1st Anniversary Gift Ideas for Wife

Marriage is among the most significant milestones in one’s life.

Living an entire year with each other, regardless of all the differences, is again another significant event that requires to be cherished and celebrated.

Your first wedding anniversary is a perfect occasion to let your wife know about your love and affection.

While you can go ahead and declare your feelings verbally, you can also express them with a unique first-anniversary gift.

Gifts can make your partner feel special, cared for, and appreciated! Picking the perfect gift can make much difference in your love life and strengthen your bond.

Furthermore, you can choose to celebrate this new milestone with family and friends or make it a quiet, private affair – just for the two of you.

Whatever you decide, the best thing about the first anniversary is the gift you give to your wife.

1st Anniversary Gifts

A significant amount of thought is usually put into this first-ever gift. Since the theme for the first anniversary gift is paper (hence the name “Paper Year”), you can choose to base your gift on this theme.

The paper gift (a bouquet of paper flowers, a long handwritten letter, or even a printed poem) symbolizes strength, i.e., the fine threads used in making paper; this interlaced connection epitomizes the strong bond in the marriage.

A modern gift idea would be Clocks, symbolizing the passage of time over this very important first year that love is eternal.

It may be easier to gift your wife something from paper, but the gift’s heart and soul are in the thought. Make the gift meaningful and filled with love for your spouse.

Whether you choose to go for the traditional theme or the modern gift idea, it’s entirely up to you and what makes the most sense for your special day.

For this guide, we dug through an extensive archive of expert-recommended products to bring together the best first-anniversary paper gifts for your darling wife.

We’ve also considered some personalized gifts to help you increase the longevity of the relationship. So, from unique paper prints, classic clocks to fun custom gifts, and everything in between, we have you covered!

1. Eye Travel Lab Paper Vase Set

The abstract designs on these paper vases are completely top-notch. It’s an ideal first anniversary gift for wives – perfect if she loves having flowers around the house always.

These vases can accommodate both real and faux flowers. Don’t forget to stick an empty plastic bottle inside the vase before inserting a real stem.

2. The New York Times Sunday Crossword Omnibus Volume 9

Does wifey love crosswords puzzles? She’ll enjoy the moments you spend together more with the New York Times Sunday Crossword Omnibus Volume 9. This collection of 200 Sunday crosswords contains only the juiciest puzzles.

3. Lea Redmond “Letters to My Love”

Nothing spells romance like handwritten love letters. This keepsake collection of aerograms is meant to be filled with all the sweetest sentiments to your one true love—words that will be cherished forever, no matter where the road may take you.

4. GoodsBeauty Folding Paper Stool With Felt Pad Seat

If you guys have a modern home, then this gift makes perfect sense. According to Laura Fenton, author of “The Little Book of Living Small”, “this genius sculptural stool” crafted out of paper reminds her of a Noguchi lamp.

It will add a design touch to her preferred room while taking up not so much space and of course it’s also cost-effective! It has a felt seat that collapses down to flatten, weighing next to nothing, which makes it easier to store when not in use.

5. Le Creuset 5.5-Quart Dutch Oven

If she loves to cook recipes like stews and soups, think about gifting her a classic Dutch oven. A 5.5-quart oven suits just about every need, from baking bread to slow-cooking meat.

A Dutch oven is not just a perfect first anniversary gift but an investment piece, which will last for years.

6. Caspari Blue-and-White Cocktail Napkins — Pack of 20

We all love to host a good party! Gift your sweetheart something to show off to her friends during such gatherings. Expert Anthony Rotunno likened the Caspari napkins to “tiny works of art.”

Interestingly, the brand actually often collaborates with cultural institutions and museums on its designs. The Caspari Blue-and-White Cocktail Napkins would be perfect, sitting beside that amazing china of hers.

7. Now Designs Swedish Dishcloths Dog Days Print

Gift her these reusable, superabsorbent Swedish dishcloths. Made from cotton and wood pulp (cellulose), the main ingredient in paper, this towel looks much more amazing than any paper towel. Your wife will without a doubt appreciate them.

8. Love Poems

This petite book compiles some of the truest sentiments of romance. From ancient poets to modern masters, these words, immortalized on paper, will capture the feelings that send your heart aflutter.

9. ‘Radical Compassion: Learning to Love Yourself and Your World with the Practice of RAIN,’ by Tara Brach

She will love this gift if she has a passion for meditation. These teachings of meditation teacher and psychologist Tara Brach are highly recommended by therapists for exploring mindfulness practices.

10. Bob Ross Bingo Game | Bingo Set for Up to 16 Players

This is an amazing first anniversary gift for the wife who loves to host game nights. This bingo game themed by Bob Ross is a twist on the classics; it’s fun for all ages!

Classic bingos have playing cards filled with numbers; however, in this game, each square is filled with more fun things. Wifey will definitely love this game.

11. ‘Astrology for Real Relationships’

Indulge her soft side for the mystical! Gift her this expert-recommended book by astrologer Jessica Lanyadoo – host of Ghost of a Podcast.

This is a practical, inclusive guide for all types of relationships, from familial to romantic to professional.

12. Milton Glaser ‘Big Nudes’ Poster, 36 Inches by 24 Inches

Bring out the interior designer in her with this poster by graphic designer Milton Glaser (co-founders of New York Magazine) originally created for a 1967 exhibition at the School of Visual Arts.

Measuring 3 feet by 2 feet, its size is big without being enormously big. It comes in smaller less expensive sizes too, if she’s short on wall space.

13. Ultimate Origami for Beginners Kit

Introduce her to a new paper-centric hobby – origami. This beginner kit comes highly recommended by the origami artist – Talo Kawasaki.

Perfect gift for the crafty wife! It comes with very well-defined diagrams and a DVD tutorial for additional help.

14. Princeton Architectural Press Grids & Guides: A Notebook for Visual Thinkers

If she values good design, indulge her curiosity with this notebook. Each page features a different grid design, ranging from simple dots to triangle-pattern grids.

It’s appealing for the wife who notices the little details. These grids are bold enough to provide structure though also faint enough to foreground writing.

15. Travel Select Expandable Rolling Luggage

Perfect first anniversary gift for the wife that travels often – this luggage bag is stylish and functional. The lightweight bag comes in a choice of five classic color variants.

16. Rite in the Rain Weatherproof Top-Spiral Notebook

For the adventurous wife. The pages of this pocket-size notepad can get wet without smearing ink or looking waterlogged – impressive!

It’s a smart gift idea for a wife on the first wedding anniversary, particularly if she loves keeping records of her travels to far-flung locales.

17. The Photographer’s Playbook: 307 Assignments and Ideas

You’ve gifted her a high-end camera but she might be overwhelmed by all the features on her fancy new camera. Compliment such gift with this photographer’s playbook; recommended by professional photographers!

She can explore the exercises in this book to start learning how to take great shots.

18. ArtsyCanvas Henri Matisse Blue Nude Matte Print, 18 Inches by Inches

For the Instagram-famous wife! Increase her followership on social media – her followers will have major couple goals after seeing you and her posing in front of this Matisse print.

According to Jerry Saltz, New York senior art critic, “The intensity of the color and the abstract shape fits perfectly into the pixelated packages on Twitter and Instagram.”

19. ‘Wine Simple: A Totally Approachable Guide From a World-Class Sommelier’

Getting into the Sommelier’s world? No worries! – This non-intimidating book will break down the wine universe for her in a way that feels absolutely friendly and accessible. A beginner’s joy.

20. Michael Storrings Paris 1000 Piece Puzzle

Wine, cozy fire, and of course, Puzzle! Encourage more fun date nights with this gift.

This charming scene is set in Paris and includes 1,000 pieces, so you can start it up with her and let her finish it in her own time. Something to add to her leisure over time.

21. ‘The Baking Bible’

Give her baking goals a boast! If her favorite baking shows have made wifey curious about those yummy cakes and pastries, then this introductory baking book from Rose Levy Beranbaum come highly recommended!

Many bakers refer to it as “a pioneer of baking at home from scratch.”

22. Postcards From Penguin: 100 Book Covers in One Box

Perfect for the literary wife. Bookworm wives can hang these vintage book cover postcards on walls as decoration, use them as bookmarks, or even mail them to their other bibliophile friends.

23. Yeti Tundra 35 Cooler

Yeti products are known for their high quality and ability to keep food and drinks cool for hours on end. If she is outdoorsy—or if she just loves to lie on the beach—it’s a useful piece she’ll enjoy down the years.

24. BestSelf Co. the Self Journal

For the wife with huge goals. Many productivity experts are thrilled about how this planner breaks down goals into 90-day chucks to allow focus on any little steps along the way.

As this journal comes undated, it is a great first anniversary gift for the love of your life whether it’s in January or June.

25. “Clap Hands” by Helen Oxenbury

Perfect gift idea especially if you guys are also new parents. She will appreciate the thought put into acquiring this board book.

Child development experts believe that this item encourages language-enhancing interactions between infants and their caregivers.

26. AM Wife T-Shirts with Sayings Wife Best Friend Lover Partner

Gift your wife a present on your first anniversary that reminds her of those qualities that made you decide her with a humorous t-shirt like this one.

She can wear this t-shirt on your first wedding anniversary celebration, at home, or on any other occasion that pleases her. It’s also available in different color variants, so you can pick her favorite color.

27. Shadow Box

A shadow box is a perfect way to store significant or meaningful mementos. This makes this gift the perfect first-anniversary gift for her.

28. Fair Trade Imara Cuff Bracelet – Pink- BeadforLife Paper Jewelry from Uganda

It’s stunning to know that these charming beads are made of paper! This gorgeous bracelet makes for a perfect accessory because it is available in many colors.

Your wife will love this gift for your first wedding anniversary and when she wear it, she’ll feel resilient and powerful.

29. EpicGadget Classic Passport Case

The last time you were on vacation, her passports were all over the place. This passport case will definitely come in handy. It’s something that’ll last for years while she travels.

The Epic Gadget passport covers are all crafted of leather and are available in multiple color variants.

30. Personalized Candle

Is your wife a candle lover? Use your anniversary as the perfect excuse to buy her something extraordinary! You can select her favorite scent from the many available options.

31. Fair Trade Musana Earrings – Multicolored- BeadforLife Paper Jewelry from Uganda

All paper gifts don’t have to be stationary. Gift the love of your life these brightly colored fair trade earrings made with paper beads to commemorate your first anniversary.

She’ll definitely look awesome and since the name “Musana” translates to “Sunshine,” she’ll radiate and spread warmth wherever she finds herself – big thanks to your thoughtful gift!

32. First Christmas Ornament

If your anniversary close to the holidays, then consider celebrating your first Christmas as a couple with this adorable heart-shaped anniversary gift idea.

You can customize a photo ornament with her favorite picture of both of you together for a gift that is sure to impress her.

33. Crosley C6 2-Speed Turntable

Here’s something that might not have been on their wedding registry—a record player! Perfect for laid-back evenings listening to old vinyl or lively nights spent entertaining friends, this sleek and stylish turntable is certain to bring music to her ears and joy into her soul.

34. Miniature Book Necklace – Stack of 3 Mini Books with Mini Heart Charm

If she loves to read, she’ll adore this necklace which features three tiny books bound together with a heart charm. Tell the world something about her and remind her of simple pleasures with this anniversary gift.

35. Keepsake Box

This keepsake box is made from oak wood and finished with a mahogany lacquer. With additional designs and personalized photos, she’ll love unboxing this anniversary gift.

Put an anniversary note inside the keepsake to complete this gift idea.

36. Fair Trade Asali Necklace – Blue – BeadforLife Paper Jewelry from Uganda

The Swahili word “Asali” translates to “honey” in English. This necklace is a sweet way to let your wife know on your first anniversary that you love her!

The beads are made of glass and paper and they’re just perfect for dressing up for a casual look or something a bit formal.

37. Do You Know Your Husband? A Quiz about the Man in Your Life

After an entire year of being married to you, she thinks she knows you; but does she really know?

This cute little book contains 100 questions to ask you that she may not have an answer to, but she’ll surely have a fun time finding out.

38. Glass KindNotes INSPIRATIONAL Keepsake Gift Jar of Messages

Every day isn’t an anniversary. At times on these ordinary days, we need some pick-me-ups, and this is what this little jar is designed for.

This gift for your first anniversary will make her feel special all month long, with 31 envelopes, each carrying a daily inspirational message.

39. Timex Indiglo Quartz Watch

There’s a belief that some people wear their hearts on their sleeves! While this may be true, wearing an engraved wristwatch is seriously sentimental.

This leather-strapped watch is a classic piece that you can inscribe with a love message addressed to your wife on your first anniversary. She will certainly adore you more.

40. Wine and Cheese Portable Tote

This will allow her to plan for the next time she’s out on a picnic. This portable wine and cheese tote comes complete with two insulated wine bottle compartments, a cheese knife, an Acacia wood cutting board, and a corkscrew. A thoughtful first anniversary gift.

41. Colored Glass Cake Stand

Traditionally, a couple enjoys a piece of their wedding cake on their first anniversary. Whether you froze a portion of it or recreated the flavors in a fresh cake on your anniversary, she’ll want it served in style.

This hand-blown cake stand is perfect for her to show off this special dessert—and also many more to come.

42. Paperversary Rose Bouquet

Your wife wishes she had more than just pictures of that dreamy rose flowers she used on your big day – well, now she can. Immortalize your wedding bouquet with this fanciful paper version.

The perfect gift to give her for your paper anniversary.

43. Wedding Photo Album

The first wedding anniversary is often the ideal time to revisit memories from the D-day! Fill up this customizable photo album with her favorite wedding photos. This is a great first-anniversary gift that is bound to make her emotional.

44. Eberjey Women’s Colette Chemise

Girl-next-door meets femme fatale with this sweet chemise – Comfy, breathable cotton paired with a sexy date night silhouette. Your wife’s evenings at home are guaranteed to be anything but boring – same for yours!

45. Wooden Engraved Our First Christmas Personalized Picture Frame

A great first-anniversary gift if your first Christmas together is still a fresh memory.

Whether it’s a picture of you decorating the tree together or kissing under the mistletoe, there are bound to be many pictures of your first Christmas together that is sentimental to her that are frame-worthy!

Don’t forget to personalize it with names and a date, this is a perfect way to show her how much you cherish her.

46. Date Night In: More than 120 Recipes to Nourish Your Relationship

She’s a foodie and loves homemade meals! This cookbook is a way to add a little spice to date nights at home.

Once you gift her this book, frequently sit down with her to search for new, delicious recipes to experiment with that can be fun and a romantic way to turn up the heat.

This book is full of delicious dishes (120 recipes) and cocktails that are sure to please her. A great first-anniversary gift with tons of ideas and options for cooking at home.

47. Vitruvi Stone Diffuser

Indulge all of her senses with this exquisitely crafted stone diffuser. Part sleek modern sculpture, part essential oil diffuser, this gift will relax her mind and body while reviving her spirit.

48. Fitbit Versa 2 Health and Fitness Smartwatch

Your wife is a master multi-tasker – sometimes you being to think she’s Wonder Woman, but without a doubt, she sure wouldn’t mind having a personal assistant.

Gift her a present to celebrate your first anniversary that allows her to have all the info that she requires at the flick of her wrist.

With the Fitbit Versa 2 Smartwatch, she’ll have access to everything from digital correspondence, fitness, news, music, GPS, and a wide variety of applications available right at her fingertips!

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