1st Anniversary Gift Ideas for Boyfriend

You might have met by chance but staying connected for a long while means you want to stay together, and your relation is bound with strong ties of love and affection.

Surviving together for this long can even make you think to stay together for the rest of your life.

So this small event matters a lot in your life which worth celebrations, joys and a dinner date full of romance and magic in the air.

Being in love with someone is one of the greatest feelings that any human can have and staying together for a year bound in a relation of love is a reason big enough to be celebrated double these celebrations with a beautiful gift for your boyfriend and if you are short of ideas here is a list of gifts that will amaze your boyfriend.

“Our Story so far” Scrap Book

Did the year provide you with memories enough to write a book? Let’s sit for a while and work on collecting all those beautiful moments to prepare a masterpiece.

Every relationship is unique so is the story associated with it. Treasure yours in this beautiful creative gift of love for your boyfriend.

No matter how far apart you go this beautiful gift will refresh all the wonderful time you have spent together.

Provided with varnished wooden covering this book provides you enough room to paste your pictures with a brief story.

Funny Boyfriend Mug

Does every cup of coffee make you think about him? Let him know how important he is to you by evaluating his nutritional value in the most hilarious manner with this funny mug.

It’s a high-quality ceramic mug favorable for all sort of beverages and an inexpensive gift that can express your emotions in the most sarcastic manner.

Provided with double-sided customization these mugs can amuse both user as well as the on looker with a sight at the fun side of this mug.

Engraved Men’s Vintage Wristwatch

“Our love is timeless” says this watch which can be a perfect gift for your boyfriend whose company makes you lose track of time.

This Japanese-made vintage watch looks much more expensive than it really is.

Calibrated as per the standard quartz movement these watches are fully functional made with a 100% natural wood dial and fine quality leather tying belt.

Each one of these is handmade analog wristwatches crafted pure wood which makes them lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Sculpted Anniversary Figurine

Let the romance spread in the air with these couple sculpture perfect for sharing your love and emotion.

It’s a handmade porcelain tabletop decoration of a couple sitting next to each other on a bench with hand in hand.

Celebrating your first anniversary with your boyfriend with this romantic sentimental gift would be a great idea.

The idea of keeping this figurine faceless further highlights the feelings of love and affection.

The packaging also includes an enclosure card written with a heartfelt message of “Love ever endures”.

Best Boyfriend Ever Memory Book

Choosing a gift for your boyfriend is quite tricky but you won’t think twice once you go through this unique personalized memory book.

If you don’t find words to praise him or haven’t done so this book will help you acknowledge him how lucky you feel to have him.

That’s not it this memory book is featured with certain small expressive gifts of love in the form of stickers and coupons that you can share occasionally.

Each page is designed so creatively that a glimpse at it is a treat for your eyes.

“You Mean Everything to me” Pillowcase

Can’t say goodbye to your distant living boyfriend and want him to miss you too with the same intensity?

Present him with these “You mean everything to me Pillowcases” to make him rise and shine each day with a thought of you in mind.

Made with cotton/polyester mixed fabric these pillowcases can be customized with some other love messages too.

Although the design is printed on standard size queen pillowcases, yet you can also get it printed on a lounge cushion as well.

Funny Novelty Socks for Boyfriend

Want to let your boyfriend know that he is awesome while hiding it from the rest of the world? Buy him these cute soft and comfy socks pair to express your love.

Made of 100% cotton these socks provide a strong grip for a slip-free walk and above all they are customized with never-fading prints of “World’s Awesome Boyfriend” starting and ending at heart.

Knitted in common thickness makes these socks suitable for every season.

Champion Men’s Jersey T-shirt

Been together for a year isn’t enough time to know each other’s taste? Let celebrate your relationship with Champion Men’s Jersey T-shirt.

This pull-on closure jersey shirt perfectly fits as per size yet is easy to wear and remove.

Available in multiple colors to choose the right one for your boyfriend this shirt is made completely machine wash safe. Could be an awesome pick for sports activity or casual wear.

Romantic Engraved Bottle Opener

Want to upgrade your relationship status from temporary to permanent? Express what’s in your heart with this small and thoughtful gift for him.

Engraved with the message of “Lets have beer together forever” this gift depicts all your feelings in just a few words.

The use of high-quality stainless steel makes this keychain rust and corrosion-free. Despite its lightweight, this keyholder is tough and strong enough to feature a fully functional bottle opener.

Packed in an adorable velvet pouch this gift comes in the ready-to-be-presented form.

Motorcycle Pencil Hold

Most men are crazy about their bike and if your boyfriend is one among them gift him with this miniaturized motorcycle organizer.

Each piece is handmade and crafted by keeping all details of a motorcycle in mind.

You will see the use of actual nuts, bolts, screws, and functional wheels, and active front making it playable and movable.

It can make caddy storage or a cute decoration piece for an office or home. This sturdy and decent pencil hold would be a great gift for all bike lovers.

LOVE Monkey Dashboard Decoration

Are you the clingy one who loves to be around him all the time? Make that happen with these adorable 4 letters decorative patterns with peeking monkeys from each one.

The use of environment-friendly resin in the manufacturing process makes them safe to use. The design looks great on the car’s dashboard, but you can place it anywhere you want.

Natural Bath and Body Set for Men

Looking for a manly gift for your man equipped with care and pampering that he deserves? This “The Man Can” bath set can be the right pick for him.

It’s one among the best-selling men’s grooming sets including Soap, Shave gel, body butter, and above all a scratchy body mitt that is packed in a painted bag for rough manly presentation.

Each of these products is scented the way men like and you cant imagine the degree of appreciation that this unique gift will earn for you.

Lover’s Romantic Rustic Frame

Treasure your favorite memory in this beautiful wooden frame on the right side provided with a customized poem “My Love” on the left and present it to your love.

Whether you select a photo of your couple or get this frame customized with the solo picture of your boyfriend the poem complements the moment it was taken and your attachment to the photo.

Unlike other standalone table frames, this one can be customized as per the requirement to stand on a table or hang on a wall. The use of paulownia wood also makes this frame durable and lasting.

Ray-Be Classic Polarised Sunglasses

Have a look at these classic Ray-Ben Aviator polarised sunglasses. Can you find something more stylish than it for your boyfriend on completing your first anniversary?

Featured with Photochromatic Lens the glasses change their shade to acquire a darker version when exposed to UV light for a few minutes.

With a guaranteed 100% protection from UV light, this gift is a beautiful blend of style and safety.

You will find these glasses available in a wide range of colors available to choose the one he likes.

3D “I Love You Crystal” Keepsake

If your heart is filled with love for him let him show that with this beautiful heart-shaped engraved crystal. Made with K9 material which got a high reflective index and offers much clarity.

The message inside is 3D laser engraved with a promise to stay fade-free after years and years.

Could be used as a cool paper weigh or a tabletop keepsake to remind your boyfriend of your never-fading love.

3-Piece Versace for Men

Whether it’s a man or woman no gender would say no to the gift of fragrance. Especially when it comes to the Versace perfume collection nobody surely will.

Enriched with the high notes of citruses, bergamot, and rose and medium notes of cedar and geranium this perfume carry the most classical aromas for men.

The package also includes two complimentary men’s body lotions to let the fragrance stay there while protecting his skin.

Date Night Dice for 1st Anniversary

Is your relationship filled with numerous life experiences and happening?

What about adding a bit more to this fine memory by presenting your boyfriend with this thoughtful rolling dice pair gift idea.

With a cute game or task engraved on each face, this dice pair equips you with date night ideas for the next 36 dates.

Add spice to your relationship with these dices and once you are done you can make a cool keepsake out of them.

Personalized Men’s Wallet

A customized or personalized gift always takes the lead when it comes to presenting a gift to your loved ones.

If such a gift is one among daily use it’s a reason enough to remind them of your love on daily basis.

This engraved customized wallet is one such gift idea that your boyfriend will love to receive. It’s the most practical gift for men spacious enough to hold all his cash, credit cards, and vouchers.

And obviously, he got to open his wallet multiple times a day which will make him read your message of love for him every time.

“Grow Old With” Couple Gift Mug

Spending a year together made you feel he is the right person for you to grow old with?

Find his opinions also with this cute, lovely mug set showing the idea of planting love that grows big with your love.

The matte-finished white mugs printed with image of couple and quotes of love will be a romantic gift for him.

These high-quality mugs are dishwasher safe, microwave friendly, and ensure break-free safe delivery at your doorstep.

Damage Proof Document Organiser

Choose a gift that comes with the guarantee to last longer than your relationship does.

This Fireproof and water-resistant Document Organiser can be one such useful gift that you can present to your boyfriend on your first anniversary.

It can bear a temperature up to 2000oF without getting deformed. Its multi-layered zipper along with many compartments can help to organize documents and valuables in place.

Featured with a suitcase handle makes this storage bag also easy to carry.

Beard Apron for mess-free Shave

The Covid-19 Virus revolutionized our life in several ways the most important one is doing everything at home.

But when it comes to trimming hairs beards or mustaches nobody would like to do that at home due to the mess it creates.

Present your boyfriend with this thoughtful gift to make his life easy. It’s a nylon cloth having two suction cups that get attached to the grooming mirror and hold for his neck.

So once you are done just wrap the cloth and dispose the hair off.

Lapel Pin for Men

Looking for an anniversary gift to add an extra style to your boyfriend’s wardrobe for special occasions?

This Lapel pin is a one-piece ornamental broach designed especially for men to wear at a party, wedding, or with any fancy wear. It’s a beautiful silver engraving studded with a big aqua stone.

But to make this jewelry last longer avoid its contact with any sort of chemical or perfume else it would corrode, or can lose its shiny appearance.

Life Straw Water Filter

Does your boyfriend love to explore and goes frequently hiking or camping? Make his trips safer with this Life straw water filter a must-have item in his survival kit.

This easy-to-install gadget lets you drink water directly from the source and can filter up to 4000 liters of contaminated water.

Effective in removing 99.9% of waterborne bacteria, parasites, and other harmful impurities.

Say no to iodine tablets and bulky pacifiers and make any water source drinkable and pure with these portable water purifiers.

“I Love You” Tagua Nut

Have you heard of Tagua nuts the seeds of tagua palm trees?

Grown commercially they were used in button making but some thoughtful minds came with the idea to make them a symbol of love.

Varying a bit in shape and texture each piece is beautifully designed that is polished to enhance its beauty further.

Make your gift one of its kind just like this beautiful hand-engraved “I love you” nut.

Headphone Rest Charging Device

Does your music taste differ from your boyfriend’s taste? Or annoyed by the loud rock songs that you got to hear? Make your life easy as well as his with this headphone set and stand.

That’s not it what this headphone rest is also featured with three USB ports and two outlet power strips for charging other electronic devices as well.

This smart device makes charging quick with its 2.4 amps per port current.

Customized Blanket for Boyfriend

Want your gift to say “You Mean the World to Me” to your boyfriend every morning he wakes up?

This cute cozy, comfortable and ultra-plush blanket will not only provide him warmth but will let him know your feelings in an effective way with each rising day.

It’s not only a blanket rather it’s a piece of art that can provide you coziness along with the purpose of decorating your room as well.

The use of Microfibre polyester makes this blanket lightweight and helps to retain its shape after multiple washes.

Beard Softener Facial Cream for Men

Mere moisturizing doesn’t work over the male skin which is exposed to such harsh conditions as compared to females. The dryness and shaving might result in dry and rough facial skin and hair.

Introduce your boyfriend to this miracle cream manufactured for men as an answer to all the issues related to the gent’s skin.

Its beard softening formula prepared by mixing all the good oils penetrates deep into the skin to make the beard soft and healthy and smooth as silk.

Hanes Men’s Fleece Bathrobe

Want your boyfriend to look stylish even in his bathrobe? Try this Warm and hooded men’s grey-colored Bathrobe with contrasting cream color inner fleece lining.

Having two front pockets and a matching tie it can be adjusted for a perfect fit. Available in Medium to XXL size these bathrobes are completely safe for machine wash.

1st Anniversary Adult’s Colouring Book

Being with your boyfriend made your life as colorful as it was never. Why not ask him to do the same with this Adult’s coloring book?

Being one of the finest and most creative ways to release your tension, stress, and anxiety this book can relax your mind. High-resolution printing makes coloring more fun for adults.

It’s a cool gift customized with the title of 1st anniversary and printed with many stress relieving designs to wipe all your stress away.

Leather Engraved Photo

Photo frames are never out of fashion, yet the idea has been transformed much into various cool ways. Heard of the pyrography technique?

If not yet a look at this creative gift is a reason enough for you to fall for it. It’s a unique idea of getting your picture engraved on real Leather.

Well, the Leather portrait has taken this idea a further step ahead by making engraved leather more presentable by putting it in ready to hang wooden frame.

Luxury Grooming Gift Set for Men

Have you ever asked your boyfriend about his skincare routine? Well, most men usually don’t know such a thing exists in the world.

Let’s present your boyfriend with this NIVEA man grooming kit to make him feel pampered on completion of your one year together.

It’s a dermatologist-approved pack of 5 skincare products including balms, shaving creams, and lotion suitable for any skin type.

The package also includes a traveling bag to take all these products anywhere.

Muller Hair Clipper Grooming Kit

Does your boyfriend like to change the style of his hair beard or mustaches frequently?

Help him get a new style every day with this Muller grooming kit that comes with a variety of styling clippers and trimmers.

Also includes a self-cleaning kit for a longer life of the machine. This wireless and smart machine make shaving and hairstyling easy, mess-free, and safe.

Meal Prep Bag for Fitness and Travelling

Have you found him wasting money on junk food or eating on the go? Don’t let him spoil both his health and wealth rather present this complete meal prep bag.

The package includes an organizer bag along with 6 food-grade containers that are both microwave and freezer safe, a shake prep bottle, ice packs, and a vitamin case.

All the containers are kept leakproof and airtight to maintain the taste of food. It’s could be a motivational gift for him to eat healthy to stay healthy.

Rechargeable Hand Warmer

You surely want to be with him all the time but is that practically possible? Obviously, it’s not but let him get the feeling of hand in hand with you with this smart technology hand warmer.

It’s a lithium-ion-powered eco-friendly device that comes along with an intelligent protection system. Which means no short circuit, overheating, shock, or current leakage.

It also provides you with three different temperature modes between 40OC-45OC. This hand warmer is also featured with a backup battery for emergency situations.

Rolling Moving Pad for Car Repair

You don’t have to waste a lot of money to show your care and love. Sometimes a thought can be as powerful to tell your loved one how much you care for them.

Presenting this rolling mat will surely make him think about how much care is involved in your relationship. It’s a must-have item everyone should have in the car.

One of the finest creations to repair your car or carry out maintenance without getting yourself dirty.

Its water, oil, and friction-resistant lining will help you slide beneath the car just like you are rolling on millions of small balls.

Active Recovery Slide Sandal

Staying the whole day on foot for work makes him feel too tired? He might undergo pain, swelling, itching, or even develop bad odors in the feet.

All this is due to the lack of circulation of blood in the foot while standing.

These slide sandals are designed to stimulate blood circulation and nerves to relieve feet and ensure steady blood circulation.

Wearing them one can easily notice how its benefits travel into the lower limbs as well.

So let him experience a change in his walk due to much relaxed feet with this small thoughtful gift of yours.

“Sorry I am Late” Sweatshirt

Does your boyfriend make you wait and is always late? Let him realize his bad habit with this hilarious yet cool and stylish “Sorry I am Late” Sweatshirt.

Available in multiple colors this smart fit hoodie is a blend of style and comfort. Receiving this funny gift will surely make your boyfriend think about improving his attitude to become punctual.

Tile Pro 2-Pack Accessory Finder

Tired of the forgetful nature of your boyfriend who can’t figure out where he has placed his stuff?

Present him with this “Tile”, Bluetooth accessory finder, a smart pick to earns tons of appreciation.

Helps to find out thing within a range of around 400ft and keeps track of most recent places you have taken your accessories to for better safety.

Can also be synchronized with Alexa for control over voice.

Jack Black All-over Body Wash for Men

Men are too reluctant to buy or carry several grooming products.

Let your boyfriend stay cleansed and groomed with this all-in-one product a gift for those who don’t like multiple products around them.

This all-over wash is made with the finest beauty ingredients perfect for washing hair, face, and overall body. You just have to wet your body apply it, work it into leather and rinse thoroughly.

Following these easy steps you can use it as face wash, hand and even body wash.

Folding Chair with built-in Bag

Do you want to surprise your boyfriend with the best gift idea for an outdoor activity? This uniquely designed travel chair along with a backpack can be one such thoughtful gift idea for him.

With multiple storage pockets ad enough space for holding all your accessories this multipurpose present is a blessing for a frequent traveler.

The foldable chair along with the bag weighs only 3.3lb which makes it easy to carry and portable.

Can prove helpful for several outdoor activities including fishing, hiking, camping.


Completing a year together means there are yet more to come.

To make your bond strong enough and to have a smooth relationship you need to celebrate this event so that it stays in your memories for a long time.

This celebration can become more memorable if you present him with a gift that is useful, lasts longer, and reminds him of you all the time.