you have for him. For this very reason, the fossil townsman watch is an elegant and timeless, and everlasting piece.

Made with the finest craftsmanship, the Fossil watch has the vintage look with its midnight blue dial and a beautiful leather strap making it a classy piece of art.

This designer watch can be an impressive gift for a birthday occasion.

Retro Book Ends

For bookworms, retro bookends are a remarkable choice. The handcrafted L-shaped bookends are made up of brass and iron, giving them an ideal weight and shape for use as bookends.

These are designed to perfection to add to the ambiance in libraries, living rooms, drawing rooms, etc.

The sturdy bookends are a must-have for those who own a collection of books or have shelves that have haphazardly placed books.

Compactable Trunk Organizer

For a well-organized car trunk, this compactable trunk organizer is the one to look out for.

Designed to perfection with a waterproof sturdy base, the trunk organizer has the option of using compartments or removing them for placing large objects.

The organizer has heavy-duty finishing and is easily compressible when not in use. It comes with bottle storage and contains three compartments that are removable as per requirement.

For a mess-free car, a compactable trunk organizer is a safe option.

LED Flashlight Outdoor Gloves

The outdoor gloves are a glorious option for an adventurer. These flashlight gloves can be used during early morning fishing, mountaineering, hiking, hunting, etc.

The well-fitting gloves can be used without the hassle of carrying torches or flashlights and give the person free hands. The size can be adjusted with a strap for a comfortable fit.

There is an addition of a screwdriver as a bonus that can be used in emergency situations. The LED flashlight outdoor gloves are a thoughtful gift for someone fond of adventures.

Perfect Day Planner

The couch potato has a fun game to play. The perfect day planner is a simple spin game to decide the fate of the day. Either a day of fun or work, this planner helps you to decide.

The ideal gag gift that helps you in getting the man to do stuff you have long been nagging him about.

Go fishing, clean garage, yard work, or honey-do list, all will now be decided with this planner. In addition to the fun, this piece is a great decoration item.

Bamboo Tumbler with Tea Infuser and Stainer

A bamboo tumbler with a tea infuser and strainer is an ideal summer present.

Designed with insulation to keep beverages at model temperature, this tumbler is perfect for brewing tea, coffee, and other beverages on a fine summer day.

The tumbler can be used during traveling or can be taken to the office and workspaces while not having to worry about keeping the favorite beverage piping hot or chilled cold.

Decision Maker Paper Weight

For a co-worker or family member who is always indecisive and is about to turn 30, this decision-making paperweight is a blessing in disguise.

A gag gift, this can be used to spin and decide what should be done.

A fun way to get things done, this is an unconventional, out of the routine gift, that will light up the ambiance and mood when put to use.

It comes with attractive packing, making it even more impressive.

Garden Tools Set

The gardening tools set is the best present for anyone who takes up gardening as a hobby.

Complete gardening set with all the necessary accessories packed in a durable canvas bag is packed in a beautiful gift box, making it even more appealing for a birthday present.

The set consists of gardening tools along with a pair of gloves, a pressure spray bottle, and also butterfly stakes. For a gardening enthusiast, this gift will surely be a hit!

Wall Mounted Bottle Opener with Magnetic Cap Catcher

Gear up for a mess-free beer party. This bottle opener and cap catcher is crafted in superior stainless steel with a strong magnetic base to catch all the caps, also includes mounting hardware.

This wall-mounted bottle opener is ideal for use on any occasion, indoors and outdoors. To give it a classy feel, it comes in royal packaging adding more value to the product.

For any party animal, it’s a wonderful option.

Premium Road Emergency Car Kit

For the safety on road, this car kit is a must-have. It is a 40 piece kit including jumper cables, screwdrivers, cable ties, roll duct tape, and all other essentials downright to first aid items.

For the safety of a loved one, this is a classic gift.

Victorinox Swiss Army Pocket Knife

For a collector of pocket knives or an adventure-loving person, Victorinox swiss knives are an essential item.

This 13 functions pocket knife is a collectible that can be used in outdoor activities or during simple household works.

It can be kept for safety purposes also. This can be gifted separately or with other outdoor activities accessories like LED light, etc.

Magnetic Wristband

The magnetic wristband makes working with screws, nuts, and bolts easier with less hassle and time wastage. The wristband is designed to give comfort and utility at the same time.

15 magnets are embedded to give a powerful magnetic coverage for catching maximum nuts, bolts, screws, drill bits and other small parts.

There is the provision of 2 pockets to hold non magnetized items. Working on a project is made easier with this wristband and it will surely be appreciated as a gift.

Mgaolo Fitness Tracker

This fitness tracker is a splendid option for anyone who loves to workout or even for those who lack motivation.

Easy on the budget, this fitness tracker has all the necessary provisions to make it a great gifting choice.

All-day HR monitor with health evaluation, step counter, spo2 tracker, sleep tracker, caller ID, call and SMS notifications, and other functions all contribute to this fitness tracker making it to our list.

Safari by Ralph Lauren (Eau de Toilette)

A small yet meaningful present, safari by Ralph Lauren is a perfume to die for.

Perfect evening wear, this long-lasting masculine scent with its long stay is a splendid gift for someone who is hard to shop for, or for one a special personal gift item is required.

Universal Socket Wrench Set

For those interested in doing do-it-yourself jobs at home, this makes a fine choice.

Made of industrial-grade materials, the universal socket wrench makes the perfect cut for a good 30th birthday present.

Handheld Car Vacuum Cleaner

For a clean freak who is always worried about dust or mess in the car, this vacuum cleaner is a good option.

It effectively cleans dust, debris, pet hair, and liquids to give a neat and fresh look to the car. The extension tube gives the option of reaching every nook and cranny.

Quarantine Birthday Mug

The friends inspired birthday mug comes with a touch of modern-day happenings.

Designed in accordance with the present-day quarantine situation, this is a precise souvenir for a special birthday celebrated during the quarantine.


Any gift for 30th birthday has to be considered keeping in mind the relationship with the person and the interest or hobbies of the receiver.

A thoughtful gift when presented is used to the maximum. For a special someone, you will surely find an appealing gift in all the products listed above.

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